What is a Good diet.?

What is a Good diet.? Topic: What is a Good diet.?
June 26, 2019 / By Hugo
Question: Hey every1 this is getting bad im starting too gain weight :/ ii need help idk waht too doo. its hard for mee to stay away from the "good" foods" im alrdy signed up for the gym but it aint helping that much cuz waht im eating . if ppl can giv mee a good example of Heathy Dieting Foods too eat, foods too eat daily drinks that rr good and maybe a little daily plan ii should follower P.s because im under 17 O:< ii can only goo too the gym fri-sun ii only goo 2 days
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Ern Ern | 3 days ago
If you're under 17 then you're still growing so you should be focused on eating right and exercising, not on fat reduction. Save that until you're twenty or so. Note that most teenage girls' "weight" problems are mental rather than physical. If you find yourself thinking a lot about it talk to your parents about counseling to improve your self-image. Diets to lose fat don't work because the body goes into a kind of starvation mode where it squirrels away every spare calorie as fat and will cannibalize bone and muscle tissue for energy. Weight is a very poor metric because bones, muscle, and fat all have different densities (fat being the lightest). The correct metric is the percentage of body fat. You can lose fat, look better, and not lose any weight. See your doctor to determine your current percentage and what your ideal percentage of fat should be. Eating balanced meals as recommended in the Harvard Eating Pyramid and exercising at your target heart rate is the best way to reduce the percentage of body fat. http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsou... http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/he... http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=1... http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?cat=7 http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=9955 Any exercise that is performed at your target heart rate for an extended period will burn fat. Walking, cycling, and rowing are some of the best. Use a pulse meter to ensure that you are exercising at the correct intensity. Too intense and you just burn sugar, not fat.
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Ern Originally Answered: i need a good diet and a good diet pill.?
No, what you need is a good diet and exercise. Diet pills don't work long term and weight lost with them is often gained again very quickly. Look at the GI Diet by Rick Gallop. Its easy to use and it works! I have lost 70+ in the last 6/7 months with it;
Ern Originally Answered: i need a good diet and a good diet pill.?
Did you gain the little pudge fast? The what makes you think you can lose it fast. Forget the diet pill, just watch what you eat and do some sit-ups, or other ab work out. Walking will burn the carbs and calories faster than just about anything. Just walk at a pace fast enough to get your heart rate up. If you have a treadmill that would be perfect because you can watch tv or a movie while you walk.

Colt Colt
Forget healthy eating plan I consume like a horse and I most effective weigh 9 stone. This is what works for me: Eat ordinarily, if feasible each 3 hours, while your frame realises that it is getting a steady give of meals it raises it is metabolism, burning energy faster and is far much less prone to retailer energy as fats. When consuming attempt to consume plenty of prime protein meals and do not pass too rough at the carbs. Try pass convenient on trans and saturated fat despite the fact that you're allowed the extraordinary deal with. Drink tons of water! At least one gallon in keeping with day. Tea, espresso and fizzy beverages are O.K however they don' rely toward your total water consumption. As for undertaking I do a little gentle weight coaching 4 days every week and cardiovascular (I use a rowing laptop) 2 days every week with one days relaxation. There is a traditional notion that doing cardiovascular undertaking on an empty belly is helping burn energy. This is absolute garbage don't do it. Weight coaching is a well inspiration as muscle groups burns plenty of vigor, even at the same time you sleep. You do not ought to turn out to be Mr/Mrs universe however any fats tissue which you'll be able to convert to muscle groups is not going to most effective make you seem higher however broaden your metabolism. Getting tons of sleep may be foremost while seeking to construct muscle. Good Luck
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Aric Aric
1) Eat when you're hungry. 2) Eat whatever you have a craving for. 3) Eat until you are full. You know, the way Mother Nature intended.
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Aric Originally Answered: Is this a good DIET?!??!!???!?
20 lbs is unrealistic, you will lose weight but not that much. 1-2lbs a week is the average loss.

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