My adult Himalayan cat hates me?

My adult Himalayan cat hates me? Topic: My adult Himalayan cat hates me?
June 16, 2019 / By Hananiah
Question: Here's the issue, and please bear with me: She is 3 years old, and I've just adopted her. I've had cats and kittens throughout my life and none acted so distant and even hostile like her. She's an indoor-only cat, and she definitely acts like a street cat at times, meaning that she's scared of humans, and makes her best to disappear from my sight. For example when she hears me coming she would hide, and even food and play feather wouldn't lure her to coming anywhere near me, even though this morning she did follow me to my bedroom and kitchen, but distantly so, just to investigate the room and left as soon as possible, even though she hid under my bed for a long while yesterday. I held her a couple of times and she accepted it a bit begrudgingly, and at times she would want to go loose and even hissed at me once and would have probably bit me. WTF It's her 3rd day here, she's still not spayed ( I intend to spay her soon ); she eats and probably drinks water mostly at night, when I am sleeping. As I said, I've never encountered a cat that acts so strangely; most will get around and would want to be around me, even some become so dependent on me and would follow me around, but not her. I left her to her devices most of the time, but with her long hair and watering eyes I had to hold her firmly for regular combing and eye-cleaning, talking softly to her and stroking her softly. What's going on? Is she ever going to feel at home, or how long does it take her to feel that I am her ally and not her enemy. . . She doesn't like to be held, or pampered/stroked; she doesn't even come running when you place food in her bowl, but how else would you bond with a cat???? I am curious!
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Edric Edric | 4 days ago
Leave her alone,she will come to you when she feels comfortable. My friend had a shelter cat with this problem and she had to just let him get used to the house for a week or two now he is a big love kitty.
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Edric Originally Answered: My adult Himalayan cat hates me?
Leave her alone,she will come to you when she feels comfortable. My friend had a shelter cat with this problem and she had to just let him get used to the house for a week or two now he is a big love kitty.

Cameron Cameron
You've had her THREE DAYS! Do you really think she should INSTANTLY be at ease?? You're going about introducing her to your home ALL WRONG. Put her in your bedroom with her food, water and litter and SHUT THE DOOR. Let her explore that one room and feel safe and secure. Be very gentle and quiet with her and stop being so impatient. Let her tell YOU when she's ready to interact with you. Right now she's TERRIFIED. She's in a strange new place with someone she doesn't know. Yes, Himalayans need regular combing and eye area cleaning but you don't need to "hold her firmly" no do you need to do this RIGHT NOW. Give this poor cat a break. You JUST got her! Continue to harass her and she'll end up resenting you.
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Alger Alger
All animals from shelters, who've been through something rough are naturally going to be weary for a while--and some take longer to adjust than others, I'm speaking from experience having adopted a cat myself and a horse! The reason she hides is because she feels safe observing from a distance--allow her to do that, she'll come out when she's ready--my cat hid under the couch for hours when I first got him--now he jumps on me in the middle of the night for playtime haha!!! She will come out of her shell eventually--it may take months, but don't stress, give her the space she needs to adjust to you and her surroundings. The person with the cat profile pic (sorry dont know your name!) was right about how to introduce her to your home, you should take the time to do that, its important for her to get accustomed slowly to each room before roaming about everywhere--its more daunting for her that way. Remember not to overlook the small things! The fact that she followed you is a good sign, it doesn't matter that it was from a distance, she still took an interest in what you were doing--I can't stress enough how important it is to always see the little things. It's progress! :) The fact that she doesn't like to be pampered is okay, she needs her personal space at this stage and it's important for you to respect her wishes and stay out of that bubble--one day she'll rub against your leg or something and that will be her letting you know that she's getting more comfortable with you. At the end of the day its a learning experience...so in the meantime, learn to read and understand her body language, respect her personal space, you can talk to her when she's around, and let things progress on their own--remember it cant be forced--its taken my horse and I almost two years! Good luck! :) (she doesnt hate you, shes just sussing everything out).
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Tamzen Tamzen
It's only her third day! Give her a week. Ignore her entirely except to feed her. This is standard behaviour for a new cat. Everything will be fine. That is such a gorgeous cat, you are so lucky. :)
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