Nausea, fever, and fatigue after becoming vegatarian?

Nausea, fever, and fatigue after becoming vegatarian? Topic: Nausea, fever, and fatigue after becoming vegatarian?
June 16, 2019 / By Regina
Question: Hello! (: I'm 15 years old and I became a vegatarian for the new year (I didn't start RIGHT on January first, I eased into it in the middle of december and ate meat less and less until I am where I am now.) for the past 3 days I've started to feel bad. (and sorry if this info is TMI, but I just wanted to tell the facts) I came home from school on monday (my stomach was weird and I was sort of constipated) and had physical therapy (I'm strengthening my core after an injury a year ago) and it's pretty much a work out. And I was so tired after PT. During the icing of my hip ( I lay down with ice on my hip for 15 minutes) I fell asleep. at first I thought it was because it was my first day back at school from winter break and I wasn't used to waking up a 5AM. but then I felt like my blood sugar was low and got some emergency chocolate and ate it on the way home. During dinner, I felt very tired, and drifted off at the table for a few seconds. Then that same night, I became nauseous. I felt bloated like I needed to burp. I woke up the next morning and got ready, went to the bus stop but decided that I should stay home. I felt fine that day, but that afternoon/ night my mom took my temperature and discovered that I had a slight fever. My temperature is usually 96/97 and it was 99 degrees (which is a fever for me) and that that night (last night) I became nauseous again. and I actually thought I might throw up, but I didn't. and I stayed home from school today because my school doesn't let us come back until 24 hours after a fever subsided. I woke up hungry, my stomach was growling, I felt better, but I experienced slight nausea. and had to have some gingerale to settle my stomach. I haven't been eating a lot the past few days but I know I'm probably missing something important from my diet. for breakfast in the mornings, I eat the wheaties fuel (high in protein and fiber) and a banana, or oatmeal and a banana. (sometimes instant breakfast and a granola bar if i'm running late.) for lunch, I eat PBandJ (on 12 grain 100 percent whole wheat bread) or quinoa w/ veggies. I eat fish when I go out and salmon. I eat a salad almost daily and drink milk and take a multi vitamin. I also eat a baby bell cheese daily and a half cup of peanuts. is my sickness because of becoming vegatarian? what do I need to know and add to my diet? my mom has a vegan friend who said a few days ago that she would send my mom some links and things. @Owlish: I do think I need to eat more beans! I eat hummus a few times a week and my mom just made some veggie soup filled with tomatoes and veggies, beans, and whole wheat pasta.
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Midge Midge | 2 days ago
Well, your diet sounds pretty healthy to me (I don't see any beans though!). I think you might just be regular old sick. I'm sure you'll feel better in a couple of days. Edit: All right! Healthy soup! :3
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Midge Originally Answered: Nausea, fever, and fatigue after becoming vegatarian?
Well, your diet sounds pretty healthy to me (I don't see any beans though!). I think you might just be regular old sick. I'm sure you'll feel better in a couple of days. Edit: All right! Healthy soup! :3

Lexie Lexie
Odds are you probably have a virus or the flu. If you have only been vegetarian since mid-December, this would not be nearly enough time for you to have health issues because of poor diet. Unless you have been eating poorly before your new diet, there is little chance this is b/c of the change. On an added note, if you eat salmon and fish, you are not eating a vegetarian diet. You would essentially eating the same nutrients[from the same food source], you were before, except the only meat you are eating is fish. If you feel as if your diet is inadequate keep a record of what you are eating, and make an appointment with a dietitian.
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Juli Juli
This is just a guess, but as a cook who works with vegetarians and vegans, as well as those with gluten issues (I'm allergic to soy myself) I'd say you're not getting enough protein or iron. You need to be eating a diet that is not only chalk full of fruits and veggies but also has nuts (an ounce a day), legumes like lentils, beans and peanuts. You also need things like egg protein as well as calcium from dairy sources - preferably low-fat (not non fat) milk and yogurt, with a portion coming from cheese. Fiber is also very important and lack there of could account for your stomach upset. It's vital that you eat whole grains and seeds, such as flax seed and quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) there is an article about it on my site. (I promise i'm just here to help, not sell you anything, but I don't want to re-write what I've already written elsewhere). Avoiding "white" foods like white rice, white flour and white sugar will also help you be more healthful, vegetarian or otherwise. You're welcome to check out my aforementioned site http://youandimprovedllc.com/ and I would also recommend one of my favorite health sites which is also free and awesome http://www.sparkpeople.com where you can create a personalized menu plan that will help you track nutrients and show you what you're missing. Many vegetarians run the risk of anemia (which would account for your fatigue). Best of luck to you and well done on taking your health into your own hands and doing the research. Vegetarianism can be great when properly approached. -- Dusty
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Githa Githa
You probably have a virus. Go to your doctor and get checked out. It's unlikely to be the vegetarian thing because you've eased in slowly and appear to be eating a pretty balanced diet.
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Derryl Derryl
Identity propose you to see a specialist,it looks like youve inherited some sicknesses from your household participants.You would want surgery for those gallstones,as soon as theyre eliminated some symptoms will disappear,the vomiting and nausea.
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Derryl Originally Answered: Chronic nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, anxiety. What is the cause?
There are various causes of nausea and dizziness. The first being Migraine, they are not always headaches (can be sickness, pain, weakness of limbs, difficulty in concentration etc.). The second being anxiety attack, but this is unlikely if you do not suffer from hyperventilation (uncontrollable fast breathing) which could make you very light headed or sick in extreme cases. The third being Vertigo, the symptoms allow for it, but commonly the dizziness involves the world spinning round as such.

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