I need help possible eating disorder!?

I need help possible eating disorder!? Topic: I need help possible eating disorder!?
June 25, 2019 / By Rebeccah
Question: i am 11 years old and i think i have an eating disorter. i dont usually have breakfast and for lunch i have an apple with a gronola bar or sometimes just and apple or pb and j sandwich im vegitarian.when i eat i feel horrible i feel fat and i have no self confidence. i weigh about 98 pounds and im about 4`11 or 4`10 i feel so fat when i come home i dont eat a snack and for dinner i always count calories and im obssesed with not gaining weight. for dinner i`ll have a normal amout of food and then ill have an apple for desert i feel so fat and ugly after i eat and i cant help it im bigger compared to my 60 pound friends! what can i do to lose weight its not working and i cant eat much without feeling horrible about myself what should i eat can you give me a diet plan i need help please!
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Merrilyn Merrilyn | 1 day ago
Dear Maeve, This situation is delicate and needs to be properly handled. Share this question which your parents, teacher, consular, or another adult that you trust immediately for your own health's sake. As it sounds to me, you could be developing a serious eating disorder. Your not eating properly for you are not eating the right amount nor all the food groups. As a teen in high school, I have seen multiple people go through eating disorders and it hurts them in the long run. You seem like a wonderful person, so please, talk to an adult, make healthy decisions, and eat the right portions daily. Good luck and God bless and remember there is always help for you if you ever need it.
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Merrilyn Originally Answered: is this an eating disorder?
If you make a bowel movement naturally in a hour than no that's not an eating disorder. That's just your body getting rid of waste. Now if you use laxatives, and force yourself to do it about 2-3 times a week that's consider bulimia nervosa. Don't do it though, you see when you eat you consume calories, and even though you force food out of your system quickly, you still keep all the calories. Yes, you may be lighter after using laxatives, but once you eat again, you'll gain. Plus if you continue to abuse laxative, you're body will get addicted to them and eventually they might not even work(which can lead to constipation, not good.) Though taking a bowel movement is important towards weight loss, so eat about 25-35 grams of fiber a day, as well as eating other foods in proportion. Vegetables, whole grains and fruits only take about 7-8 hours to digest, while meats can take up to three days. So choose your foods and portions wisely.

Lessie Lessie
The truth is only you can answer as to whether or not you have an eating disorder. I was anorexic and I was often not hungry so I didn't eat, but I also had a completely distorted body image and needed something in my life to control. The question you need to ask yourself is this: Are you really not eating because of lack of time or lack vegetarian choices at school or for other reasons. You are not that underweight, but if you are concerned with your eating habits then you should take actions to fix them now before you do have a problem. Find something that you can eat as you run out the door in the morning or get up a few minutes earlier to allow time to eat and try packing yourself some vegetarian foods for lunch. The bottom line is you need to make sure that your body is getting the right amount of nutrition on a daily basis or you will end up with health issues.
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Joss Joss
NO YOU DO NOT NEED HELP LOSING WEIGHT!!! You are healthy! You are even on the lower end of you height and weight chart. Guess what! I'm 13 and I have the same exact problem, and now I might have anemia. Yeah a disease that you get when your body doesn't get the right nutrients like vitamin B12, B6, and iron! My life is like a living hell. I stay in my room and eat mostly, and I become enemies with every mirror I meet! I hate myself. And I am probably killing myself too! Yeah you know being anorexic eats your heart giving you major problems. PLUS after a while, you start going into major organ failure, and your body starts to shut down. Plus, you basically ruin your metabolism! So, you will not burn any calories. If this is how you want to be, well I feel bad for you. And is your "60 lb friends" like 3'11'', because that's the only way they wouldn't be anorexic. And if you weigh 60 lbs at your height, you would probably die from a heart attack. Bye!
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Gerry Gerry
Ok, for your age and size you are very healthy, girls at your age should weigh acleast 100 pounds so your doing fine, thats a very healthy diet and your friends, well i know about 20 6 year olds who weigh 60 pounds so your friends are very unhealthy ao dont worry but if you really care only eat when you are completley hungry, only eat healthy foods, and exercise while having fun.
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Delphine Delphine
weight doesn't really matter. Your muscle weighs more than your fat.. so find some way of excercising you enjoy and get active! :D If you can keep it up, you will stay average/fit.
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Delphine Originally Answered: Do I have an eating disorder?
Look inside yourself. You do not have to compete with models or skinny girls. Beauty comes from the heart and the type of person that you are. Keep exercising, walking, yoga, watch what you are eating but you are going to have many more issues if you continue to make yourself throw up. You probably are a beautiful person and you need to develop self esteem and look inside yourself...not in the mirror. Hold your head high...Confidence is more attractive than a skinny body. Especially if its a sick skinny body because of your throw up episodes. Good luck sweetie

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