Is diet pills a good idea for me? What are some good weight loosing methods? 10 pts for your help?

Is diet pills a good idea for me? What are some good weight loosing methods? 10 pts for your help? Topic: Is diet pills a good idea for me? What are some good weight loosing methods? 10 pts for your help?
June 16, 2019 / By Sarahjeanne
Question: I'm 21 years old. I'm 5'6 and almost 200 pounds. I have tried a lot of diets but nothing ever seems to work. Once I lose 5 pounds, I can't loose anymore. Also, what is the best diet pills, diets, excercises, or anything else I should try to help me loose weight. I am tired of being ashamed of the way I look. I never wear short, don't like wearing dresses or skirts, and am uncomfortable in sleeveless shirts. What can I do to help. By the way, I went through a depression a few years ago, and still am, and I have gained a lot of weight. In the past 2-3 years I have gained almost 60-70 pounds Thanks!!!
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Best Answers: Is diet pills a good idea for me? What are some good weight loosing methods? 10 pts for your help?

Noni Noni | 8 days ago
I use the elliptical every time I go to the gym. It's a full body workout and It's much easier on your knees than the treadmill. I also try to eat small meals throughout the day, around 5. Whole grains, nuts, protein (like peanut butter or chicken), yogurt, cheese, milk, fruits, and vegetables are all things you should have in your diet daily. Since It's impossible for me to eat healthy 100% of the time, for one meal I'll eat something I'm really craving like pizza or a burger. Don't focus on the number on the scale (muscle weighs more than fat), focus on being active and healthy. Good luck!
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Noni Originally Answered: I am 15 and on diet pills.....a good idea?
I would have to agree with your mom. It could potentially be very dangerous messing with your hormones. Plus weight loss pills never work...their just a marketing scam. You should read the books by Kevin Trudeau about organics and what not. It will amaze you and No lie...I lost 10 pound SO fast just by elimanating some things and eating organically. And that's a miracle for me because I had tried everything under the sun and it just wouldn't work. (Plus I did this thing by this beach body company called Turbo Jam...Great thing!) I'm not sure Kevins site, but he has three books out, so just google him. However, if you do, you will see many things that he is this ridiculous liar and what not..but I promis you..put my life on it, that he will only help you. (It's not anything illegal lol! He's a whistle blower on these major drug companies including dieting pill companies! YOU HAVE TO READ IT! You will be amazed and shocked!) If you want more info e-mail me and I will help you the best way that I can.) Good luck, God Bless, I will keep you in my prayers!

Maachah Maachah
Eat more protein, less carbohydrates and jump on a trampoline or walk for 20 minutes a day. Carbs to avoid are things like chips, excessive amounts of bread or bread products and sugars. NOT the carbs found naturally in whole foods. Atkin was an idiot. Stop drinking anything with added sugar in it as well, like soft drinks, energy drinks, cafe lates, Sobe, Arizona Tea, some orange juices, fruit punches, etc. Stick to water, not from concentrate juices, and skim or 1% milk. Vitamin Water is pretty good too, and it has less sugar than most things you buy at a convenience store. Diet pills are not a healthy way to lose weight, so I'm glad to hear you don't want to take them. Neither is Slim Fast. A proper diet and exercise will always be the cornerstone of any weight loss strategy. Do this for 6 weeks and ask friends and family to help you do it by not buying junk food or insisting on eating at places that don't have healthy menu options. 6 weeks is the minimum amount of time because you're body reacts slowly to subtle changes. After 6 weeks things will speed up as you become leaner and burn calories quicker. Avoid drastic changes (like not eating at all) because the damage you do to your organs is irreversable, and as soon as you stop you gain all that weight back plus some - your body's natural reaction to deprivation. Good luck and stick with it.
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Kelcey Kelcey
The best weight losing method is habitual walking or jogging. Walking is an effective and efficient way to turn your fats to muscles. Considered as one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises, it has been part of the primary core of almost all fitness training program. Due to this fact, many people are walking and jogging around parks and villages every morning, getting the feel of the day’s refreshment. But during the mid day, it is not advisable to take your jog, as the heat of the sun is at its peak. One solution to that is to use treadmills. Treadmills are great alternatives for jogging and walking. You can still have the same feeling, but at the convenience of your place and time.
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Ireland Ireland
throw the idea of pills out of your mind. don't be desperate. don't turn to "special" pills that claim to make you loose weight. nothing but good diet and exercize will work. sure, the first few weeks or even month you will not see results but trust me, make it a lifestyle and you will see results update: and also be careful about the answers you get from people. if you notice, almost all of them are promoting a special product
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Elenora Elenora
A good multi vitamin for energy so that you can work out longer... Alive is a good vitamin. Filled with whole fruits, veggies, digestive enzymes, b vitamins to help metabolism work fast, and also has vitamins for hair, skin and nail health... You can try CLA from vitaminshoppe... They sell both of those products.. I heard pretty decent reviews, and it is much heather than any other options out there like hydroxycut and crap like those filled with caffeine and random herbs that could most likely be VERY DANGEROUS.
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Elenora Originally Answered: diet pills and birth control pill, good idea?
Ask your doctor about a natural weight loss supplement. There are two all natural weight loss ingredients that are safe and have no side effects. They are Cha de Bugre and Hoodia Gordonii. You might want to take a look at supplements that contain these ingredients, they probably have the fewest drug interactions. Cha de Bugre, is a new weight loss supplement that is growing in popularity and is similar to Ma Huang (Ephedrine) without any of the bad effects. Cha de Bugre is from Brazil and has been used there safely for centuries. Cha de Bugre provides energy, fat burning and appetite suppression that benefit weight loss. Cha de Bugre also has additional uses that are known in Brazil that include being used as a mild diuretic, a cellulite reducer, aides in reducing herpes simplex outbreaks and a heart tonic. You can find more about it at http://hoodiagordonii.totalink.com/cha_de_bugre.html Hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant derived from a South African cactus that the bushmen have eaten there for thousands of years. You need to make sure you get a strong pure hoodia that is certified to be genuine. Check out Totalink's unbiased Hoodia comparison at http://hoodiagordonii.totalink.com/hoodia_comparison.html in the "Confidence" column it will indicate if the brand is "Certified". These Hoodia brands have the credentials to back up their product. Also in that column it will indicate if the brand is "Returnable". These Hoodia brands allow you to return opened bottles and get your money back. I think this indicates that a company has confidence in their product that it works. Keep in mind that Hoodia Gordonii alone provides appetite suppression but not fat burning. Cha de Bugre is a fat burner but not as good as hoodia with appetite suppression. There are also brands that mix Cha de Bugre with Hoodia Gordonii and other weight loss herbs like Green Tea that can increase both fat burning and appetite suppression. I have written a lot of articles on Hoodia. Just search Yahoo or Google under my name “Andrew Aitaken” to find them.

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