Am I fat? is this diet plan okay?

Am I fat? is this diet plan okay? Topic: Am I fat? is this diet plan okay?
June 20, 2019 / By Britt
Question: hey everyone! i'm a 17 year old girl i'm 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 55 kgs, i thought i had gotten chubby in the last one year so tomorrow onwards i am going on a diet/ work out plan, i used to go to to the gym earlier and used to run on the treadmill for an hour and used to run for about 6 or 7 kms so thats what i'm gonna do but diet wise i'm a bit unsure about what to do...i was thinking of having only salads basically cucumber,bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots and onions together along with salt and pepper and some orange juice for drinks..no cola and i'm vegetarian so yea, is this a good diet plan? thanks everyone! happy holidays! and please no mean comments! here is a pic of me! :) http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBRUUSQ3NOT5YF6VUHAQOBRZCQ/album/photos/319815
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Aline Aline | 1 day ago
I've been into fitness and bodybuilding for about 25 years. That is not a good diet. You are right in thinking you need both an exercise plan and a proper diet. Salads are fine, but don't try to make that your whole meal. You need some carbs in the form of fresh veggies and you need some lean protein. Since you don't eat meat, get your protein from fish, eggs,fat free cottage cheese and legumes. And you can always supplement with a protein drink.Stay away from the OJ, oranges are good for you, but way too much sugar that your body will convert to fat. As far as the exercise, 45 min, of cardio 5 days a week would be good, but also do some light weighlifting. lean muscle mass burns loads of calories. i'm 6ft, 190lbs and about 6% bodyfat and I only do cardio 3 times a week, but because I have so much muscle mass my body is a fat burning machine. Alot of women think they'll get big if they start lifting weights, but you won't. You'll just get very tone and lean. Look on youtube for good women's weightlifting workouts. Good luck and don't get discouraged. You'll have little ups and downs so don't stare in the mirror each day expecting to see a change. Judge yourself on a monthly basis, " Do I look better this month, than I did last"
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Aline Originally Answered: Hey peeps. I'm trying to lose 10-13lbs in the next 5months. Any diet plan you could suggest?.. & workout plan?
Hey!, we are almost EXACTLY THE SAME! i am 13 years old, 5"4 and weigh 140 lbs... :O lol so this is what i did.... my mom helped me and let me go on jenny craig....... it is kinda expensive though..... so this is the exersise i do.... 45 min- 1 hour and 30 min of tae kwon do (aka karate) 3-4 times a week and i play on my wii fit about every night for about 1 hour. i get 1500 calories a day.......... you dont need to go on jenny craig, you just need to count your calories...... easy ways to put down the amount of calories you eat..... get fat free milk when your at a movie theater get a pretzel rather then candie and nachos...... pretzels with mustard are aprox. 250 calories where as a normal sized bag of skittles is 830.... :O to help fill you up, eat a salad and vegitables with your meals........ this is what i eat...... small breakfast like a muffin (provided by jenny craig, low in calories) with a hand full of fruit or 1 cup of orange juice (NOT BOTH) then 3 hours later i eat a small snack like a granola bar, 3 hours later i eat lunch, a chese enchilada with spanish rice and bell peppers, 3 hours later i eat a snack such as veggitable chips or a energy bar, 3 hours later i eat dinner suck as macaroni and chese with green beans and carrots, and if i dont eat my snack then i get a small desert. I have only been on this diet for 3 weeks..... in 4 days i lost 2 pounds, and on an average i lost 3 lbs a week, but then i cheated and ate 4 slices of pizza and 6 cups of soda (it was valentines day, what can i say? :( ) (not a good idea) when i cheated i gained 3 lbs :O LOL BUT PRETTY MUCH WHAT I AM SAYING IS COUNT YOUR CALORIES AND EAT 1500 CALORES A DAY STRICTLY AND WORK OUT A LITTLE!

Ulick Ulick
well i calculated your BMI (body mass index) and you are 21.5 which is healthy. Of course I know you don't wanna hear, your healthy, dieting isn't good for you, blah blah blah. It is good to exercise and if you are just eating salads that should be fine, but you should get a little more variety. Try to get protein such as eggs, peanut butter,or protein shakes, because you could seriously get sick from not getting enough protein.
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Rimon Rimon
thats not enought variety.. and not enough food in general. plus, you need to drink some water. sugary drinks are the main cause of fat storage. good luck
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Meryle Meryle
check out this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHiK3CGKcbQ There you will know much about diet plans.
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