how can i stop munching?

how can i stop munching? Topic: how can i stop munching?
June 20, 2019 / By Audrey
Question: I weight 144 pounds and i'm 5'7. My goal is to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks. I'm really commited to do it, but i munch a lot and i feel as though i'm always hungry. i can eat and eat and not be full. And please don't say drink cold water. I drink 2-3 litres a day and it hasn't worked. what can i do to not be hungry/stop munching?
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Abbie Abbie | 8 days ago
This link has a list of things to stop cravings: http://www.nowloss.com/natural-ways-to-c... --EDIT-- I've been doing the sixth on the list, and it actually does work.
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Abbie Originally Answered: how can i stop munching?
This link has a list of things to stop cravings: http://www.nowloss.com/natural-ways-to-c... --EDIT-- I've been doing the sixth on the list, and it actually does work.

Stacy Stacy
Sounds like you are an emotional eater. If you get the connection between emotional eating and stress you can literally forget about food and that means any sweets or binging that might have stood in your way. If you take a moment to look at one or more of the articles from the extensive list of free articles at the bottom of the page at http://dstressdoc.com/Articles/Article%20List.htm you’ll get an idea of what I’m saying. And then if you're hungry for more (please forgive the pun) information on the mastery of emotional eating go to http://dstressdoc.com/BingeEatingEbook.htm where you will find a complete e-book on the subject and even some accompanying cds which also use the power of hypnosis. Don’t let hypnosis scare you as it’s simply the “art of suggestion.”
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Othniel Othniel
it sounds like you have a high metabolism. Brush ur teeth more often so it discurage you from snacknig all the time. I wear my retainers all the time and exericse so I do not ge ttempted to eat the wrong foods.
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Lesley Lesley
Chew gum, sugar free its usually 3-5 calories a piece. It keeps your mouth busy and the sweetness will satisfy your hunger pangs. Also use the low carb diets and you will lose the weight in a week or so.
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Jamie Jamie
Whatever you do, don't smoke pot. It will just exacerbate your problem. lol If you just want to enjoy chewing on something, buy a pair of celery stalks. This way, you will always have a quick, negative caloric snack! Or, start smoking cigarettes.
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Jamie Originally Answered: Is there a possible way to stop yourself from vomiting?
Unless you can get an injection from the Dr. for vomiting you can't stop vomiting until the flu (which causes you to vomit) has gotten out of your system. Depending on how long the flu last, you can keep from vomiting so much by staying on a liquid diet. Sometimes saltine crackers will help since you need to get food in your stomach but stay away from greasy foods like chicken noodle soup, the broth is loaded with fat, eat fat free broths, bouillons, sherbet, nibble saltine crackers, ginger ale is good cause ginger settles the stomach, 7 up is ok. Clear liquids, jello but no pudding. There is no way of never being sick, it's a fact of life. When you can eat again start with a soft diet like rice, boiled potatoes with no toppings, make you some soups with fat free broth, etc. until your stomach can handle real food again. :)

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