Anyone on a raw food diet?

Anyone on a raw food diet? Topic: Anyone on a raw food diet?
June 20, 2019 / By Ashlee
Question: what health and beauty benenfits have you recieved from switiching to raw foods.? Do you somtimes dabble into cooked foods? any things not to do while raw? raw food diet is eating fruits and vegies-not uncooked meat and such.....
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Zephania Zephania | 9 days ago
I am a raw foodist. I'm a guy so I really have not paid attention to any of the 'health and beauty' aspects, but I am sure they are there. I have lost about 20lbs since I started, I suppose that is something. I work in corporate America so it is never possible to raw all the time. During the average week I am about 80% raw. I am also married with three kids, none of whom are raw, which also presents some issues. My wife is supportive and likes to eat that way, but she could go either way. As far as things not to do while raw, the only thing that comes to mind is not to be judgmental. It is really easy to take a holier-than-though mindset without even thinking about it. But I don't think that is what you are asking :)> As far as *food* things to avoid, commercially dried fruits are about the only thing I can think of. They are raw, but loaded with sugar. You are better off eating fresh or dehydrating them yourself. Speaking of which, a dehydrator, food processor, blender and half gallon mason jars are 'must haves' in my book. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions Fermat
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Zephania Originally Answered: Feline Raw Food Diet and COOKED Food Diet?
There is more salmonella found in their feces, undoubtedly, but hardly any of the animals actually get infected with it. Their digestive enzymes (or whatever you call 'em) are strong enough to keep the bacteria at bay. My vet (who has a lot of raw feeding clients), has never seen a case of salmonella in a dog or cat, and doesn't personally know any vets that have either. I feel the benefits greatly outweigh any risks, so my cats, and dog, get theirs raw. If you are only going to lightly cook the outside of the meat, I don't think it will significantly impact Cooked food is thousands of times better than any commercial food, so go for it if you don't want to take the plunge into raw :-)

Skye Skye
You better have a strong stomach to be on this diet. I tried it for one day 3 granny smiths, olive oil salad and major throw up. Don't drink too much vegetable juices as they are high in everything ...dilute. Be careful with sprouts - they have deadly bacteria. Make sure your soy is fermented or you will look chinese - no breasts, bone mass or muscle tone.
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Orian Orian
Nah. I don't think DQ Mushroom Swiss Burgers would be very good with uncooked meat patties and uncooked buns. I like my cheese melted over the sauteed mushrooms, thanks. Frozen french fries aren't my thing and now that spinach, kohlrabi and lettuce have been infected with E. coli, I am not ordering any raw versions of these veggies. I won't eat spinach, period.
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Lehi Lehi
Never eat raw meat(unless sashimi or sushi off some sort),you can eat healthy salads.Theres this type of mushroom in my culture (im chinese) ,my mom says if you eat a lot of it or drink it in soup it will make your skin softer and prettier.I think its called Mook-Yee.
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Jaden Jaden
Umm ewww....you can get sick from eating raw foods especially if you have a bad stomach you can like get diarehhea or something. If you want to go on a diet...don't try this one!
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Finnegan Finnegan
I would suggest to read Dr. Norman Walker's book called "become younger". You can get it from amazon .com. Best guide book on the topic. good luck.
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Finnegan Originally Answered: Is Hill Prescription Diet Z/D wet food a good brand food small dog?
some vets are idiots ... they get paid money to carry that line of food and push it whenever they can ... if you check out the ingredients they are not the best ... my vet also recommended that food for my dog with allergies and she did very poorly on it ... i have changed my dog to Halo salmon kibble and the Halo salmon canned food and she has done very well on it ... do you know what your dog is allergic too ??? my dog has a few animal protein allergies and i think this is why the Halo food is working for her because much of the protein comes from vegetables and not meat ... but there are many foods out there for dogs with allergies, just go to a local pet food store and check out the different varieties ... a unique protein source is a good place to start and no corn, by-products, fillers, colourings, artificial flavours or cute shapes ...

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