losing weight without gaining muscle?

losing weight without gaining muscle? Topic: losing weight without gaining muscle?
July 17, 2019 / By Carlisa
Question: I need to reduce my actual weight so I can get a job exercising racehorses, so I need ways to lose weight without gaining muscle (i.e. I don't want to replace fat with muscle, I just need to weigh less) currently I am trying to eat healthy and consume less than 1600 calories a day and I try to walk for an hour a day 5 days per week. has anyone got any tips for me? so far I have lost 1 stone or 14lbs. I need to lose another 2-3 stone or approx. 40lbs. Thanks!
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Andy Andy | 2 days ago
Want to slim down fast for that beach vacation or high school reunion? While there are many things you can do to shed pounds, losing weight too quickly, like any sudden change to your body, can be dangerous. While fad diets, diet pills, and fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss, these methods can cause you to lose muscle and may also injure your heart and other organs fairly quickly. The best solution? Don't go for an overnight miracle. Instead, follow these steps to lose fat rapidly, healthily, and sustainably. Steps Gaining weight takes the same amount of focus and preparation as losing weight. Some important facts about gaining weight: * You can't necessarily gain muscle without gaining some fat as well. * There are no magic foods, powders or pills that will allow you to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Some people can do this naturally (again, the genes), but most will gain some fat along with the muscle * Your body is very different from a bodybuilder--trying to gain mass to look like them is not the best idea. They have different muscle fibers than you and some may even be getting a little help from illegal substances. * If you're a teenager, you'll have a hard time changing your body dramatically. It's changing constantly and it will change even more as the years pass. * Gaining weight requires eating more and lifting more. Sounds simple, right? ALTERNATIVELY http://polkadotinfo.com/freetrial/trisli... TriSlim is the triple action fat burner which Burns Fat Fast, Suppresses Your Appetite and Boosts Your Metabolism. Try a free bottle today.
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Andy Originally Answered: Tips on losing weight? Or gaining muscle?
One thing you need to know: It's hard to be specific on exercises and diet tips because everybody is so different. For the most specific advice, consult your doctor. Otherwise try these: -Eat healthier, and try drinking only water. I heard a story of someone who cut out soda and walked several miles a day, and they dropped weight like that! -Get a good combo of strength, stamina/endurance/aerobic exercise. Find an aerobic exercise that you don't mind doing, and do it regularly. Try getting a work out trainer app for your phone or getting a personal trainer at the gym to help you on more specific exercises. Also, don't focus on losing thigh and belly fat. When you exercise, your body takes fat away from areas that it chooses or that it can take away from... in other words, you don't get to choose where the fat will come off of. Try doing some strength-building exercises to tone the muscles in those areas. That should help.

Wilber Wilber
get casual for 4 days a study shows that people take 491 more steps and burn 25 more calories on days they wear jeans to work
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Sandy Sandy
Tips? Keep up what you're doing. You're eating a healthy amount of calories and the exercise is also helping.
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Nash Nash
tired of eating your salad on a plate fill a whole wheat pita with salad and a splash of lemon for a twist
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Kenzie Kenzie
try to have a little lean protein with each meal as protein tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fats
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Kenzie Originally Answered: are protein shakes used for losing weight or gaining muscle?
You may use them for both:) Make sure you are focusing on your nutrition and your training routine. Whey protein shakes can be used in a variety of ways. For some great whey protein recipes try http://www.buybulkwhey.com

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