Hampster for christmas:) Please answer all questions!?

Hampster for christmas:) Please answer all questions!? Topic: Hampster for christmas:) Please answer all questions!?
July 17, 2019 / By Carlin
Question: Okay for christmas im getting hampster stuff! ( im 13 ) 1. any tips? 2. what type of hampster? 3. what are the main things you need for a hampster? 4. can you hold them? if not, wat can you hold thats a common pet like a hampster? 5. should i get a boy or girl? 6. are they expenive to take care of? thank you:]
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Andrina Andrina | 1 day ago
1. Make sure you have everything ready before you get a hamster (cage, bedding, food, etc.), so the transition can be as stress free as possible. 2. If you're a first time owner, you should get a Syrian hamster, because they're friendlier and easier to handle than dwarf hamsters. 3. The main things you need are a cage, food, water bottle, bedding, nest box, wheel, and chew toys. The cage has to be at least 24"x12"x12", and the bars can't be more than 1/2" apart for Syrians (1/4" for dwarves). Most cages that pet stores sell aren't nearly big enough for a hamster, so here's one that I recommend: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.js... It says it's for rats, but that cage is WAY too small for one rat, let alone two. It's perfect for hamsters though, because it's about 2 cubic feet, and it's not too tall (if hamsters fall more than 6", they could injure themselves/die). For food, you should get a pelleted diet, because if it's a mix your hamster could pick through it and only eat it's favorites, which is like you only eating chips or french fries. Here's the best kind of food you can get for your hamster: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.js... If you don't want to buy that, just never buy Kaytee or Nutriphase food, because they contain ethoxyquin, which is a known carcinogen. If you want to give your hamster some variety, you can feed it fruits/veggies 2-3 times a week. You can give them apples (no seeds), broccoli, carrots, avocado, etc. You can also buy some treats for your hamster from the pet store, but those are really unhealthy, so don't give it too many. For the water bottle, make sure it's one of those sipper tube things. All pet stores sell them. Hamsters also need bedding in their cage. You can use aspen or CareFresh, just NEVER use cedar or pine. If you have more money, go for the CareFresh. If you don't, just use aspen. http://www.petland.com/bedding-nesting-h... http://www.petland.com/litter-litter-boxes-accessories-25.html A hamster needs a nest box so it can sleep and hide in it when it's scared. They're not that expensive, you can just get one of those igloo ones that every pet store has: http://www.petland.com/bedding-nesting-hide-aways-14.html A wheel is not a toy, it is a necessity. If you don't provide a wheel for your hamster, it could cause serious health problems. Make sure to get a wheel that's at least 8" in diameter, and one that doesn't have metal bars. It has to be solid, so your hamster won't get it's feet caught in it. Also, your hamster shouldn't be arching it's back when it runs. If it is, the wheel is too small. You can get chew toys from any pet store you go to. You can get the wood ones, or you can get the ones that are edible. Either one will do. It helps keep your hamster's teeth filed. 4. Yes, you can hold hamsters. But first you have to tame it to make sure it won't bite you. Here's my guide on how to tame hamsters: 1. Leave your new hamster alone for the first couple of days so it can get used to its new home. 2. After the first 2-3 days, sit next to your hamster and talk to it so it’ll get used to your voice. If you don’t know what to say, you can read a book out loud. 3. Rub your hands in the bedding so you smell like the hamster. 4. Let it sniff your hands. Do this every day until it gets used to you. 5. Offer your hamster a treat-keep doing this every day until it takes it from you. 6. Put the treat on the palm of your hand, so your hamster gets used to putting its paws on your hand. 7. Put the treat further back so your hamster has to walk onto your hand. 8. Once your hamster is comfortable standing on your hand, lift it a few centimeters off the ground and put it back down. Each time you do this, increase the height and time that you lift them up for. 9. Gently scoop your hamster up with both hands. • Tips  It’s best to do this in the evening, when your hamster is awake  Try petting your hamster when it’s eating the treat in your hand  If you’re afraid of your hamster biting you, you can wear thick gloves If you’re afraid of your hamster escaping, you can sit in the bathtub 5. Some people say that boys are more calm and laid back, but it really depends on the personality of your hamster. Some girls might be really relaxed, and some boys might be aggressive. Just make sure that you hold your hamster for a while before you buy it, so you know that you're getting a nice hamster. 6. No, hamster's aren't that expensive to take care of. All you have to do is buy food and bedding after you set everything up for your hamster. I have no idea how long the food and bedding will last, but you'll probably only have to pay about $50 a year (this is just a wild guess). Hope I helped!
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Wil Wil
1. What kind of hamster do you want to get? Hamsters like syrians do best alone and away from other syrians. Dwarf hamsters do best in small groups or pairs that they grew up with and introduced properly to eachother. Here is a very good hamster care page:: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/small-pet-care/hamster-care.html 2. Syrians are more for the people that like to cuddle and handle the hamster. Dwarves usually are more skittish and are really fast! Dwarf and syrian hamsters are usually the most common, but there are a lot more, plus there is a lot of different dwarf breeds. Chinese hamsters are not really the social or handling type. 3. The main thing you will need for a hamster is a decent cage! A lot of people think the cages that are made for hamsters is perfect for them when it actually isn't. Get a spacious cage that has at least a 2 story so they can climb or a large one story. My hamsters live in a Ferret Nation cage. Get a wheel, too. Wheels are okay for hamsters, but not for any other pet. Only get a large wheel that has no slits. Give healthy food! I feed my five dwarf females 3 times a day. I give a variety of foods! Give vegetables that you hadn't the day before and also make sure that they are healthy! Some healthy foods is carrots or peas. Oxbow is my favorite hamster food brand, but there are a lot others too. I give a few seeds, vegetables, maybe fruits, and Oxbow whenever I feed them. 4. Yes you can hold them :)! A lot of hamsters love to be held (but some do not and hate it) and they are so soft! Just be careful to hold them properly and make sure they do not jump out of your hands. Some other animals that can be held and is common are rats, guinea pigs, chinchilla, ferrets, mice. 5. It is all up to you! Males are usually more lazy, but all hamsters are individuals so they may be different. Ask to hold the hamster you want to get before you adopt it and make sure that the hamster is the one you would like to get. 6. My hamsters, yeah, haha. I spoil all my hamsters and they get presents on every holiday, their birthday, and random times of the year (yikes, huh?). But if I wasn't like that, I would say no, they aren't expensive. All you'll need is toys (which are totally up to you and the hamster), food, bedding, and furniture like bowls and bottles. The highest you will probably pay for a year will most likely be barely over $200 (depends what bedding and food you buy) but that doesn't include toys or furniture that you'll buy at random times.
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Sandford Sandford
Hampsters are fun.. you need a cage,water bottle,bedding,food,chews and toys for the hampster. When you get one from the pet store they will pretty much tell you everything you need and help you find the good stuff. You can hold them but chances are it will be scared! I've owned rats,mice and hampsters my favorites are the rats. Everyone thinks rats are nasty and dirty but really they aren't. Very smart and clean also fun! It doesn't really matter wether its male or female unless you get two..
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Naphtali Naphtali
I'll be glad to answer your questions. 1. First of all be sure to research hamsters thoroughly. Hamsters make for amazing pets. They are lovable and very great pets for beginners. There are tons of things that a good hamster owner should know about them. I'd recommend using an aquarium or a suitable wire cage for their home. Don't use plastic cages because of lack of ventilation. As far as cages go the bigger the better. Hamsters love to explore. Be sure to put lots of toys inside your hamster's cage. Hamster need a place to hide, a place to getaway if needed. I'd recommend buying a hide house for your little guy. An exercise wheel is a must, be sure not to get any wire wheels because hamsters usually end up getting hurt on these things, I only use plastic wheels in my hamsters' cages. Plastic tubes and toilet paper rolls are some other great ideas. As far as food goes but a standard staple brand of hamster food and feed them fresh veggies like carrots too. Try not to over feed them fresh foods a couple tiny chopped pieces of carrots or a few clovers per day will do. I'd recommend using water bottles instead of water bowls. My hamsters always fill their water bowls with their bedding every time I use them. A hamsters' food and water should be changed daily. Be sure to remove any fresh food after a couple of hours. As for bedding I only use aspen. Avoid cedar all together and try to avoid pine. When you first get your buddy give him a few days to get used to it's new home. Don't try to hold it right away. 2. I always tell beginners to get a Syrian hamster. These guys are territorial and cannot be house together. Pet stores call syrians by all different names according to their coat color. Name examples would be Teddy Bear hamsters, Black Bear hamsters, Golden hamsters, Panda hamsters, etc. These are all Syrian hamsters. Syrians are very tamable and very affectionate. I would never recommend getting a dwarf hamster as your first hamster. These guys are harder to tame and harder to handle. 3. Like I said in # 1. You need a cage, toys, food, water, and you also need plenty of time and love to give to your new pet. 4. Of course you can hold them. Be sure not to hold them too much though and stress them out. These guys are lovable and cuddly. Other pets that I would recommend for beginning rodent lovers are rats. These guys are very adorable and super smart. Their needs are much different though so if you decide to get a rat instead of a hamster you could email me and I'll tell you everything you need to know about owing your first rat. 5. It all depends. Some people say get boys because of this or get a girl because of that but I beleive each hamster is going to have a different personality no matter if it's a boy or a girl. I'd say just go to a breeder or a pet store and pick the first one that catches your eye or the first one you attatch to. 6. Hamsters aren't usually very expensive to care for. Besides food, bedding, the cost of the hamster (cage and all), and possible vet bills there aren't really any other expenses that come with buying a hamster. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. Best of luck, Ivory email: [email protected]
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Kenyon Kenyon
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Kenyon Originally Answered: I am 12 years old. My mom said I could either get a hampster or a gerbil. Which is better?????
Only you can decide which one is right for you. Here is some info on both and a site if you need to do more research. Gerbils are superb pets, which give their owners a great deal of love and amusement. The flip side is that they need to be in top shape to be active and funny. Gerbils are fairly easy to keep healthy and are not prone to disease. If an animal becomes quiet and listless, despite excellent care, rush him straight to the vet. Small animals with fast metabolisms tend to die quickly from infection or disease. Steps The first step in good care is a good diet. Like us, gerbils need a balanced diet of cereals, greens, protein, certain fats and vitamins. Start off by purchasing a good hamster or dwarf-rabbit food that contains grains, dried vegetables, grasses, carob, and pellets. A tablespoon a day per gerbil is sufficient. Also feed them fresh fruit, vegetables, cottage cheese and meal worms. Gerbils need about 5 gallons of space each at the very minimum. This allows them enough space to wrestle, get out of each other's hair or to gambol and clown about. Exercise is also important to any pet's health. Luckily gerbils are naturally active, you just need to provide them the space and plenty of nooks and crannies, in which they can have hours of activity. Gerbils enjoy keeping themselves mentally occupied with tasks such as digging tunnels or making a nest. They'll spend hours systematically shredding cardboard, straw and tearing up tissue to make a comfy bed. Emotionally, gerbils need special consideration. In the wild they live in groups, so keep at least two. Lastly, it's important to tame your animal so that he's manageable enough to stand up to daily inspection. When you play with him, check that his eyes are bright and free of mucus, that his nose isn't bloody, that he has no bites from other gerbils, that his breathing isn't raspy and that his teeth aren't overgrown or broken. Tips Gerbils will pick out only the tastiest morsels from their food bowl, ignoring the rest; this means they won't get a balanced diet. Only refill their bowl once everything is eaten. There is nothing wrong with giving them their favourite treats occasionally (no chocolate, it is just as toxic to a gerbil as it is to a dog or any other small animal). Use treats to get them used to interact with you. The more space gerbils have in their enclosures, the less they'll be bent on escape. As your gerbils grow up and are showing no signs of fighting over territory, buy more cages and link them by the tunnel systems available at pet shops. Keep your gerbils teeth healthy by ensuring they have enough hard wood to gnaw on daily. Line their cage with fine cat-litter. The natural type without chemicals is safe for them. This needs to be changed once every two weeks. Warnings Too much fresh fruit and vegetables may give them runny tummies. Avoid greens and fruit with high water content such as lettuce or watermelon. Don't give in to your gerbil's piggish indulgences; they love peanuts, sunflower seeds. A diet high in fat and sugar can drastically shorten their lifespan. Avoid hamster wheels, your gerbil will have his trademark tail chopped off by the cross bar. Also avoid exercise balls; being trapped in such a small space, repeating a boring action is cruel to any intelligent animal. Your gerbil will need to go to the vet immediately if he looks tatty (it means he is too ill to groom himself), if he's not eating, (it means his teeth are too long or broken), if he's not playing with the other gerbils or if he has very bad diarrhoea. Gerbils box and wrestle for fun, but sometimes fights turn nasty. If blood is drawn, you'll need to separate them immediately. Indeed it will become a fight to the death. Don't scruff your gerbil (pick him up by the skin). They have very little loose skin and this will injure him. Gerbils don't need to be bathed. They clean themselves very efficiently and never smell. Keep your gerbil at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees C. At high temperatures they dehydrate very quickly. Don't use cedar or pine shavings for bedding, they cause respiratory problems. Don't use the 'fluff' nesting materials from pet stores. Gerbils' feet can get entangled in it and they cannot digest it if they swallow it. As with any pet, keeping a hamster requires a commitment to care for it during its life which could be 2-3 years or longer. The commitment required includes not only routine feeding, care and time spent with the hamster but also the provision of veterinary treatment if the hamster becomes ill which can be costly. Although proper care will go a long way to ensuring that any hamster remains happy and healthy there may still be times when prompt veterinary treatment is needed and once a hamster is ill it can deteriorate quickly. However, some insurance companies do offer veterinary insurance cover for hamsters.

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