Help with my diet please?

Help with my diet please? Topic: Help with my diet please?
July 17, 2019 / By Carlie
Question: School starts next friday and i decide to start my diet the exact day that the gym opens in school... Would this be satisfactory ?? Breakfast: 1bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios with a cup of Skim Plus 100% Fat Free Milk. A Yoplait 99%Fat Free yogurt on the side with A glass of Oj. Lunch: Some sort of Wrap or Salad from the school cafeteria with no dressing Or Peanut butter and jelly from home on wheat bread. A Bottle of Water to drink, and A fruit from home or school. Dinner: My mom usually cooks dinner so probably some chicken, or steak with rice or couscous... what are some vegetables i should eat, i really hate vegetables in general but some are tolerable.. I plan to be working out every single day of the schoolweek for 1-1.5 hours and drinking protein shakes, taking amino acids and glutamine as well.
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Andriana Andriana | 10 days ago
Don't take amino acids, protein shakes, or glutamine if you plan on working out that much. They'll dehydrate you and you can hurt yourself. Just eat food and take a daily vitamin. That's all you should require.
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Andriana Originally Answered: On a diet is it okay to drink water,diet coke,diet ginger ale or anything that's diet okay ?
No calories is a good thing but not the only thing to consider when on a diet. For example, caffeine interferes with weight loss. So while diet soda is better than regular soda, the best thing to drink is water.

Whitney Whitney
It sounds good. Here are some tips Instead of jelly on the PB&J try all naturaul preserves (no sugar added) cause regular jelly really isn't made from fruit and has a lot of added sugar which is a problem within itself. Protein shakes can be good but they might also have a lot of calories to think about that and read the labels. A multivitamin is always good for anyone at anytime. The workout is great because your heart needs more time then the rest of your body to start up and get a good cardio work out. kudos to you for trying to get fit. Just remember you might fail lots before you succede. Loosing weight isn't easy or we would all be thin and fit. Give yourself a cheat day where you eat whatever you want. Just don't go nuts and try smaller portions. For example one slice of pie instead of 2. Good luck!
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Sander Sander
ignore weight-reduction plan I consume like a horse and that i only weigh 9 stone. it is what works for me: consume generally, if achievable each 3 hours, while your physique realises that that's getting a typical furnish of nutrition it will enhance that's metabolism, burning energy swifter and is way less probable to keep energy as fat. while eating attempt to consume a lot of severe protein meals and don't circulate too no longer uncomplicated on the carbs. try circulate uncomplicated on trans and saturated fat inspite of the actuality which you're allowed the atypical handle. Drink a lot of water! a minimum of one gallon in line with day. Tea, coffee and fizzy drinks are o.ok.yet they don' count style in direction of your universal water intake. As for exercising I perform a little easy weight training 4 days a week and cardiovascular (i exploit a rowing gadget) 2 days a week with one days relax. there's a user-friendly thought that doing cardiovascular exercising on an empty abdomen enables burn energy. it is absolute rubbish do no longer do it. Weight training is a sturdy thought as muscle tissues burns a lot of potential, even mutually as you sleep. you do no longer could desire to alter into Mr/Mrs universe yet any fat tissue which you will convert to muscle tissues won't only make you seem greater effectual yet enhance your metabolism. Getting a lot of sleep is likewise considerable while attempting to construct muscle. sturdy luck
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Nandy Nandy
First off, skip the protein shakes. Those don't do you any good, and they are high in empty and unnecessary. sugary calories. You might enjoy peas, carrots or corn steamed. I do. Lettuce is yummy too. Your diet is pretty healthy and balanced and your workout time is good too. You have a great plan going. Good luck.
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Kenton Kenton
no excuses dude...veggies help your health to improve in many ways...you dont have to workout dail though,rest at least 1 day weekly and giv yourself a treat
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Horsa Horsa
i wouldn't recommend having a wrap for lunch because most wraps are made from lard and would not help you loose weight >_< try eating celery. they naturally have 0 calories and when you eat it, it actually burns 5 calories. most vegetables and fruits also have negative calories.
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