Can infant constipation cause sleeplessness?

Can infant constipation cause sleeplessness? Topic: Can infant constipation cause sleeplessness?
July 17, 2019 / By Carina
Question: My daughter is 5 months old and when she was born I found out I couldn't breastfeed. We did the regular enfamil for about two months before the gas and inconsistent pooping got to be too much, so we switched to Enfamil Gentlease which has worked great (I think) up until now. She started eating rice cereal at four months with doctors approval, which constipated her. Since then, we have only don't approved fruits and vegetables, no rice in her bottle or eating, and she still is not pooping. Her favorite are peas and prunes and even THOSE don't make her poop. The last month or so, she has absolutely not been sleeping at night. I mean, it used to be 2-3 times she would wake up, now she wakes up that often in an hour. She sleeps for maybe 2-4 hours during the day, from 7am-8pm. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, but poops only 1-2 times a week. I have an appt with her doctor this week and I was thinking about talking to her about soy formula, since that is the only thing I can think of that can still be clogging her 'system'. Any help would be wonderful, thank you.
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Anabelle Anabelle | 2 days ago
I agree with the last lady, When my babies got constipated, I would put a rectal thermometer (with a little bit of KY jelly on it) and usually it would cause an instant bowel movement. When that wouldn't work, we used the glycerin suppository. Being constipated is very painful and can most definitely cause sleeplessness. Hope you get this figured out! It is so sad to see your baby in pain!
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Anabelle Originally Answered: Infant constipation?
I would try a bottle with just a bit of apple juice, and the rest water. Hopefully the baby will take it. Being so young, she may not. If she does, great. See what happens, and if no poop, try the same mix again five hours later. If after a day, still no poop, I would call the doctor again. Constipation is very painful for such a young baby. Don't stress, just see what happens after the bottles of juice water. Call the doc Tuesday if nothing changes, and stree how you are worried. Good luck

Weaver Weaver
Constipation isn't commonly a symptom of the milk protein hypersensitive reaction/intolerance. My daughter became clinically determined with this whilst she became 6 weeks old (breastfeed besides) and she or he became having runny, neon green stools with blood specks. She additionally had very loud and foul smelling gas. a great variety of infants with it are very fussy and seem to be in discomfort whilst and quickly after ingesting. The milk protein hypersensitive reaction happens in approximately 5% of infants and is in many situations outgrown between 6-12 mo. in case you're nonetheless fearful, you could try slicing dairy out of your nutrition regimen for a week or so and seeing if there is progression. in the adventure that your toddler isn't on solids (which could be consitpating, esp whilst first presented) and the issue maintains, i might examine including your pedi. Breastfeed infants at the instant are not commonly constipated as a results of fact breast milk is so surely digested.
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Salal Salal
Absolutely. Try using about a spoonful of clear karo syrup. If her poop is solid or green/black/really dark brown then try an infant glycerin suppository but cut it in half and hold it in for about 1-2 minutes.
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Murphy Murphy
Certainly sounds like the constipation is at the root of it all. Like they say, a baby enema (like Fleet Pedialax Liquid Glycerin) is the safest and surest way to relieve it.
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Kennard Kennard
Yes, because during constipation most of the babies become dehydrated and they tend to be awake in the night. This is also because the constipation pain they feel seems to indefinite.
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Kennard Originally Answered: Infant constipation, what can I do to help my son?
Kids, especially babies and infants, get constipated from time to time. Their little tummies and guts are brand new and they're getting to grips with growing fast, plus milk, then food, etc - it's natural that they sometimes get a little bunged up. If he's been on Aptimal a long time then it's unlikely to be the milk as it would have caused problems before now. Has he tried any new foods lately or been through any big changes such as a new playgroup, moving house, or anything like that? Both of those can affect toilet habits although most times it's just something that happens for seemingly no reason and it goes away again just as fast. Make sure he has plenty of fluids. Cooled, boiled water is fine, you could offer juice but try to limit this to mealtimes only as the acids in fruit juice can damage young teeth. Offer him fruit, the best ones for constipation are: * Apples * Apricots * Grapes * Peaches * Pears * Plums * Prunes * Raspberries * Strawberries I know it sounds silly but avoid bran because this absorbs water and makes stools harder, fibre doesn't absorb water so is better - opt for foods with fibre rather than bran. Massage his tummy in clockwise motions because this is the direcion the gut works in, so you're stimulating it to move things along. Walk your fingers, firmly but gently, across his lower tummy from his right-side to his left-side - you might even feel gas bubbles as you do this. Lift his legs towards his lower tummy and gently move them in a cycling motion, this can ease any gas pains and also helps stimulate the bowel to move. Lastly, avoid inserting anything up his bottom, including warm water, a thermometer, or a cotton bud dipped in vaseline, as this can cause damage to his anus and lower rectum.

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