Does Birth Control help your PMS?

Does Birth Control help your PMS? Topic: Does Birth Control help your PMS?
June 25, 2019 / By Cari
Question: I have bottomless stomach syndrome 2 wks before my period. I will break out, and have anxiety 1 wk before my period. I will cry for something stupid - the day before my period. When I start my period- my hunger is normal and my face clears up, and I am extremely happy. Would Birth Control help regulate everything?
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Amy Amy | 10 days ago
When I took the birth control pill, it did NOT help my PMS and in fact made things worse. I was nauseous and emotional much of the time. Also, you should know that all methods of hormonal birth control (including the Pill, the "mini-pill," the "patch," Depo-Provera, Implanon, emergency contraception, etc.) work in three ways: 1. By attempting to prevent ovulation (the release of an egg) 2. By thickening cervical mucus, which may prevent sperm from reaching the egg 3. By changing the lining of the womb to prevent a newly conceived human being from implanting in the womb, causing his or her death. The IUD also works by preventing the newly conceived child from implanting in the womb. By the time implantation occurs, the child is already 5-9 days old. For more information on this topic and information on the risks of various types of birth control, see: http://www.advocatesfortheinnocent.com/birthcontrolIVF.html There are other options available that never cause abortions, such as condoms, spermicide, cervical caps, diaphragms, and Natural Family Planning.
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Amy Originally Answered: Birth control is wonderful - but is the IDEA of birth control biologically unnatural?
They (animals) do practice a kind of birth control, its called eating your young. What you are not considering here is that in normal human development there is not enough calories to allow developing kids to enter puberty before the age of about 16-17! The average age of menarche is 11, not 13, all because we have enough calories in our diet for little girls to be big enough and have enough fat stores to start puberty. Its an artificial lowering of puberty, and no child that age is ready for a baby. Most of all because girls are still growing for many years after puberty, and there are high risks involved with such young pregnancy. Another thing to consider is that we also benefit (or suffer, however you want to word it) from such good health that our mortality is VERY low. Kids are likely to survive childhood now, not 1/2 of all kids, most of all kids. That's insane! And most pregnancies result in a living baby, also a very big departure from where we were in hunter gatherer days. And moms are very likely to survive childbirth, which increases population growth far more then having men survive war. Once upon a time human population growth was just above zero, now its something like 3% - so that's something like population doubling several times a century. A further point I'd like to make is that humans are natural beings, what we do is natural to us, and inventing birth control is an outgrowth of our nature. Can anything be more natural? So take a step back, consider the other aspects of human life and development. Its unreasonable to think that birth control is not a natural result of being human.
Amy Originally Answered: Birth control is wonderful - but is the IDEA of birth control biologically unnatural?
You figure 100-200 yrs ago the life expectancy of americans and europeans was much lower than it is now. Many daughters were married off at age 12, 13. People were lucky to live to be 60 yrs old back then. You factor in disease and the number goes down even more. Now a days, the average life expectancy is what, round 75 yrs old for both sexes. Children back then grew up faster, they matured earlier. But now, shoot, your lucky to find a 25 yr old that's mature enough to wipe their own Azz without screwing up. God , which I very much believe in , made us able to have children as soon as we hit puberty. However, he didn't expect mom's and dad's to go around abandoning their children and killing their babies because they didn't want to be bothered with them. So , as GOD often does, he gave the world the means to develop things like condoms, and birth control pill and the like to prevent horrible stuff like that from happening until a man and women are mature enough to have and raise a child the way they should be raised. With love and care . That's my take on this whole thing.

Wayland Wayland
Birth control will lessen your PMS but make sure it's a low dose of estrogen. You don't need a high dose of estrogen if you just want it to help you through PMS. I think that there are other things to lower it but talk to your doctor.
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Saladin Saladin
It can help, but every woman reacts differently. I know people who were prescribed birth control just to control the mood swinga that accompanied PMS...and it worked. I would suggest contacting your doctor.
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Saladin Originally Answered: Looking for a birth control pill that helps maintain weight/prevent weight gain. I gave birth 3 weeks ago.?
they have done many major studies and bcp's do not cause weight gain. People tend to use hormones as an excuse to eat too much, so if you are walking and dieting, you should be just fine. But if you are still worried about it, ask for an estrogen free or low dose of hormones pill. I guess you could also be an exception in that the hormones make your munchies worse. Try a non-hormonal birth control, like an IUD or something. Plus, if you are breastfeeding, hormonal forms of bc are very limited.

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