How do I get my thighs smaller?? (pic)?

How do I get my thighs smaller?? (pic)? Topic: How do I get my thighs smaller?? (pic)?
July 17, 2019 / By Carey
Question: http://i39.tinypic.com/28l86dc.jpg Im a cheerleader and so i exercise a lot and I've always exercised my entire life and my legs were skinny when I was little but as soon as I hit around 10 years of age...my thighs just got huge. I stand next to people who are a lot fatter then me but have skinnier thighs. Its so annoying because It makes me look bigger next to everyone and I don't look good in shorts and also because I have a bit of cellulite. I stretch, eat healthy and exercise a lot but no difference. How can I make my thighs smaller?? Is it something im eating that's making them big??
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Amity Amity | 9 days ago
Don't do anything to your body. It's muscles which seems to 'add' on to your weight which isn't a bad thing. I would say maintain the good diet and drink lots of water to keep healthy. Your body is nice and healthy. Just as a warning, don't drink lots of water in a short period of time because it causes water intoxication.
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Amity Originally Answered: Will i get smaller thighs?
Can't tell from what you have said, but if you are just starting to exercise I think so. Though your muscles may get larger as you work them, I can't tell from the info you have provided. You may want to add the following information, age, weight, height, sex, usual calorie intake, how many calories you intend to have per day while you are dieting. This could help others help you figure out your question. Get a tape measure and measure them now, and then again at the end of the week. Make sure you measure in the same place. July 2 to August 24 = 53 days = 7 weeks 4 days. I guess you are wanting to lose 2 pounds a week? BUT how much do you weigh to start with? How much do you eat? How much are you going to eat during this time? 2 pounds a week is the MAXIMUM amount you should lose a week. I would say that even 2 pounds a week is not safe for all people. If you are young, thin already, have health problems, ...you may need to speak with your doctor about this, to make sure you do not hurt yourself. When you lose weight, you do not just lose fat, you lose some muscle also. Exercising while you lose weight will help this, but it is much better for you, to try to lose it slower. The exercise will tone you up and make you look thinner. To lose 1 pound of weight in a week, you need to eat 3,500 calories less than you use that week. There are many diet, health, weight loss, exercise sites on the web that tell you how to calculate every thing you need to know to figure this out. Some even have support blogs, for when your will power fails you. As you diet realize that the fat is being disposed of by your body, usually through your kidneys. If you do not drink enough water to flush your kidneys you may damage them, perhaps permanently. I think that at least 2 liters is recommended per day. Don't add salt to your diet, that will help you lose some water weight right there. But be careful in hot weather if you are sweating a lot, you may need the salt. Looked up a site for you to get you started: freediet.com supposedly is a weight loss guide, and has tools and calculators that you can just plug in your weight, height and stuff and get the answers. Be safe!

Watkin Watkin
You probably hit puberty around then too. It's just the way they grew, you probably have a lot of muscle there too. And don't worry about your cellulite, I know some very very thin people who have quite a bit. People are built different, and I don't think your thighs actually look big at all. Maybe you're just built better than a lot of people. if you look at a lot of athletes, not the olympic runners, but sports playing athletes, you'll see their thighs are pretty big too. But if you do feel bad about them, you can always try running. That tends to aid in toning your legs. But don't worry, it's probably nothing you've done. Just the way your body developed.
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Sage Sage
lol, you know what? I have the same situation, only it's my freaking calf!! I dance a lot, so that's why they're so big. Sometimes I hate the fact that there are *sorry* fatter people who's got smaller calves. It makes me feel down. Anyway, a friend told me that you should run for thirty minutes top 3 days per week. Or, you can try swinging your legs, like when you're watching TV you don't need to sit on the sofa. You stand and then swing your leg one by one. It really works.
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Murdock Murdock
You've got a gorgeous figure. Just try drinking lots of water. I wouldn't say your hips were big at all so stop worrying. You look lovely
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Kendrick Kendrick
good i must be sincere. their slightly flabby, i imply reasonable factor all people's thighs jingle a wee bit however actually yours seem slightly clumpy. sorry. elephant crunches and lengthy walks might aid get them extra toned. once more, sorry.
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Hillary Hillary
nope, don't feel bad..it's because you have muscle in them. that's a good thing! i have the same problem...ive always had muscular legs from when i took gymnastics...it's just our leg shape, too. but yours are fine, really! be glad you don't have spaghetti legs lol.
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Hillary Originally Answered: Why wont my thighs wont get smaller?
run longer distances preferably flat terrain (hills = muscles), and eat balanced instead of taking protein supplements. also be sure to stretch after your run. do not expect results overnight. good luck.

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