how much time does it take for marijuana to leave the body?

how much time does it take for marijuana to leave the body? Topic: how much time does it take for marijuana to leave the body?
June 25, 2019 / By Careen
Question: i smoked two days ago.. took abt 7-8 hits.. it was only my second time smoking in my life.. and this wednesday (15) i have to get a physical.. and i want to know how long the weed will stay in m y body.. i need to get it out be4 my test... is there any way to get it out by then... btw im 15, 110, very low body fat, and am an active runner.... abt 4-5 miles a day... plz help!!
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Amie Amie | 7 days ago
They don't test your urine for drugs at a physical... but http://www.1stmarijuanagrowerspage.com/how-to-beat-drug-test.html if your worried
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Washington Washington
Are you being drug tested? Otherwise, theres no worry. The doctor will only find the Marijuana in your system if they are specifically testing for it. Otherwise, it takes an average of 10-14 days for Marijuana to leave the system and not show up on a drug test. Even the US military tests are only accurate for up to 3 weeks. Blood tests show for 3 days, urine for 10-14 days and hair samples show for up to 5 years. Thankfully, hair samples are rarely taken for drug testing. There are legal limits to how concentrated the THC needs to be for a positive result since many foods and medications along with supplements can show a false positive. You can reduce the concentration of your urine stream by heavily diluting. That means, drink enough water before the test so that your urine is very clear. Once you have diluted so that your urine looks like water, make sure you keep diluting until the test. When you urinate into the cup, the first and last parts of the stream are the most concentrated. So, pee a bit into the toilet, then the cup, then the toilet again. I won't tell you the details, but I and my husband have passed urine tests this way many times (our employers randomly drug test) as recently as this week,lol. We smoke pot fairly regularly.
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Ryley Ryley
Traces can stay in your body for up to three weeks, depending how much/often you took it. There is no fast way to get rid of it.
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Murdo Murdo
Ummm..drink a lot of water. Smoking is not a very good habit for anyone, but especially a 15-year-old. It will stunt your growth and kill brain cells that you need!
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Kendal Kendal
depends on how much and frequency of using....may stay 2-4 weeks,depeding on how much is stored in your fat....it is checked on most drug screens.....
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