What is wrong with my dog?

What is wrong with my dog? Topic: What is wrong with my dog?
July 17, 2019 / By Cara
Question: Hi, My dog is really weak and lethargic. She won't eat and sometimes pants, even though she drinks lots of water and my house is about 70 degrees. Shes not throwing up, but her poop is a bright orange color. Does anyone know what can be wrong with her? Shes been like this for about 4 days now. We took her to the vet 2 days ago and they just treated her for an eye infection, but the other symptoms she has, seems to be getting worse. I tried calling the vet back but they cant tell me anything over the phone, so i would have to take her back to the vet and pay a couple hundred dollars again that i dont have. If anyone knows what can be wrong with her please help!!
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Ami Ami | 5 days ago
Was she put on antibiotics for the infection or just eye drops? She could be having a sensitivity or reaction to the antibiotics or medicine she was given. Bright orange poop goes along with yellow/orange/pasty or light colored stool description, and often indicate a liver problem or rapid transit (small bowel) problem or perhaps the meds have irritated her digestive system and tummy. You might want to at least give the vet a call and ask if there could be a reaction from the meds she was given for the infection. Better yet, you may also want to look up the medication online for the potential side effects. Pets can have reactions to meds just like we can. Milk Thistle is very helpful and cleansing for the liver if you happen to have any on hand. If not, even Walmart carries it and it's not expensive. I keep it on hand for my own use for biliary problems and have given it to my dogs before. You might also give a tsp of Pepto Bismol and see if it helps any. It might coat her tummy enough and make her feel a little better. The panting may be from her feeling bad and possibly being in a little pain. She probably doesn't want to eat for that reason either. Good luck and hope it's nothing serious.
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Ami Originally Answered: Is this wrong of me?
You have true concerns as solids are something you dont want to go full on into, but gradually. Emphasise this to grandma and ask her what foods exactly has she got for her so that you can plan the baby's diet. If there are some that you dont want her to have yet, tell her what you want her to have for now and that you'll let her know when you have started the other foods. I have a simular situation where someone who cares for my 5mth old did the same. You do need to allow her as a grandparent to enjoy the 'fun' of buying baby food (its exciting for her too) and enjoy the feeding side of it too. All you need to do is get communication going. If you have given her fruit for the day; when you arrive tell grandma 'she's had fruit today'. If you would like to feed her something later other than her bottle, then please feed her vegetables'. Grandma is sure to oblidge with you allowing her to still feed her something. I also implement the rule that the baby must not be fed solids unless she drinks her whole bottle beforehand so that she still gets the milk she needs. At pickup time you can ask again 'what has she eaten/had to drink today etc'. Enjoy the exciting time of solids!

Warren Warren
Dog balls...the domestic dog's self-worth? Ha! The rattling matters are plastic and the animal will get no improvement from having them in his scrotum. The vet offered you a invoice of items so he might take advantage of your lack of know-how. And if it was once your inspiration to have them implanted he must have attempted to dissuade you. Dogs (chiefly puppies) haven't any inkling of what occurred within the vet's workplace besides he fell asleep and has a few suffering down by way of his penis. But he does believe much less competitive and now the mutt around the road does not appear to be such a lot of a danger to him. Go to him and feature the puppy dealt with for the irritation and swelling, in the event you nonetheless believe him. Good good fortune J
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Ryan Ryan
My lab was panting a lot,wouldnt eat or walk so we took her to the vet.They werent sure completely what was wrong but they guessed she was in pain& gave her pain pills and she got so much better.Now if she is ever panting a lot like that the vet said its okay to give her one baby aspirin..Idk if your dog has the same thing but my vet always tells me stuff over the phone you should call somewhere else !
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Murdanie Murdanie
i would go to a diffrent vet. I dont understand how they could say all the symptons where caused by an eye infection. If it were me i wouldnt give more of my money to someone that didnt do right the first time. I wish i could help u and am so sorry your dog is sick. I wish u the best
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Murdanie Originally Answered: Something is seriously wrong with this dog?
Benedryl can be given to dogs but the dose is much smaller than that in humans. The best option is to call your veterinarian to assure that you are giving the correct dose. The usual standard to 1mg/pound but make sure that you have an accurate weight on your dog before dosing. Also, some pills cannot be split small enough for some of the small breeds such as Jack Russel mixes. Benedryl doesn't have the same sleepy effect that is has on humans as it does when used on dogs but still be aware that your dog is on medication that can subdue them and should be monitored for any abnormal signs. A guess as to what might be going on with your dog is Flea Allergy Dermatitis. How it presents in dogs is usually severe itching with a self-inflicted secondary infection. Dogs with Flea Allergy Dermatitis are more allergic to the saliva of the flea and therefore itch themselves ad nausem. All of this itching can lead to a secondary infection such as a staff infection on their undersides. Symptoms to look for include loss of fur especially around the base of the tail or the hind legs, hot spots (hair loss areas) from itching and any sort of sores developing from itching. You may not even think that you have a flea problem in the home but the reason for this is that the fleas aren't biting you they are all moving in on your dog. The secondary infection will need to be treated with an antibiotic that your vet can furnish you with but the at-home flea problem is harder to conquer. The first step would be to get your dog on a quality flea-preventative. Consider something oral rather than topical. A lot of the topical medications wear off quickly and aren't necessarily as water-proof as you would like them to be. Comfortis is a fantastic oral flea medication but it is also expensive. Sentinel is another great product and it also covers heartworms (but make sure you aren't double dosing by giving another heartworm preventative simultaneously. But don't worry about this too much since all of these medications require a prescription so your vet can help you choose the best option for your pup) Unfortunately the flea still has to bite the dog in order to die so you won't see a halt in itching immediately but over time the medication will kill off all of the active adult fleas. The second step is to kill the fleas in your home. It is really hard to break the life cycle of fleas because before they become mature adults they can lie dormant for months, even years, so if you really think that you have a flea problem consider a professional flea bombing for your home. This is just what came to mind for me but use a flea comb on your dog to see if I am at all on target : ) It can't hurt! Good Luck!

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