Opinions about Canidae dry dog food?

Opinions about Canidae dry dog food? Topic: Opinions about Canidae dry dog food?
July 17, 2019 / By Candis
Question: OK, so after some hard research I have decided to put my Boxer on Canidae All Life Stages dry dog food. So far so good and I have mixed it with his food he was eating before and he seems to love it. I checked out this food on http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ and the food was good and recommended. I was also pleased to see that for a good dog food it was only $3 extra from what I was feeding him which was Eagle Pack Natural, not holistic. The eagle pack was rated a 2 start food and has corn as a filler in it so I have taken him off that crap. I wanted to know good/bad opinions about Canidae food. Please do not suggested another brand as I have made my mindup about this one and he's already started on it. Thanks. OK, let me rephrase my question here - I am wanting to know others experience of using this foog - any good/bad experience.
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Ambrosia Ambrosia | 10 days ago
Canidae dog food is a high quality dog food that has been around for years. I like it because it is organic. It doesn't contain the fillers or corn and wheat flour that many dogs are allergic to, instead it contains brown rice. A couple of my dogs have allergies and have had no problems with Canidae. The reason it's not that expensive, is because the other dog food companies know that their brands are easier to get sometimes, vets carry their brands, etc.. So they know they can charge more for their food knowing people will pay for it if it's more convenient to buy. Where I live, Canidae is actually cheaper than other brands like Science Diet. My dogs love the food. They see it almost like a treat. The only bad thing is that they don't have a puppy food. Just one stage for all ages, except for they do have a "Platinum" version for older dogs. All of my dogs have done well on the dog food. It is very rich though, so if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, you may not want to give them as much. I recommend the dog food. Best of luck. Hope I helped.
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Ambrosia Originally Answered: Canidae dog food???? What is really going on????
That Consumer Affair website is so full of misinformation. Canidae was not recalled, it did not have Acetaminophen in it.. All those ridiculous claims were proven to be false.. It's fine.. They have changed their formula and increased the meat.. SO if your dog gets diarrhea, then it's just because you didn't change over from old to new slowly. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with Canidae.. I have 8 dogs, and have been feeding it nearly 2 years without problem.

Walt Walt
I don't see anything bad in the ingredients but the protein and fat content is a little on the low side. I don't like to feed anything lower than 26% protein. The calorie content is good at 1875k cal/lb. I am not a big fan of the dog food analysis site. Many of their criteria are either flawed or unimportant. I don't think they recommend any bad foods but their rating system is set up to recommend against many very good foods for reasons that make no difference to all but a few dogs with allergies or other conditions. Canidae recently changed their recipe on some of their foods. Some dogs didn't react well to the change. I don't know if this was anything more than those dogs being sensitive to any change or something more serious. The only thing you need to be concerned about is how your dog handles his food, not what someone on a web site says.
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Rudyard Rudyard
My daughter is obsessed with the different quality of dog foods - she works at a pet food store and has to recommend foods to people every day. She has narrowed it down to only a few that are one of the ones she regularly recommends. Canidae is one of them. She won't recommend Eukenuba, or Iams, or purina anything. I read the reviews, it looks like a really good quality food. Actually, I feed my senior dogs the Super5 Senior by Wellness but after reading the Canidae reviews, I may switch them to get rid of some of the filler in their diet (they're getting a bit chunky lately!)
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Morty Morty
Canidae is a great dog food I personally feed Blue Buffalo though. It is rated 6 stars on dog food analysis and it is a great food for not as much buck. But Canidae is a great food nonetheless.
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Kelley Kelley
I use Felidae for my cat, which is the same brand as your Canidae, just for cats. I found it to have the least amount of fillers & seems to be one of the best foods on the market. I told my vet thats what i feed Phantom & he said it was good stuff. I'm sure Canidae is just as good as the feline variety, it's the same brand!
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Herman Herman
you made a good choice be giving your dog canidae, thats what i feed my dog. it might be a few bucks extra but, it realy does make a diffrence. canidae was suggested to me by the person i got my pup from 2 years ago and im still feeding him canidae to this day, stay on canidae youll see the help in his furr, teeth and strength.
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Ellgar Ellgar
Canidae is a great food, no crap in it- I prefer grain free foods, but Canidae is really good too, even though it has grains! It's healthy and if it works for yoru dog, keep 'em on it!
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Christian Christian
I have never had luck with Canidae. Before they changed their formula, every dog I tried it on got super fat and had "soft serve ice cream" poops even after a nice long adjustment time. It just seemed to cause a chronic, mild tummy upset with all my dogs. After they changed the formula, that seems to have gotten worse. I personally haven't used it since the formula changed, but I have many friends who have and they all report that same weight gain and stools that never seem to tighten up just right. That loose stool really does tell a mild upset stomach story. That's my experience with it. (I personally feed Solid Gold or Wellness or Taste of the Wild.)
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Ambrose Ambrose
Canidae is an excellent brand of food! I'm glad that you've chosen such a high quality diet for your boxer and that you'll be sticking to it. :) Best of luck!
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Ambrose Originally Answered: Has anyone ever had any bad experiences with Nature's Variety Raw Instinct or Canidae dog food?
Nature's Variety (Raw Instinct) and Canidae are both good products. Both are sold at the doggie daycare where I work. Raw Instinct kibble has tapioca in it rather than grains (rice, oats, etc) and is basted with raw meat juices. I'd had my 3 dachshunds on Canidae (doing fine) but decided to try the Raw Instinct as one of them (Samson) has had chronic problems with grass allergies, diarrhea, even HGE in the past. After doing my research, I thought that perhaps the grain free product might be even better for him. I did do a gradual switch over the period of 7-8 days. All three absolutely loved the food. Once they were on 100% Raw Instinct however, Samson had a two-day bout of diarrhea and I ended up (after the water, chicken & rice etc diet) putting him back on Canidae. The other two had no problems with the Raw Instinct and finished off the 20# bag, then they went back on Canidae as well. In our case, I learned that if it ain't broke don't fix it. And it's easier to have just one product in the house that serves for all three dogs. I still believe Raw Instinct is a good product, it was just not right for Sam and his funny tummy. We have many customers who swear by it for their pets.

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