Question about firming up a dogs poop..?

Question about firming up a dogs poop..? Topic: Question about firming up a dogs poop..?
June 25, 2019 / By Cameo
Question: I here all of the time that plain canned pumpkin works wonders for firming up dog's poop BUT my dog absolutely refuses to eat it. I was wondering if it would work just as good if mixed with a little bit of her canned dog food or regular dog food or something? She doesn't have diarrhea or anything, it's just a little bit too soft every now and then. Also, the only canned pumpkin at the store here comes in a pretty big can. What would be the best way to store it and how long will it keep after it has been opened? She doesn't get soft poop all of the time, maybe just like a couple times a month. I don't feed her ANY human food and I don't even own a bag of treats. Right now she's on a dehydrated raw food with no fillers, the ingredients consist of meat and organs and that's about it. She has also had her stool tested and vet says nothing came up, says she's in perfect health. Yes I usually give her raw bones a few times a week and she gets chicken necks/wings quite often (she's a small dog). I believe some of her food may have ground raw bone too. @ Elizabeth - I've tried fat free yogurt a long time ago and it worked great. A lot of people told me they give yogurt often even when their dogs poop is fine just to help keep it that way and because of the health benefits. My vet also said before that it's a good thing to give. How much yogurt should I give her and how often? She is about 4 years old and around 7-8 pounds. She gets 25-40 minute walks/run a day.
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Alyssa Alyssa | 10 days ago
Try mixing equal parts of vanilla or plain yogurt and plain can pumpkin together with a little cinnamon mixed in you can freeze this or give as is as a treat. I suggest you don't feed her any chicken bones my dog almost died from eating chicken bones because I used to think it was ok not anymore. I also would try and give her diatomaceous earth food grade powder in her food daily if you feed her a raw diet it will kill and prevent parasites and other pest internally and externally naturally and its non toxic !
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Alyssa Originally Answered: why does my dog eat other dogs poop?
Its because he is lacking in some sort of nutrient. Maybe switch his dog food to a better quality dog food Heres a list of known great quality dog food: Artemis Natural Balance California Natural Evo Innova blue buffalo Wellness Merrick Nature's Variety Timberwolf Pinnacle Eagle Pack These are great dog food choices. Most of these dog foods are not found at Petco or Petsmart, so your going to have to go to another pet store to find these. Although Blue Buffalo is sold at i think Petsmart, and that is pretty good dog food. Also a good trick to keep the dog from eating its poop is to stick some pineapple juice in his food. When it comes out, your dog wont find his poop very appetizing

Vince Vince
Stop giving him the bones. What type of dog? How much does it weight? 2 cups of Natural Balance dog food for a 6 month old puppy is way too much food! That's probably why he's having soft poops. My dog just turned 1 year old, is 77 pounds and is very active. . I feed him 3 cups/day of Blue Buffalo dog food, in two feedings. Cut the amount of food you're feeding back to the amount you used to feed. You can add a little boiled rice or canned pumpkin (pumpkin without the seasonings) to his food until things are back to normal
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Roy Roy
Thanks for elaborating on her diet! Dogs don't generally have soft stool if they stay on a well balanced diet that doesn't change much. Dietary changes, intestinal parasites, and protozoan or bacterial infections plus toxins in the food can cause looser stools. Make sure your dog is on heartworm preventative that deworms the dog every month (a negative stool check doesnt mean there are no worms, just that there are no worm EGGS) and stop feeding raw bones or raw food of any kind. Raw foods can contain bacteria and parasites that are harmful to the gut, and raw foods do not have the health benefits over cooked foods that some afficionados claim. The argument that dogs naturally ate raw prey does not defend feeding chicken beef or other meats raised for human consumption because chickens and cattle raised in farm situations are not nutritionally similar to mice, rats, rabbits, small mammals, small birds, etc that a dog sized carnivore would consume in the wild. If she is on a good quality dog food, she doesn't need bones of any kind, calcium imbalance is quite rare. One last note: pumpkin doesn't usually firm up stool, it is usually used to increase the quantitiy of the stool and increase the water content of the stool in constipation situations.
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Mordred Mordred
I had a puppy that had what I called "pudding poos". Normal frequency, not smelly or off color, just mushy rather than firm. Adding calcium and probiotics in the form of plain, cultured yogurt worked best for us. Add a spoonful to each meal. You didn't mention her age, weight or diet. There may be a reason for the soft poops, and the clue in one of the following. Causes for soft poop now and then: Overeating Eating fatty foods Drinking or exercising a lot Parasites antibiotics or medications for parasites Hopefully the yogurt will solve the problem for you.
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Keegan Keegan
If she's pooping too soft all the time you need to address her diet. I always endorse a natural rearing regime which, in my experience, has always addressed this problem to the satisfaction of everyone. Plus you get much better poos than those dogs fed on commercial food with unnecessary fillers, etc.
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Heck Heck
Starting at 7 weeks, I take puppies out in public places including carpeted floors. I can't afford soft stools. 1 Continue the breeder's food. 2 Have the vet do a fecal check. 3 As mentioned, don't over feed. http://www.longliveyourdog.com/twoplus/R... Canned pumpkin is treating the symptoms. It doesn't correct the problem.
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Eliphalet Eliphalet
if its soft you need to make sure your not feeding your dog to much human food or treats if you feed him or her the proper food and right amount this will not happen!
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Eliphalet Originally Answered: Why do dogs eat their poop?
I had Poms also...cute little critters aren't they? Generally, a dog eats its own (or a cat's) poop because it is lacking some nutrient in its diet, or is not absorbing a nutrient in its diet. Or, it is not fully digesting its poop so the "aroma" of edible food is still prevalent. While this is not generally a need for concern, its not the healthiest thing. After 7 years, it may be nigh on impossible to break them of this, but try this: Supplement their food with a little Metimucil (or other pysillium husk product) and some doggie vitamins. The psyllium helps the digestive tract absorb more nutrients, and if it is a nutrient craving (rather than just Pom behavior) these will help this issue big time. This will also help with any odor they find appealing. Many dog owners have laced their dog's food with cayenne (don't overdo it!) or Indian-based spices (curry, masala) to make their poop less appealing for eating on. Good luck. I was able to break one of my Pom's from doing this, the other one danced to her own tune.

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