my friend drinks diet soda all her life?

my friend drinks diet soda all her life? Topic: my friend drinks diet soda all her life?
July 17, 2019 / By Camellia
Question: my friend drinks store brand diet cola everyday of her life. and she drinks alot of cups of it and she has been drinking it since she was little. how bad is it that she is drinking it this long? how bad is diet cola? im asking this becuase she is concerned about her health and she told me too and im concerned about her!
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Alyson Alyson | 9 days ago
Any type of soda is HORRIBLE! tell her she needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day, 16 glasses if i were her. Diet coke has all kinds of artificial flavors and colors, if it can take the rust off of a bicycle what do you think it's doing to your body? She needs to drink water, and take a vitamin daily, no soda period, diet or not all of it is bad! If she just has to have it tell her to buy natural/organic fruit soda, and only a couple a week. It will make her feel a TON better, and she won't be bloated all of the time, (i'm guessing she is) that much soda will kill you! Good luck to your friend!
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Alyson Originally Answered: I've stopped drinking soda/sugar drinks/caffeinated drinks, had some, now I feel sick?
My wife quit drinking diet sodas and watched what she ate and lost 60 lbs. I like the new old figure.
Alyson Originally Answered: I've stopped drinking soda/sugar drinks/caffeinated drinks, had some, now I feel sick?
It matters how long you went with out sugar but sense you got sick I'm going to assume a while. Your body isn't use to sugar anymore and adding it back, especially if in an extreme, can cause sickness. The same thing happen to me only I don't meat accidental ate meat and got really sick. it's all because of the body reacting to a "new" substance. it's nothing to really worry about unless you start throwing up a lot. If you continue to feel bad for another two days I would see your doctor. in some extreme cases it can turn to an allergic reaction.

Vin Vin
one soda is bad for you two if u r young like 17 18 diet soda is even worse for you it has so many chemicals and 17 and under people avoid dien soda
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Rowley Rowley
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Rowley Originally Answered: Why are diet soda or drinks bad for you?
http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/caution-some-soft-drinks-may-seriously-harm-your-health-450593.html http://health.yahoo.com/experts/eatthis/22630/the-truth-about-diet-soda/ The underlying problem with diet soda is the chemicals the manufacturers add in them. Combine this with their intelligent marketing strategies aimed towards gullible target markets, and you are left with millions of people drinking large amounts of diet soda. Pretty soon though, a whole bunch of medical problems start showing up in these people. At first it leaves them with a feeling of shock and disbelief, due to their regular consumption of 'healthy' soda. Only when some serious problem arises in their bodies do they realize that the answer to the question 'Is diet soda bad for you?' is a resounding yes. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/is-diet-soda-bad-for-you.html

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