coconut oil and apple cider vinegar internally?

coconut oil and apple cider vinegar internally? Topic: coconut oil and apple cider vinegar internally?
June 25, 2019 / By Caitlyn
Question: I started ingesting both coconut oil (3x tablespoons a day at first, then noticed my face was getting awfully greasy so went down to 2x tablespoons a day). I also ingest Apple Cider Vinegar (3x a day; 2 tbsp in 8oz. water), but anyway, I have noticed my acne isn't getting any better even though I take the ACV daily, and I've lowered the amount of coconut oil I take. It's not bad at all, a few flare ups here and there.. but I want it gone. Should I lower the amount of Coconut oil I'm taking, or just stop taking it internally? i'm just taking them for the health benefits, including the keratosis pilaris on my thighs (which it's helped dramatically). yeah, i'm taking the organic, unrefined kind.
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Alva Alva | 9 days ago
I take coconut oil, flax oil, fish oil, and eat lots of raw butter, and my face is acne free! Coconut oil can not cause acne. "This simple answer to the question "does coconut oil cause acne" is "No"." http://www.acnesquad.com/does-coconut-oi... What you need to do is Apply the coconut oil topically. You can also try Honey[kills bacteria, some honey can even kill MRSA!] or Tea Tree Oil. Acne is often cause by diet,.. Add Acidopholus, Fish Oil/ Omega 3's, Lots of water Cut out sugar Be careful of that much Apple Cider Vinegar it is very acidic and over time can your acidity level go up. You may want to look into taking baking soda with it to counter the vinegar. And make sure you are using a good brand like Braggs. Cheap grocery store brands are much more acidic than the good stuff.
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Alva Originally Answered: Somebody says apple cider vinegar...?
Actually, Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing product! http://altmedicine.about.com/od/applecid... http://www.webmd.com/diet/apple-cider-vi... http://www.bragg.com/FAQ/faq_applecider.... I use it sometimes instead of balsamic.
Alva Originally Answered: Somebody says apple cider vinegar...?
For goodness' sake, go to the doctor. Apple cider vinegar is just a very healthy food additive. The only conclusive evidence of any medical benefit from it is that it has minor benefits to those with diabetes. It will NOT help you lose any significant amount of fat. Detox pills, and detoxification and cleansing in general, are neither useful nor necessary unless you have had long-term narcotic use or are chronically constipated. Detoxification and cleansing has no proven medical benefits for the average person whatsoever. It will NOT help you lose any significant amount of fat. Your intestines are clean unless you use large amounts of muscle relaxers, or have serious gastro-intestinal illness. The only thing that will help you lose weight is a healthy lifestyle that consists of a proper diet and frequent exercise.

Vance Vance
I take both at times as well. Are you talking the extra virgan coconut oil and the raw organic apple cider vinegar. If you are not taking the organic version this might be why you are having problems.
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Ron Ron
I wonder what health conditions you are concerned about. Do you have a health problem or are you just looking to have a healthy life style? If you are looking for a healthy life style then eat a balanced diet with five to seven servings of fruits and veggies daily using more veggies than fruits, more raw than cooked veggies. Limit processed foods with white sugars and flours opting instead for whole grains. Get more of your proteins and iron from vegetable products and less from animal products, limit your consumption of red meats. Drink lots of water and some tea (green, white and red teas are better than black but black is still a good source of antioxidants) Limit sugars and fats. Get moderate exercise 3 to 5 times per week, do not drink alcohol excessively, do not smoke or use drugs, meditate or practice some form of relaxation daily. Health is a lifestyle not a single substance. Good luck.
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Ron Originally Answered: Apple Cider Vinegar sores?
well I am not sure if vinegar can cause a healing crisis or cleanse much but the skin is the place the body dumps toxins if the elimination organs are not clean. I think maybe a colon cleanse might help. I would recommend Dr Schulze intestinal cleanse #1 and #2 Also it is unsafe to consume or put on the skin commercial vinegar. I highly recommend switching to braggs. It is not that much more expensive for the small amounts one is consuming. You may not be interested in this but I once read through over a dozen pages at a forum for acne about people using urine for acne with good success (mainly externally though some also did internally). It was very interesting and I only wish I had the link for you but maybe with some searching you can find it if that is of interest to you. Many were reluctant to try it at first but seeing the experiments and results others were getting tried it and also had good results on their skin and acne. Oh my now that I think about it I just read somewhere that citrus juices push the toxins through the skin faster and this can cause a reaction like itching and stuff so maybe it is the citrus that is doing it or contributing or that specific combination. Maybe try it with raw honey or sea salt instead of citrus Maybe you could try herbpharms herbal ed's salve for the sores http://herb-pharm.com/index.php?action=v...

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