which weight loss belt to use?

which weight loss belt to use? Topic: which weight loss belt to use?
July 17, 2019 / By Caelie
Question: ive been doing a little research and i would like to know which weight loss belt is better. the flex belt or contour abs? ive seen alot the flex belt is better but does it actually work?
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Alma Alma | 5 days ago
They're both a waste of money. They don't work. The intensity of the contraction from the belts aren't strong enough to do any good unless your are practically paralyzed. There are no short cuts, unfortunately. Planks, side planks, bicycles, and hanging knee raises will all tone your abs for real. http://www.free-ab-workout.com/best-core-exercises.html
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Alma Originally Answered: which weight loss belt to use?
I used the flex belt. I didn't really do anything as far as fat loss/weight loss or muscle tone, but it works great to relax sore muscles, similar to the ultrasound a chiropractor uses. As much as we want a fast fix, the only real way to get healthy and thereby look healthy (aka skinny/muscular) is to eat right and exercise.

Uzziel Uzziel
drink 3 cups of green tea in 24 hours researchers say it can increase energy expenditure by 106 calories
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Rolly Rolly
if you re having trouble getting started make a small move such as starting an eating log or buying walking shoes you re three times more likely to follow through if you start with small gestures such as these
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Millard Millard
fresh herbs can really zing up a healthy meal try growing some in the kitchen using a strawberry pot preserve the flavor by adding fresh herbs at the end of the cooking process
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Millard Originally Answered: a good weight loss belt pls help?
The Flex Belt is all over the airwaves these days. Rest assured none of them work. They have been around in some shape or form for over 60 years. If they worked, why are 2/3 of US adults overweight? Flex Belt likes to advertise their product as "FDA cleared". That means it compares to a product previously approved by the Food and Drug Administration. I am sure they are referring to the old vibrating machines so popular in the 60's. Slick advertising. Spend your money in the produce department to get some value for it.

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