How can i lose weight after my holidays?

How can i lose weight after my holidays? Topic: How can i lose weight after my holidays?
July 17, 2019 / By Cady
Question: So basically on holidays i get lots of treats and get to relax for a week but when i come back i'd like to lose weight since i'm an overweight teen with not much friends it brings me down alot and i'm wondering if anyone has some good top tips and what i should be eating with some good plans and workouts it would mean alot and i'll be giving 10 points for best answer xxx NOTE:i am a teen and i'm not going to take stupid acai or whatever pills you'd like to advertise!
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Allyson Allyson | 4 days ago
Weight loss is an overall process and there are no magic answers. Pay no attention to weight loss supplements and pills and all the latest fads. You need to think about many factors but most of them are related to issues we've known about for a very long time. There are many sensible things you can do that will make a tremendous difference over the long term if you need to lose weight. It can be done in a healthy way. This is what has worked for me. Keeping a food journal really does help. It will give you a much better sense of how much you are eating, and when, and why. Make a few additional small changes - walk everywhere, always use stairs instead of elevators, walk on escalators, get up and move around at least once an hour if your work or your life in general is sedentary, walk every day, use a pedometer. Walking 10,000 steps a day is a really good idea. Build up to a long brisk walk everyday, or most days. Be more active and watch less TV and spend less time on the computer. Buy one piece of exercise equipment to have at home and be strict with yourself about using it. Sometimes you can find mini-steppers or exercise bikes at second hand stores and thrift stores for just a few dollars. Start a weight lifting routine. Join a gym. Possibly you can find one that has someone who specializes in weight lifting programs for beginners. Weight lifting will increase your metabolism as well as improve posture and appearance overall. Even if you can't get to the gym you can work out at home using things around the house. Invest in a good weight training book. The Dummies series actually has a good one. In terms of diet, cut out or reduce things like junk food, pop, fat, fast food. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish. Particularly if you choose a vegetarian lifestyle include natural peanut butter, hummus, dried fruit and nuts. Pay close attention to getting the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. Make your portion sizes smaller. Use a smaller plate - in our society we have become accustomed to thinking that we need a large plate of food at every meal, and we don't. About quarter of your plate of food should be protein and at least half of it should be veggies. Learn to count calories. At your current weight and activity level, you may possibly need about 2000 calories or more to maintain your current weight. So you will lose weight at a reasonable and healthy rate if you cut back to about 1600 or 1700 calories a day. Eat small amounts frequently, rather than three large meals. Never skip breakfast. Include some protein in your breakfast. It will help get you through the day. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 big glasses of water a day, and more if it is very hot, if you sweat a lot, or if you are exercising intensely, and eliminate fruit juices. Fruit juices have too many calories, so get your vitamins from fresh fruit, not the juice. You will begin to see changes in your body. Vary your routines. Don't eat the same number of calories every day (vary your calories from 1400 a day to 1900 or 2000 some days), eat a variety of foods, and do different kinds and amounts of exercise. You will lose weight much more efficiently if you mix things up from time to time so that your body doesn't adjust to any one routine. An area that many people overlook is getting enough sleep. You are much more likely to overeat or to binge eat if you are tired and not well rested, so get enough sleep. Check out websites about nutrition, exercise, weight training, etc.
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Allyson Originally Answered: DIETING.My doctor says I need to lose weight before surgery in Feb. '08. Great timing with the Holidays!
Here’s all you need to lose weight all over, look good, and get really healthy. First, you have to realize there is no quick, long lasting weight loss plan or pill that is going to do the trick. It’s purely mental. You have to learn to “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, if you understand that you are going to be reprogramming how you think about eating for the next few weeks. Old habits die hard, right? Not really. You get rid of bad habits by replacing them with good habits. If you learn to count your calories, keep calorie intake lower than output, exercise moderately, and eat only healthy food, you will lose weight. That’s a fact. All it takes is repetition. All success stories have this in common: The successful folks among us know how to be patient, persistent, and consistent. Set a goal, write it down, and stick with it. The benefits of feeling good will outweigh any sense of sacrifice you might feel about having to push away that cake and ice cream. Here are some helpful and healthy links to help you get started on your way: http://www.geocities.com/seabulls69/weig... http://www.chetday.com http://www.drmcdougall.com http://www.bodybuilding.com http://www.calorieking.com/ http://www.bysoft.com/download.php

Uzziah Uzziah
I have been through it all and know what's it about. The main thing is to stick in there. You can't be an addict to food and never exercise if you want to live a healthy life and keep the weight off. I've worked out, done every diet, and all types of classes. Nothing works, besides dedication and intelligence towards the subject of losing weight. First, depending on how much weight you need to lose, your diet is the first concern. You can't eat 10,000 calories a day and expect the weight to come off, even if you are exercising a lot. Which brings us to the next thing. Duh, Exercising... This is a must especially if you need to a lot of weight. Get at least 30 mins of some good hardcore exercising. Do some cardio, in the long run, it's good for the heart. However, I find the most hardest part of losing weight/keeping it off, in my diet. It's so hard to keep your fingers out of the cookie jar or those chocolate goodies. I've found a great addition to help any one out, it's a natural weight loss supplement called Proactol. Now don't get all crazy on me and say diet pills don't work. That is true, but not in this case. This one isn't meant to burn pounds while you sit on the couch. It's an appetite suppressant, along with being a fat binder. I saved money on the pills at theweightlossplace.com along with getting some good info. It basically makes those fingers not go towards the cookie jar. For me it's the best pill I've tried and I've tried cupboards full. Now this doesn't mean you have to follow my foot steps but I've successfully lost roughly 70 pounds and keeping it off til this day. Well good luck and remember what I said, Dedicate.
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Rollo Rollo
I observed the guide to be very informative and effortless to learn. I've misplaced 17 kilos in 12 days, I'm simply involved that I'm wasting an excessive amount of weight, too rapidly. I will admit I have not adopted the advisor precisely. I'm no longer sticking flawlessly to the indexed meals and meal plans (however most of the time) and doing little or no recreation, however the weight maintains flying off. It certainly works and if I'd adopted it precisely I consider it might scare the residing daylights out of me on the grounds that of the quantity that I'd lose. So thank you once more for the know-how. I've by no means bought some thing like this earlier than on the grounds that they're regularly filled with trash, however 3WD has been a exceptional shock. Get began at present!
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Milford Milford
Put a two litre water bottle and a glass on your desk just about every morning. Get through it by means of lunch, and do the same in the afternoon. You’ll exercise better and recover faster if you’re hydrated. I drink some water when someone asks me a ridiculous question or sends a foolish email... find something that works in your case!
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Kade Kade
Laziness is not a bodily disease, but a mental a single. Make it easier for one's body to burn those extra calories by parking the car a little further away from your destination or take the stairs as opposed to the elevator.
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Kade Originally Answered: How do I lose the 10 pounds I have gained over the Holidays?
In order to loss weight, you will need to find the root cause on your weight gain. Once you find out the root cause, you will be able to come out a weight loss plan that able to help to reduce your weight. Only with a realistic weight loss plan, you will be able to achieve it easily. In order to have ideal weight. few things to take note. Diet - Try to have plenty of starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, - Aim to have five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables daily - Use a moderate amount of dairy prod Physical Activity Getting active is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep fit. There are all sorts of activities and sports that can get you moving and aid weight loss. Calories and Weight A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week you will need to expend 3500 more calories than you eat that week, whether through increased activity or decreased eating or both. Losing 1-2 pounds of fat a week is a sensible goal

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