This is really starting to piss me off?

This is really starting to piss me off? Topic: This is really starting to piss me off?
July 17, 2019 / By Bunny
Question: I'm training for a marathon and my speed has been increased to 14km/hr. I'm a 17 year old fairly thin male. The world record is approximately 2 hours which means the guy was running at 21km/hr! How the hell does someone do this!? Is there anyway to increase my speed drastically? I have radically changed my diet and whatnot but there's not way I can reach 21km/hr for a distance of 42km. My speed for 35km is 14km/hr which is impressive but far from being #1! Any suggestions for improving endurance?
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Alline Alline | 9 days ago
Endurance is gained over time, but also by pushing your muscles. If you want your body really toned, you have to build your muscles not just by running. Have you done any bike riding? Or perhaps swimming laps (but that works more than just your legs). If you only do running/jogging/ect, your muscles get used to it. Also, how you are built matters. While your speed sounds fairly impressive (but then again I am terribly lazy) to me, it has been found that the best runners have more of their height in their legs than their torsos. Think of it like stilts as compared to a normal person; a (veteran) stilts-user can cover more ground than someone walking normally, because their stride is longer. Also, you're 17. Your body is still growing; the record is probably held by a fully-developed adult who has been training for many years. Take it easy on yourself, and be proud of what you CAN do, not disappointed in what you CAN'T (yet).
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Eating meat is your choice, many people do not want to propagate death to eat. I am a vegetarian because of a food allergy and get many angry folks ridiculing me because I don't eat dead animals for lunch. One day we may as a civilization look back though history and exclaim " can you believe people used to eat flesh in the 21st century...what barbarians". Its all about presentism and social acceptance. Just ignore them you can have a very healthy diet without meat and avoid all those things like high cholesterol and massive heart attacks. Great Question, Bonservant

Uzal Uzal
Sorry to be a downer, but some people are just naturally gifted at certain things. He probably has the PERFECT body for running and everything. All I can say is keep training and be patient. If you are healthy, you can accomplish many things! You are doing well. When you first started running, did you ever think you would get this good? You have improved, and you still have room for improvement!! <3 Good luck!
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Rodney Rodney
Youve been in a relationship for along time, which is probably why you could be on the fence of if you should break up with him or not because there is history there. But i know that if i were you , the best thing is to break up with him. A boyfriend shouldn't insult you on your hair or point out the latest pimples or be rude/disrespectful to family members especially, and who would respect someone who gets drunk almost every night?..A boyfriend is someone who should support you and make you feel comfortable and make you feel beautiful and help your self-esteem. They should be the one you can talk to or be a shoulder to lean on. I think that the best way as i mentioned earlier is to break up with him. Maybe you breaking up with him will be a wake up call to him if he he is using drugs or something of the sort and that will influence him to change how hes been acting of late. Maybe tell him youll still be friends with him if he gets his act together. But breaking up could be the first step needed to help him get himself together and put less frustration of the relationship on you.
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Mike Mike
Wrong category, this is beauty & style. This should be in sports or health. And, try protein bars, milk, and veggies.
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Mike Originally Answered: I am starting to get fat. What do I do?
Go to Planet Fitness if you wanna do the gym thing. Very cheap, always open and can go to any branch so there is no excuse not to work out. You can do light-moderate cardio at long intervals if your looking just to slim down a little. It helps to know what your activity level is before you make this change. If you already have a high energy exertion job for example, then you might need to do higher intensity work outs to see any results. Also walking alot if you can. Walk to places you might drive if the weather permits. Try small changes first and see if that works. Dont jump in head first to any drastic routine that you will be forced to keep up or increase. Take small steps until you find what works, again, if you are just trying to slim down a bit. As far as food, high protein. Maybe lower carb intake if you eat alot of those. Get plenty of fiber and vegetables for nutrients. Your body needs good fuel to function well at the gym or anywhere for that matter.

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