when going out what are some low fat- LOW CARB foods to eat?

when going out what are some low fat- LOW CARB foods to eat? Topic: when going out what are some low fat- LOW CARB foods to eat?
June 25, 2019 / By Bryanne
Question: im 5'4 109 and need to lose weight.. so what foods to eat and wht foods to steer clear from when goign out to eat?
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Alleen Alleen | 6 days ago
I follow the slimming world plan. Where some days I'll eat high carb or some days I'll eat low carb. On low carb days steer clear of High carb foods such as bread,cereal and potatoes. Low carb foods include Chicken:- steak pork gammon fish-all fish All fruit All vegetables except parsnips,potato,sweetcorn. If I'm eating out I'll have a mixed grill with a salad or vegetables :) Steer clear of any processed foods too. HTH. Just converted your weight though and you don't need to lose anymore weight!! Your only 7st 4lb!!
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Alleen Originally Answered: What are some low carb foods and is low carb the best way to go on a diet?
Low carb diets do seem to be a successful way to lose weight if you can stick with them. Low carb foods are usually foods with a low glycemic index. This means, they they don't increase your blood sugar. High blood sugar is a surefire way to increase hunger. No carb foods: Meats (Fish, Poultry (remove the skin), Beef, Pork, etc.) Low carb foods: Pretty much anything that doesn't contain grains/flour or sugar. Although there are plenty of exceptions. :) Both Atkins and South Beach have massive lists of acceptable foods for all of their phases. These lists are a great guideline even if you don't want to follow either diet. If you do end up going with a low carb diet plan, I'd suggest South Beach over Atkins. It's a tad bit more lenient. Especially after induction. The best non-mechanized lower back exercises I've encountered are yoga poses or physical therapy strengthening exercises. Here are a couple: Physical Therapy 1 1) Lie on back, left knee bent. 2) Tighten abdominals and buttocks, keeping back in neutral position. 3) Raise right leg 12 inches, knee straight. 4) Hold 3 counts 5) Lower leg. Repeat 10 times. Progress to making circles and squares with raised leg. =-=-=-=-= Yoga 1 1) Lie on your back. 2) Bend your knees, placing feet flat on the ground. Inhale. 3) Raise your right leg up. 4) Exhaling, place your hands around the shin. If that is not possible place your hands around your thighs. 5) Hold for a few seconds. Hope this helps! Good luck!
Alleen Originally Answered: What are some low carb foods and is low carb the best way to go on a diet?
Ami P, You're in luck. I think I have some information that can help with both of your questions. First, I am a Type 2 Diabetic so I really have to reduce carbs, and my doctor always wants me to lose some more weight. I have chosen to do what you are contemplating myself, which is to just try to limit carbs by limiting what I eat. I've included a link to a website that I maintain that does reviews of sugar free and low carb snacks and drinks. As a whole, it will arm you with a few more options when you're in the store. Second, I have also had lower back problems for years. I have a friend who is a physical therapist and he told me about the best exercise I have ever used to strengthen the lower back. The way it is performed is to lay flat on your belly with your legs straight out and your arms lifted above your head. Slowly lift to about 3 inches your opposite arm and leg. Left arm, right leg, then right arm left leg. Be careful and don't overdo it at first. It seems like a simple exercise, but is very effective. If you have a current back injury let that heal the best you can before starting. Hope this helps! The Glucoholic

Utai Utai
Eat chicken and fish, they are high protein/low carb. Drink milk and protein shakes as well. But judging from your height and weight already, you're underweight.
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Roderick Roderick
I dont think you are overweight, but if you want to watch it, stay clear of the bread and other pasta and of course the stuff with refined carbohydrates in it like coke, etc. Fat has a low glycemic index and therefore is not your enemy. but butter and margarine will not be beneficial to your health in general.
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Roderick Originally Answered: foods to eat while on a low carb/no carb diet?
Your body NEEDS carbs and complex carbs (think brown) are what you should go for...whole wheat and whole grain products, brown rice, sweet pototoes, etc. Avoid "white" food (anything with white flour, white sugar for example). Carbs aren't the enemy, but refined ones have little to no nutritional value. The issue with low carb dieting is that frequently people regain much (or all) of the weight they lost when they get off that unhealthy diet (see source link for some issues with low carbing). I've done Atkins more than once...the diet from Hell. Terribly unhealthy but you'll lose weight on it if you watch your calorie intake. However, you'll lose weight on any eating plan if you watch your calorie intake. Why choose an eating plan that is actually UNhealthy? I lost 35 lbs low carbing and gained 20 of them back the following year. Eat right...don't try to eliminate any particular thing (carbs, protein, fats, etc). Exercise...get your metabolism burning some calories. THAT is how you lose weight and keep it off long term. I speak from experience and research. I knew low carbing wasn't healthy but I did it anyway...it was a waste of time since I had to re-lose most of the weight I lost when low-carbing. Yo-yo dieting isn't healthy either. former obese person

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