I'm 5'8'' and weigh 147 pounds. Am I fat?

I'm 5'8'' and weigh 147 pounds. Am I fat? Topic: I'm 5'8'' and weigh 147 pounds. Am I fat?
June 25, 2019 / By Bryana
Question: Couple months ago i weighed 165 pounds and lost 18 pounds in like 2 months. I have a gym membership but never have time to go. At least I go once a week but 3 the most. I do eat fast food as i always have but a 2,000-2,500 calorie intake seems hard. Any ideas for healthy meals for breakfast,lunch,dinner? I know I could do it, but I want to start eating healthy and not fast food. Any ideas? PS: I don't look fat. But i have a bulgy stomach. Not like before but I want to eat and exercise healthy. I do play sports but I work part time and i'm a full time college student but I just need an idea for cook recipes
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Allana Allana | 4 days ago
drop the fast food ASAP! you have no idea how damning that is for your waistline and your overall health. its okay once in a while, and even then, try to make a smarter choice. once you master a healthy living, you too will be confused why so many people find eating healthy so vexing. a good rule i go by is that if it wasnt around a hundred years ago((the ingredients more than the actual product)), it probably isnt that great for you. get down to 2000 calories a day, as that is what is recommended on a general scale. unless youre a hardcore athlete ((and im guessing youre not by your diet)), you dont need over 2000. exercise is just as important. help yourself by making some sacrifices that will help you in the long run. if you watch tv, skip just one program and exercise for that 30 minutes. everyone has half an hour they can spare somewhere in their day. the more you do, the better youll feel and the more youll invest in that, as well as your diet. plus, regular exercise helps generate endorphins, which are natural mood elevators. youll be able to handle stress better and get less menstrual cramps, if thats a problem. everything just works better when youre in shape. as for dieting, dont go on a "diet" because they dont work! learn to eat healthy in the long term, in every environment. if you eat meat, only eat lean meat, that is, poultry and fish. substitute beans or a low fat, high protein food in place of meat in dishes now and then. get a dose of fruits and veggies and monitor your carbs, sweets, and fried foods intake. keeping a journal of everything you consume and its nutrition content will surprise you. make small steps every day to get to a more healthy lifestyle. dont worry about being "fat" or what the bmi says. if youre healthy inside it shows outside. remember you only get one body for life. good luck! :)
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Allana Originally Answered: All my friends weigh around 90 pounds but i weigh so much more, 102 pounds!?
First of all, ditch the friend. That is so rude of her to say your fat- because your not:) I don't know your age and height, but I'm guessing your 12-14? Between those ages, your perfectly healthy. I'm 12 and I've been struggling with starving and dieting for a long time. I'm a perfect weight, but starve often. The reason why is because all I wanted to have a goal while dieting and it made me happy to reach it: But it's NOT FUN. :( so, I don't think you need to diet at all! So your 5lbs heavier than your friends. SO WHAT! :) You may be taller than them, and every body has a preferred weight. I'm almost always at 89-95lbs, and I'm tall. It's okay- your body is used to a specific weight: and since your probably going through puberty, it's perfectly normal to gain 10lbs in a short period. But if you want to be on the right track, lemme set you up with some foods: Breakfast ideas: HEALTHY cereal (special K!), eggs, whole wheat waffles/pancakes, toast, fruit soothes that you make yourself (add veggies too!), yogurt, fruit salad, whole wheat english muffin, whole wheat bagels, turkey bacon, etc. Combine some of these into a meal, like: Whole wheat waffles, yogurt, and turkey bacon. (Christmas IS an exception!! I figure skate and try to eat healthy, but I eat a lot during Christmas- your not going to gain any more than a couple ounces MAYBE.) Lunch: any sandwich on whole wheat bread, don't have a lot of mayonnaise, any of the breakfast ideas, salad, anything from weight watchers premade meals, any lean cuisine, etc. Dinner: eat what your mom makes! If you don't want it, have a turkey sandwich. Remember: your stomach only holds a fistful of food. The average American eats 3x the food it needs every meal without knowing! Drink a lot of water, stay away from juice and corn fructose syrup. My brother is on an allergy diet, and the doctor allows him 2cups of fruit juice a day. Try that! Good luck! I know it's hard, and I know girls can be really rude, (I seriously am pissed at that friend of yours, lol) but it's okay. You'll stretch out as you get taller too:) And remember to exercise for an hour each day! But 70% of weight loss comes from a diet;) Good luckkkk!!! ~M

Urian Urian
Ask again when you've gained about 50 pounds, but only you can say whether you're fat or not. If other people's opinions are what define you, you're in trouble. The best thing I can tell you is that if you're unhappy with something about yourself, you change it. When you take control of who you are, it really is that simple. Make a decision about who you are, or who you want to be, and stick with it.
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Roddy Roddy
ok so here http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/healthy_livi... is the bbc Body Mass Index Calculator and i did a rough conversion of 147ibs = 11stone, and with your height in you come out as normal weight range. so no you're not fat. eating healthily, there is so much info out there ... take a look at this http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/articles/art... which is all about healthy eating and diet and exercise. goodluck
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Michaya Michaya
this is easy. what full meal you eat for lunch, eat half of that, save the rest for 4pm. and then eat a semi-full dinner. that gives you 4 meals in the day. its all HABIT repitition. im 6'2 175lbs. i work out 5times a week and play bball the other 3. if you really want to lose weight you HAVE TO EXERCISE NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT IT IS. learn a sport, run, walk, whatever, do something. Nutrition can only do so much.
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Judah Judah
you are not fat. if you don't have time to go to the gym just do some crunches before you go to bed or right after you get up in the morning.
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Judah Originally Answered: Im 17 and i weigh 260 pounds, if i do weight training roughly how long will it take to lose 80 pounds?
How long is not the question. You must burn 3500 calories less then you consume in food in order to lose 1 pound. Weight training is good. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn, even when resting. However, cardio exercise tends to burn more calories in less time. Everything you do, whether it is walking, running, lifting, sleeping, breathing, and resting, will burn calories. Even your beating heart burns calories. Some activities burn more than others. Your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR is how many calories you require each day in order to simple live or exist if you just laid in bed for 24 hours with no exercise. Add more calories if you walk, work, lift, run, play tennis, swim, or anything else. Each activity burns a certain amount of calories. If you have a BMR of 2000 and eat 2500 calories worth of food per day and lay in bed with no exercise, you have eaten 500 calories more than you needed. Your body will store the calories for later use in the form of fat. If you continue this for 7 days, you will gain 1 pound of fat. 7 x 500 calories = 3500 calories or 1 pound of fat. If you have the same BMR of 2000 and eat 2500 calories worth of food per day but burn away 1000 calories by exercising, swimming, running, or lifting, you now have 500 calories less than you body needs. 2500 - 2000 - 1000 = -500 Your body needs calories for energy. Since you are short 500 calories worth of food, your body must find an energy source so it will burn away 500 calories worth of fat from where it was stored on your body. This is how you lose fat. If you burn away 500 calories per day for 7 days, you will lose 1 pound of fat that week. My dad successfully lost 4 pounds per week by eating healthy food and exercising. He did it until he lost 70 pounds. It took him just under 5 months but he worked hard and did not cheat on his diet plan. He ate only chicken and fish, fresh or frozen vegetables. He STOPPED eating processed foods like lunch meat, canned food, or boxed food, starchy food like potatoes, rice, noodles, pasta, and bread. It worked. He looks great for an older man and is very healthy. If you eat one 2 ounce snack-size bag of potato chips, you must walk briskly at about 4 mph for one hour to burn off the amount of calories in that bag of chips. It's better to eat an egg or 4 ounce grilled chicken breast. .

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