fast easy way to lose weight?

fast easy way to lose weight? Topic: fast easy way to lose weight?
July 17, 2019 / By Brooke
Question: i am currently 15 an am a good bit on the fat side is there any way to get fit and skinny fast. also i am going to a disco in three days what colours and what design of clothing could i wear to make me look skinear and more attractive looking
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Alivia Alivia | 2 days ago
looking to lose a few inches? Not liking all those stretch marks and loose skin after losing major weight? Maybe you want to fit back into all those clothes you bought years ago and have held onto because you promised yourself you would lose it but just havent had time... well with the help of me and water we can help you! just go to my website ericaparker.myitworks.com or just inbox and I can tell you first hand what it did for me and my husband! I do also have pictures just help you decide whether you believe or not. I was there too and I got out!!
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Alivia Originally Answered: Easy and fast way to lose weight !?
i hope these tips would help you.:) Weight loss tip 1: Decide how much weight you need to lose - Most people start their weight loss journey by claiming to be xyz kilos overweight. This isn't a healthy way to project or aim for weight loss. Calculate your desired weight against your height by using reliable methods like the BMI, and set a healthy weight loss target. This is often half the battle won. Weight loss tip 2: Time management - This is quite often overlooked. Decide which part of your day will be dedicated to exercise, when in the week you will stock up on groceries, and when you will do the cooking - all within your current work and home life routine. If you don't do this now, your days will be rushed and unplanned, and you won't be able to sustain your weight loss efforts. Weight loss tip 3: Stock your kitchen - Keep your house well-stocked with fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, grains, cereals, spices, and flavourers. Follow our tricks to healthy cooking, cooking vegetables for the week, and low-fat cooking posts to understand how best you can stock your kitchen with healthy and delicious ingredients. All of this will go into helping the next step - cooking healthy meals at home. Weight loss tip 4: Eat healthy homecooked meals - Whether it's you who's cooking, a family member, or house help, ensure that every one practises healthy cooking methods, and ingredients. Ask any person who's lost weight the healthy way, and you will always hear about how healthy homecooked meals were a big reason behind it. Use less oil, low salt, fresh produce, and you'll start seeing results in no time. Weight loss tip 5 : Start a cardio + weights workout - A healthy weight loss programme is incomplete without a good exercise routine, and weight training mixed with cardio is the best way to lose weight. Of course, variations and forms exist, but any workout that stresses on muscle tone and increased heart rate will always help you lose weight and keep it off. You can either start a home workout today, or rely on gyms for fitness training. Weight loss tip 6: Alter your snacking habits . Set those French fries aside, skip that aerated drink, and ban those unhealthy deep fried samosas. Explore the healthy snack world and you will find several appetisers, party snacks, movie snacks and meal accompaniments that'll satisfy every craving of yours. Weight loss tip 7: Have at least one active hobby - It isn't sufficient to rely on just 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Moving from bed to office chair, and back to bed, isn't a healthy way to live. Buy a motion sensor gaming console that lets you enjoy social games with friends and family, plan weekend trips, clean your house once a week, dance, play sports, the list is endless. Get out of the coffee shop and dining table rut, and you'll have fun along with the healthy weight loss Weight loss tip 9: Drink plenty of water - You've known that your body relies heavily on water for all important bodily functions, and yet you skimp on drinking adequate quantities of water every day. Well, it's time to stop that. Check out some exciting ways to make water interesting and you'll be packing it away in no time. Do not forget to carry a water bottle to your workout, and take a few sips after every 2-3 minutes of exercise. Weight loss tip 10: Plan healthy vacations - Why go all the way with healthy weight loss, when one tiny vacation will just come along and topple it all? Healthy vacations aren't impossible. Take a look at how you can eat smart on a holiday, and then at bodyweight workouts that you can carry with you wherever you go, to understand how to holiday right. Above all, remember that these are lifelong habits that'll help you stay fit forever and not short term weight loss quickfixes good luck.

Uria Uria
well u could play some sports that involve running like hockey,basketball etc(i personally no that u sweat from playing hockey cause i play it lol:D) well after school you could ride your bike everyday for 25 mins or do skipping ive heard if u do squats every day i suggest maybe around 20 but not fast or it wont make as such a big effect (its supposed to lose Weight around thighs) limit your junk food soo instead of Always eatin junk food have a banana or apple DON'T EAT WHEN UR NOT HUNGRY !!!!!!! theres a thing called a superman and it hurts but it makes an effect do 5-10 push ups then lay on the ground lift your arms and legs they can not be touching the ground do that 4 like 1 minute the must be straight then do another 5-10 push ups and do the superman again hope i helped
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Rocky Rocky
Don t skip breakfast and choose that s high in protein for energy and full of fiber to keep you satisfied for hours
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Michael Michael
make it a point to use the steps whenever possible use the bathroom on a different floor at work take the stairs at the bus station the airport or the mall
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Michael Originally Answered: An easy fast way to lose weight?
you've probably heard this before but any easy way isnt the best as it will make you gain weight back. i have lost 50lbs and what i done was cut out ALL junk food, do not eat white bread - try not to eat any bread but if you must ( weakness for me) brown bread is the best, no white pasta or rice, don't eat a lot of dairy products, try to drink almond milk instead of regular milk, cut down sugar - count all sugar ( especially fruit- its really high!). start moving more. if you take the bus to school, get off a few stops before your normal one so you will walk further- burning more calories, jillian michaels is a SAINT when it comes to weight loss and getting your body to the best way possible - look up the 30 day shred she does on youtube they work so well and they're only 22 minutes long. count calories for the start so you know how much you should be eating. stick to around 1300 calories. fashion and your friends are huge motivation for losing weight. for me seeing what they could wear and look cute in was a major motivator for me and pushed me to lose the weight and not to give in to temptation as i couldnt wait to be able to wear whatever i want and to shop in stores like forever 21 etc. its so hard and its aggravating at times especially when your friends are eating fast food and candy and all you want is to eat it too but losing weight is the best thing you will ever do. being healthy has made me so happy to a point where it is so worth it! goodluck!

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