How to get motivated for the gym? after a baby?

How to get motivated for the gym? after a baby? Topic: How to get motivated for the gym? after a baby?
June 16, 2019 / By Brogan
Question: I had a baby almost 6 months ago and he was 9p3. I was size 8 and 60 kgs, now im 74 kgs and the weight is coming of slowly but it really depresses me because i used to be so small and my tummy is so stretched form the size of him that its covered in stretchmarks. I have a gym pass but its just making me more depressed cause i dont want to have to go to the gym to loose weight and i hate having to put crappy clothes on in the morning to get ready for it, it makes me feel crappy all day. One of my friends had a baby almost 9 months ago and she looks like shes never even been pregnant, and shes a size 8. My husband works split shifts so getting to the gym is usually between 1.30pm and 4pm (no kids aloud at gym) but its still hard trying to get down there just for 30 mins a day. Iv lost all motivation and i hate getting ready for the gym. Any ideas?
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Alison Alison | 9 days ago
well not fitting into nice clothes, is already motivating for me. The more you are busy and working out the more motivated, and the more lazy you get it will just climb up to more fat. Also really take care of yourself more since you had a baby. Diet and exercise, is the real deal to losing weight. good luck
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Alison Originally Answered: Help Me Get Motivated Please?!?
you go through ups and downs,i have been working out for 25 years,i am in one of those down times,,mainly because i have had 4 weight lifting surgery's,and hurt everyday,i will get back at it soon,i must back off some,i am not 25 anymore,don't give up,look at the fat out of shape people,that usually gets me back at it
Alison Originally Answered: Help Me Get Motivated Please?!?
I created a vision board. Go on the internet and find some pictures of what you want to look like. When you've done that, take some pictures of yourself in the same poses and place them right next to the printed out ones on a bulletin board. Now take the bulletin board, and put it above your bed so you can see it every morning when you wake up. Its humbling and ego breaking, but thats what creates motivation. When you see yourself as not being as "bad-***" as you think you are.

Ur Ur
I heard of some good work-out videos /dvd like Billy bootcamp/taebo...apparently it works really well but you gotta be well motivated and all.......or just get a simple stepmachine just to build up an easy routine which works well with some diet,Im a mum myself and even now my kid is 9 I hate going to the gym and get ready for it....i know exactly what you mean so I step still in the home like 20 minutes every day at time when my kid is at school and im home from work ...but dont you think as a mother there are many chores to be done....you will lose weight along the way.....Im 59kg.size 36-38 in Europe thats maybe size 6 or 8 in usa so get busy,walk a lot ,I also walk our dog like 3 times a day and you will be getting your exercise...Dont blame it on your baby you dont wanna go to gym,I QUESS you didnt wanna go before......right
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Robby Robby
I am using this fitness program myself (mostly at home) in the way that it really helps me out in a systematic and professional ways rather effective than I tried this and that by spotting lots of different so-called fitness tips on the internet; admittedly, some of those tips are knowledgeable but I think no one technique can fit everybody. Lots of positive & prompted motivation are another good things to make me like this program. During the course with this program, I was stuck and even depressed some time and telling myself to give up. But the support from this program somehow help me out to persist. I am glad I didn't give up and have overcomed many psychological obstacles. Good luck!
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Robby Originally Answered: How to get motivated?
Start with your diet. Bagel and Cream Cheese = not a good choice. Stay away from breads for a while. And if you do have to eat bread, try to make it whole wheat because that has alot of fiber. Fiber helps regulate your digestive system. Also stay away from pasta. AND SUGAR. I could not stress enough on how much sugar makes you gain weight. And for some reason, especially us girls :p If youre looking at the back of a product at the nutrition facts. Find things that have low grams of sugar. If you have no choice, and you are faced to eat, pizza for supper.. Make your portion smaller. I understand that at age thirteen you dont exactly get to plan the meal. But skip out on desert. Nobody is going to FORCE you to eat it. Instead of eating three slices of pizza, do two, or one even. Keep your eye out for any chance to make a healthier choice. Good for you for taking care of yourself. I have faith in you girly!

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