Im on a diet but im getting nauseous lately, what should i do?

Im on a diet but im getting nauseous lately, what should i do? Topic: Im on a diet but im getting nauseous lately, what should i do?
June 16, 2019 / By Brittany
Question: I was taking some diet pills but i stopped them (everyone is right about those, they are horrible, I'll never ever take any diet pill again even though the doc said i could). Since I started this diet (3 or 4 days ago) im getting really nauseous, I started working out too. I was trying to get pregnant and that made me gain some weight but i did not get preggo =[ so I decided to get on this diet and got back on birth control pills this week and its been really weird, I cant drink much water, cause its making me really sick/nauseous. I started drinking iced tea today cause I really need to drink liquids. What should i do? Everything I eat or drink makes me nauseous.
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Alisha Alisha | 6 days ago
are your sure your not pregnant? also you might be going a bit to hard with the exercise regime or diet, make sure the food you get provides you with lots of nutrients, take a rest and make sure you drink water, sometimes you might feel shaky and nauseous and that's most likely because your jumped into a diet straight away, take your time and workout slowly, and make sure you atleast eat 5 small healthy meals a day, try drinking tea with no sugar good luck =]
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Alisha Originally Answered: Normal to feel nauseous after starting a new diet?
yes you do feel a little sick when u make changes like that....what helps me the most with that is drinkinga lot of homemade green tea with mint....some mint is great at making you feel less nauseous. Also, keifer (plain i a smoothie added to your fruit and ice) good luck! i found this story about diet mind tricks that you can use; and they are free ! http://www.associatedcontent.com/article... remember to exercise! http://www.associatedcontent.com/article...

Uni Uni
You should go visit a doctor or dietician before going on a diet. I learnt this the hard way. Especially if you are trying to get pregnant. Going on a diet can make you nauseous because of low blood pressure from not eating normally and excessive exercise. A car isnt going to run without any petrol is it? Well. Its the same for you body. Without any food for energy, your body isnt going to be able to run properly. All you need to do is stay away from fatty foods, artificial food colourings and flavourings and any nasty additives. Eat healthy food and drink water... exercise all this in moderation! Good luck xx
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Ritchie Ritchie
Now that you've tried listening to a doctor that has NO clue about nutrition and suggested drugs instead with bad results, you need to listen to someone that understand nutrition that can help you. Birth Control pills are nothing more than synthetic hormone therapy that does not nourish your body. Birth control pills mess with your endocrine system and in particular, your hypothalamus gland that is a master gland responsible for "feed back loops" in the body, including your thyroid, pancreas, etc. If you believe the rhetoric and marketing geniuses at the drug companies and the FDA that birth control pills do not affect your body in a negative way, you need to free yourself from the lies you believe. I strongly suggest you see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can help you get your body in a normalized state by testing you and can tell you specifically what nutrients you are deficient in and what to do to make your body healthy, not dependent upon drugs to just make you feel better by treating some symptoms rather than "root causes" of problems in the body. good luck to you
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Methuselah Methuselah
If you have only had your period for a couple of years, chances are you aren't regular yet. Some women skip months between periods. You should visit your OBGYN & see if she can give you some meds to help you become regular. Regularity is very important. If you still live at home you should talk with your mother. It may be embarrasing now but it is something you really need to do. I hope you feel better!
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Joshua Joshua
It's kind of obvious that there's a huge chance you are pregnant, from the symptoms alone, let alone your admission that you were trying to get pregnant. Did you take a test before you went back on the BC pills? Then again it could be a side-effect/reaction to the pill. Figure that out before you blame it on your diet.
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Joshua Originally Answered: What are the best foods to eat when you're nauseous?
When I am nauseated I go for Saltines first. Stick with bland foods, like cereals and mashed potatoes. Keep drinking plenty of water. Gradually, as you feel like it, introduce some chicken or pasta, and pretty soon you should be eating everything. Feel better. Oh, also, I drink a bit of Coke with plenty of ice. Let the Coke get flat.

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