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Weight Loss Support? Topic: Weight Loss Support?
June 16, 2019 / By Brittania
Question: I just turned 35 in March. I weigh a lot more than I did in college. I know what it takes to loose weight because I worked out a lot in school. My problem is "WILL POWER" !!! Does anyone know of any support groups or buddy sytems available? Also WHY does it cost so damn much to eat healthy but so cheap to eat bad foods? Can anyone help me find healtheir foods for affordable prices??? I use to be the guy women went out of their way to flirt with. Now I am the fat guy that women settle for instead of go after. I still have my health, looks, and brains, but I also want my body back and to be healthy in the future.
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Alise Alise | 5 days ago
Hi Drew, good for you that you want to lose weight. The healthiest way to eat, need not be expensive. Fruit and vegetables are the healthiest way, and should not cost too much. All food in moderation is ok, but to lose weight your diet should include a little red meat, lots of white meat and fish. Cut out fat-high sauces, pastries and cakes - your body doesnt need them...only your mouth! This kind of diet is very healthy. There are many web-sites for support, low calorie food and advice. Just do a search, you will have many to look at. Good luck ....you will soon be attracting those girls again. :)
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Alise Originally Answered: I have no support for weight loss?
Wow you should be very proud of yourself, missy!!!! I'm proud of you! Losing weight is so hard to do and it sounds like you really put your mind to it over the summer! Since you eat breakfast so early, I'd find a healthy snack that you can eat between class in the morning [celery sticks+PB,carrots or 100 calorie snack packs??]. Is there a reason you don't want to tell family/friends about your decision to eat/live healthier?? I think telling your mom is very important, since I'm assuming she does the majority of grocery shopping and is the one who needs to be aware of your new eating habits. I don't know your situation so I could be wrong but her teasing you is probably her way of saying she's proud or even that she's a tad jealous you dropped almost 20 lbs!! .. I can definitely see my mom reacting that way instead of just flat-out saying 'Good job!'. Offhand I don't know of any weight loss support websites but there are a ton out there - google, google! Sorry if this isn't the most helpful response but I really just thought you need to know what a great job you've done and I wish you good luck on keeping it off.. you can do it!!! :]

Ultan Ultan
The formula for losing weight is easy - eat less and workout more - the issues surface when we in reality try to put that into practice! There are plenty of opportunities to fail in the big wide world don't you think?! The one thing which definitely showed results for me was wu-yi tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a handful of free trials remaining, it has been highlighted in Fox News and CNN. I worked off 25 pounds, it definitely does produce success!
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Ripley Ripley
Hi Drew, do exercises you want to do, like walk your dog or get a dog if you like them and don't have one, go body surfing and have the fun of catching waves at the same time as you lose weight. Or do core stability exercises, they are so much more intense on the body than normal aerobic exercises that it makes you lose weight fast, plus you could do some core stability exercises while watchin television of that suits you. There are some step by step exercises in the fitnessgp.com core stability blog http://fitnessgp.com/blogs/serge/hard-to-the-core-core-stability-blog/ also make sure to stretch before and after to get rigd of lactic acid and keep the muscle damage and pain away. Stretching exercises are in the fitnessgp.com main forum Plus eating, I eat what I want, but I stay away from processed foods, I eat real butter instead of margarine, plus eating simpler is good, try to stay away from overly fancy or processed sauces that you don't know what is in it. Eat apples for sugar to prevent sugar spikes which leads to increased food cravings. Apart from that ea big roasts in olive oil with lots of nice baked root vegtetables and other good stuff and do your corestability exercises and become the man every woman would want to carry on their arm Hope that helps, Take care from Josh ___________________ ________________ ______________ ____________ __________ ________ ______ ____ _
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Methusael Methusael
I know the struggle first hand. And its so true all the crap is the most affordable. And its amazing how this weight can totally turn you into a person you dont even recognize. Check out the website below. www.theweightlossgroup.com
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Methusael Originally Answered: Looking for a support group to help me in me weight loss?
I'm Here!! i am 24 years old and just had my third child this past october. i started losing weight in jan and have lost 40lb so far. i too want to get down to the 120s im 5'5 and 140lb right now. i go to the gym or take long walks 6xs a week for and hour or two. i also exclusively breastfed so that kills over 500cals in its self! i don't eat junk food at all or drink soda/juice. i drink a gallon of water a day. i do reward myself once a month with a dessert since i am a big ice cream and cake lover. email me we can help each other out!!

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