How would I figure out...?

How would I figure out...? Topic: How would I figure out...?
June 16, 2019 / By Britta
Question: We are having a weight loss "biggest loser" type of competition. How can we keep it fair and determine who for their current weight lost the most percentage wise. I am not sure how to equal out the field.This might not be the right question I need to ask but as far as figuring this out can anyone help... Thank you ahead of time. Real answers only please... Thank you everyone...
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Alis Alis | 3 days ago
Divide everyone's weight loss by their original weight then times it by 100. This gives percent loss. So like a 300 lb person losing 30 lbs is equal to a 200 lb person losing 20 lbs.
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What is with all these skating weight questions in the last few hours? o_O Anyway, your weight is fine. As long as you are at a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet, you don't have to worry. And remember some of your weight is probably muscle weight, as skating builds a lot of muscles. To be honest, I don't really diet at all *looks around guiltily*. Mostly I eat...well, normal stuff - sandwiches, cereal, pasta, fruit and vegetables, cakes, cookies, erm... And I eat whenever I'm hungry - before skating I eat a bit more to give me energy. But yeah. Unless you're an elite skater or you are obese, you really don't need to diet. Just make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein and iron - these are really important for building muscles (I would know, I used to be vegetarian but was forced to convert because I didn't get enough nutrients to skate and was tired all the time...). Also remember, it is NOT a sin to eat some chocolate or junk food sometimes. You DON'T have to avoid unhealthy food at all costs - if you ban yourself from eating it completely, you'll only get cravings and end up eating even more. Just make sure you eat things from all the food groups :)

Ulric Ulric
make it a fraction, and then turn that into a decimal/percent. The beginning weight is the denominator, weight lost is the numerator, and divide the numerator by the denominator. That will be a decimal. Now to change that to a percent, move the decimal to the left 2 spaces and add the % sign. I hope I helped. (correct me if I'm wrong, Meggage me for more help.)
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Rio Rio
Convert weight loss into percentage lost. (original weight - new weight) / (original weight) X 100% = % gained or lost
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Mesech Mesech
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Josh Josh
let W be d initial wt. & w d final wt. % wt. loss = 100*[ W - w ] / W if u prefer it in words, it is 100*wt.loss / original wt.
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