Milk, vegans and a school cafeteria -- please help?

Milk, vegans and a school cafeteria -- please help? Topic: Milk, vegans and a school cafeteria -- please help?
July 16, 2019 / By Britt
Question: I have almost cut out all dairy from my diet, as I am trying to go vegan. One major problem is that at school, you get a milk carton when you buy lunch. But, if I don't want to get milk, I do not get money back, and if i buy a nice grapefruit juice I have to pay an extra dollar 25. I think this is ridiculous and unfair. I want to contact the school and ask if they could take off some money when you aren't getting milk, or offer vegan beverages in place of milk. Don't have to have fancy shmancy almond milk, even a little water bottle would be fine. I know I can bring my own drink it, but then I am still paying for a milk carton I haven't bought. To sum it up, I want to ask the school to either -charge less when you're not getting milk or offer a vegan beverage. I think this is fair. Only problem is, i don't know how to go about approaching the school, and what to say. We have a very approachable vice principal, principal, guidance counselor and student council. I would rather send an email, though. Can anyone help me decide what to say, and who to say it to? Serious answers or support only please. Don't tell me to not look a gift horse in the mouth, or to drink milk because it's "healthy" I'm ignoring and thumbsdowning all of those. I'm a freshman in highschool. I have multiple teachers. my homeroom teacher doesn't even know my name, and to put it in the nicest way, is a bit not there. If I had to pay like an extra 25 cents for juice, I wouldn't mind, but IMO 1.25 is just too much. The bottles aren't even has big as the milk cartons! It's also HOOD milk, which has been shown to be filled with hormones. It isn't healthy.
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Aline Aline | 2 days ago
Since you have an approachable principal, go up to him the next time you see him and ask or, better yet, make an appointment through his secretary. Tell him you are a vegan and don't drink milk. That you would like an alternative so you don't end up paying for something you don't use. Expect to be asked many questions and to have to explain where your protein and vitamin D are coming from. Plenty of kids are lactose intolerant. I've actually never seen this idea brought up. It may take some convincing. You might want to bring with you a list of good websites and some positive print outs. If you need to, get the student council behind you. Try to get some figures about the number of kids who can't drink milk because of allergies or diet choices. Maybe they can hand out a survey during home room. Discuss finding an inexpensive alternative. You may have to go to the School Board because few schools have any say in what they serve. Since you will among the very, very few, you might just have to pay extra every day or bring your own drink. You can also research the amount of sugar and acid in the juice choices. Orange juice is hard on the teeth. Good luck in making this sea change at your school. Don't be shy about speaking your mind. You have a legitimate cause and people will listen to you. Are your parents behind you in this? It may help.
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Aline Originally Answered: What are the pros and cons of paying for school cafeteria lunches as opposed to taking a lunch from home?
Hi Mandy, I ran into the SAME situation last year with kindergarten. We had the option of printing a month's worth of menus and keeping them on the fridge. Each morning I would know whether to pack him a lunch, or to send him to eat the hot lunch they provided. Noticed the same trend, two days of decent balanced lunches, with fruit and veggie option, followed by two days of carnival food. It was frustrating and it did not seem logical to spend the $2.25 for a poorly balanced meal, when I could place veggies and fruits and low-sugar drink for roughly $3.50 per day on our own. He starts 1st grade in August. We are going to split his lunches, between carrying a pre-packed lunchbox, and having hot meals in the cafeteria. It requires a little more planning and preparation, but at least we can control his diet and sugar intake this way. As far as I can tell, yes, this is the type of menu you can expect. They plan for what the majority of children will eat.... good luck ~

Ulick Ulick
Surely they have a policy in place for people who can't eat certain things because of allergies or religious reasons! The easiest first step may just be speaking informally to whoever manages the cafeteria (try after lunch when they're not so busy, instead of before). It could be that as soon as they learn of your needs, they'll happily replace the milk with something else. If that doesn't get anywhere, then you need to go official. Write a letter (on paper, mailed) to your school principal, being as objective and "professional" as you can. State clearly that you don't drink milk, you pay for your lunch like everyone else, and you expect to be provided an appropriate substitute: a bottle or orange or apple juice would be appropriate (not pop, which is sugary and unhealthy). If your parents can get on board and sign it too as your guardian, that adds it even more weight. If the principal resists, then you go to HIS (or her) boss: the district school board.
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Rimon Rimon
you have presented your case well. you are a vegan, you are paying for something that you cannot consume, you want to exchange it for something else, but you do not want to pay extra. its a great argument, and you should stand proudly behind it. you have to go to the principal or the vice principal as they are the only people that can okay a change. you say the VP is approachable, so i say next time you see this person, approach them and say that there is something very important that you would like to speak to them about that involves your health and nutrition. say that you are not trying to point out any faults, but just interested in establishing a plan and having it be enacted on by the cafeteria workers and state your problem and a solution as you did above in your question. i am sure you will be successful, because you are right. good luck!
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Meryle Meryle
There are certainly more people than just you who are paying for something they don't need. Students who are lactose-intolerant would also benefit by getting water or juice to replace the milk. You might be able to suggest a cheaper kind of juice, like apple juice. Anyway, I would talk to a guidance counselor or principal or vice principal to ask them exactly who you can speak with. It's not fair that you'll have to pay that much more for juice. And I'm with you, you shouldn't have to pay for milk when you aren't even going to drink it.
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Joses Joses
I'd actually speak to them in person, only because it'll be more approachable, and you can be sure they'll get to you, so you're not just a letter in a busy inbox. I do agree with you though, you should be able to get a differend beverage. Milk is good for kids, but they don't have to drink milk all the time. Perhaps you could just have a special card or something to show the lunchladies to get a free mini water other than a milk, good luck with this!
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Joses Originally Answered: Why wont vegans drink milk?
Consuming the breast milk of another species is unnatural, unnecessary and repulsive. (Would you suck an udder?) The U.S. has consumed more calcium in more forms in the last forty years than any other culture on earth, and yet it has the highest rate of osteoporosis. Why? Simple. Excess protein inhibits calcium absorption. This has been proven and published in medical journals time and time again. Eat less protein, and the calcium found in leafy greens, nuts and lentils is more than enough to satisfy dietary needs. Dairy cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics, and their food is laced with pesticides. (This is to decrease the amount of insects attracted to their feces, a major problem in industrial dairies.) Residue from the hormones, antibiotics and pesticides are found in milk. These have been linked to cancer and compromised immune systems. You say you're not talking about big dairy farms where cows are milked by machines. The obvious follow up question is: Where the heck do you get your milk? All milk from grocery stores is from corporate operations, and all of them, even Horizon Organic, milk by machine and take calves away at birth. (The boy cows, by the way, then have the genuine thrill of becoming VEAL! Yippee!)

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