Which is bread is better?

Which is bread is better? Topic: Which is bread is better?
June 16, 2019 / By Britney
Question: Today, I was at the store and I was looking at white and whole wheat breads. Ive heard whole wheat is better, but looking at the nutritional facts, wheat is worse than white. So is wheat really better than white?
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Alicia Alicia | 1 day ago
You have to look at the nutrition of different brands, they are not the same. Whole wheat has more fiber which is what a lot of people need now days. Usually the nutrition in white bread has been added to it since most of it was stripped out of the processing of the flour. People who eat whole wheat bread usually have a more nutritious diet so get their nutrients in many other ways. There are a lot of reasons, but just eat what you like the taste of the most. But don't eat too much of it. I look for calories per slice when I buy bread which helps when watching intake of calories...
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Alicia Originally Answered: Will i gain more weight if i switch from wheat bread to white bread? Is white bread less healthy?
Wheat bread is healthier than white bread, but, if you're buying that mass produced preservative loaf, neither are healthy.

Uel Uel
*100% Whole Grain Wheat bread is the best. It's not fancy,it's not 'pretty' like some breads. But when you compare ingredients and nutrition there's a big difference. Some companies market their breads as healthy using fancy words. Like 7-Grain Wheat bread or 12 Grain Wheat etc,but when you check out the ingredients what's listed first? If it's "wheat flour" or "enriched bleached flour",white flour was mostly used. What you want to see for a good and healthy bread = "whole-wheat flour" or 100% whole wheat flour". OR when it comes to labeling on the packages - 100% whole wheat" or "100% whole grain," Some breads may be brown and say 'whole wheat bread',but it's not the same and you'll figure that out easy with an extra minute of your time checking out the ingredients.
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Rimmon Rimmon
Often, most nutritionist recommend wheat bread. I eat both and really don't see the difference in either
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Meryl Meryl
whole wheat is full of indigestible fiber! So yeah! good question as to which is better! I hate the gritty texture of whole wheat.
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Meryl Originally Answered: Urgent! organic bread vs. bread bought from the grocery store?
Both of those answers are correct, but all the hype about organic is overrated. Green house gasses are organic. So is salmonella. So is anthrax. I'm not saying organic will kill you; all I'm saying is keep it in perspective. The health benefit may not outweigh the price. And some organic products lie; they get certified organic, and then change their methods so as to earn a higher profit. They will be heavily fined if caught, but some business people are willing to take that risk. Do your research before you put out the money.

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