Does eating a lot less or starvation make you fatter?

Does eating a lot less or starvation make you fatter? Topic: Does eating a lot less or starvation make you fatter?
June 16, 2019 / By Briony
Question: Ok, I keep reading articles indicating that if you starve yourself to diet you won't lose any weight. The reason is because your body will start to store all the fat and food in your body. Which in result will actually show that you've gain weight. (will look like your bloated) But why is it like TV shows such as Survivor and Big Brother on TV are showing people starving themselves some 30-40 days and they lose 20-30 pounds? Also models on the run way do a starvation diet. I tried once to eat much less than usual and it didn't work however I only tried it for only a week in a half. I know that starving yourself is not a healthy way to go about losing weight. I just want to know why do people write about starving yourself won't let you lose weight when there is proof that you can lose weight by starving yourself? I also noticed when people do a healthy diet and excercise correctly they still have some problem areas that have fat and doesn't look right.
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Alica Alica | 9 days ago
on Survivor they lose alot of weight due to decreased food and strenuous INCREASED physical activity for the average person in daily life? decreasing food for more than 3 days in a row without increasing activity makes the metabolism low down when the person starts back up with their usual meal consumption they gain weight due to the now sluggish metabolism
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Tyrrell Tyrrell
Ok, well, you will definitely loose weight by starving yourself, at least in the short run. You will loose fat, but also muscle as your body breaks it down to provide amino acids. However, unless you plan to continue starving (which I can't really recommend, seeing as how it leads to death) then you will almost certainly gain back everything you lost and more when you begin eating again. This is because when you stop eating (or eat far too little) your body will assume that there is no food available and try to slow your metabolism down as much as possible to help you survive as long as possible without food, so as soon as you get some calories, your body will do it's best to hold onto them by converting them into fat (which it could use later if food ran out again). So can you loose weight by starving, absolutely. Is it effective over the long run or a good idea? Hell no. Try something less drastic.
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Rikki Rikki
Starving triggers your body to immediately drop your metabolism levels so you can live longer on your remaining fat. Eventually though, on a starvation diet, you will lose weight, and this would be the process where you're pretty much eating yourself from the inside out. It's not a viable option to lose weight because eventually you'll start eating again, and then because of your decreased metabolic rate, you'll gain weight much more quicker with much more severity, and it'd be much more difficult to burn off.
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Mervin Mervin
I answered one like this earlier-first if u use drinks or starvation u will only gain the weight back & some!! When u do start eating again. u need a sensible diet-follow a diabetic diet-several small meals daily. watch ur carbs & sugar intake. If u have a lot of weight to lose exercise as u diet so u will tone up. b a label reader. good luck xo DonnaP
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Jordyn Jordyn
It's not that you won't lose weight if you starve yourself, it's that you will tend to lose muscle rather than fat. You can lose 20lb starving yourself, but if 3/4 of that is muscle loss and only 1/4 is fat loss, then tehcnically you will have a higher body fat percentage! Here is an example: A woman weighs 140lb and her body fat percentage is 30%. This means she has 42lb of fat on her body and 98lb of lean body mass. If she loses 20lb through starvation and 15lb is muscle loss and 5lb is from fat loss, her lean body mass becomes 83lb and she will have 37lb of body fat. So even now she only weighs 120lb, If you do the math, her body fat percentage has now risen from 30% to 31%. So she has lost all that weight through starvation, but is now technically fatter than before she started! HTH : )
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Hanani Hanani
Maybe it depends on the person. I was sick for a week and I lost ten lbs. I was all excited. I hated being sick, but I lost it from not eating... and fun thing is I never gained it back!
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Edmund Edmund
are you talking about the distended belly that starving children have? You don't gain weight. Your tummy swells up but it's still empty.
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Camden Camden
you will lose weight by not eating...but when you do decide to start eating again, your body wont digest it as quickly b/c it is on starvation mode, and you will gain weight much faster
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Camden Originally Answered: Does ice burn fat or MAKE you fatter?
Welll i dont think it's such a good idea to eat just ice all day. but drinking a lot of water (or eating ice) can make you appear bigger and more bloated. but that's just water weight and not to be taken too seriously. also if you drink ice cold water a lot, you may loose weight because your body uses calories to convert that cold water into warm pee (sorry its kind of gross) so drinking ice cold water instead of pop or something could be benefiical. however you could be careful because i have also heard that cold water diets can be unhealthy. so dont drink more than your body is used to and can handle. good luck :)

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