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June 16, 2019 / By Brielle
Question: So, in the past year I've put on 60lbs. and I can't figure out why. For breakfast I either eat a bowl of cheerios or a yogurt cup. Lunch is a bag of rice with a piece of fruit. dinner is usually chicken something or other with vegetables or I'll have lean beef or fish. I rarely snack and if I do I eat a granola bar or baked chips. I never drink pop. I stick with water, milk, and fruit juice. I just recently started to work out to try to lose the weight but I'm just maintaining it. At least I'm not gaining anymore. I have terrible stretch marks on my legs and hips; it's so disgusting. What is causing this? My mom thinks it's stress from my job. Is that really possible? I feel like and alien in my body. I used to be so thin and pretty...
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Alia Alia | 7 days ago
The problem may be an issue of 'hidden calories'. I used to eat pretty much the same as you, but I would still gain weight. Many cereals that claim to be healthy (such as cheerios) really aren't. The best way to start the day is perhaps with some porridge. It fills you up until lunch, and doesn't contain all the sugar and calories that other breakfast items contain. (I use the sugar subsitute 'Splenda' - it tastes as good as the real thing, with absolutely no fat.) Yogurt also contains a lot of sugar. It could just be that you have a slow metabolism and you don't burn off these foods quickly enough. The best solution to this is to do as you are doing, and exercise. Adults are supposed to take a fairly brisk half an hour walk 6 days a week, however if you are wanting to LOSE weight, then I'd suggest a little more. I'm currently trying to lose weight (and there's quite a lot of it to lose!) so I try and go for a 30-60 minute walk/jog every day as well as relatively easy exercises such as sit ups etc. I've also invested in a workout DVD, and an elliptical crosstrainer (maybe a bit extreme, but I have a fear of people seeing me working out in a gym!) I'm also on the GI plan. It's not so much a diet as a new way of living. I'd advise you to NOT go on a diet.. you might see initial results but I can assure you, having tried and tested almost every diet out there, you will either not stick to it, or put the weight back on. The GI plan is based on your Glycemic Index and regulates your blood sugar levels, so that the right amount of sugar is released at the right time and you don't feel hungry or store fat. I've only been on it a week or so, but I've already lost half a stone. I understand that I won't be losing 7 pounds every week, but it's really given me the incentive to keep going. Stress could be a factor of your weight gain, but getting outside and exercising will release all your happy endorphins and you'll feel much better! Good luck!
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Alia Originally Answered: Does throwig up after you eat to maintain weight,make you gain weight?because iv been gaining weight.?
If your body does not get enough calories to sustain its functions, it will enter into "famine mode." This is a survival mechanism designed to protect you from starvation when your body thinks that food sources are scarce. Your body begins to store fat at higher rates during famine mode than it would normally. If you've been throwing up too much food, then your body is probably not processing enough to meet its daily caloric needs. As a result, it is adding fat to protect you as it also tries to gradually slow your metabolism. This fat-building process will continue for as long as you continue to take in too little food to nourish yourself. (Some people perpetually under-eat, not knowing what they're doing, and end up obese. Not all obesity is cause by over-eating. Under-eating also causes obesity by trashing the metabolism. I know this because I ended up about 50 lbs overweight, slowly, due to years of eating too little. I had no idea what I was doing. When I finally started eating a proper amount to fuel my body, I began to lose all that "famine" weight quickly and easily as my body got the message that I'm not at risk of going hungry.) To reverse the problem, you'll need to figure out why you're upchucking and remedy the illness. I hope you're not purposely throwing up (bulimia). If so, you may find it harder to solve that problem (though I hope you can see now how you're actually getting the opposite results than what you want). Then, once you stop barfing, you'll need to make sure you stick to a proper diet to get your metabolism back up and running. After your body gets back to normal, you can work off the extra weight fairly easily, as long as you take charge before you gain a lot. It's safe to cut back by a couple hundred calories a day to help you lose weight, and it's also safe to do reasonable amounts of exercise to help you lose weight.

Tyron Tyron
Well, keep a food journal for an entire week including everything you eat and drink. If the calories are normal, then you will want to make a Dr's appointment to check thyroid function and similar issues. Are you somewhat less active then you were before? Do you now spend most of your time at a desk? Just a change like that can all of a sudden make it necessary to count every calorie because of the decrease in activity. Even healthy foods can make you gain weight if you even eat a little to many of them. 500 excess calories a day would be able to cause you to gain 60 lbs in a year.. Just switching from a job where you walked to a job where you mostly sit would've been enough to cause 500 less calories to be burned. Even if your food consumption stayed the same, small changes in your activity level can have large impacts on how many calories you burn..
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Rigby Rigby
I don't think it's stress from a job, mostof the time when that happens, you loose weight. Have you ever skipped a lot of meals in a period of time? (No breakfast for a month?) Then did you go back to eating it again? Well, if you have, you might think you're doing good, not eating in all. Then thinking, I have to keep eating, or I'll become sick, or something, and since your body isn'tused to eating (EX) breakfast, so it stores it as fat. OR It could just be your height or age changing, and your weight will adjust to the normal weight. That's why you might feel weird, you're getting used to the new weight. BTW: DON'T BE SELF CONCIOUS! "I used to be so thin and pretty..." Is that some kind of joke!? Be happy with the skin you're in!
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Merton Merton
Are you sitting more at work? If you are working more or have changed jobs you are probably less active than you used to be. Skip the milk and fruit juice and drink only water.
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Jordie Jordie
This happened to my cousin and it ended up being a serious medical condition that i choose not to mention. See a doctor. There could be a thyroid issue that needs to be resolved. BTW she ius fine now and has lost weight.
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Hanael Hanael
Mom could be right -- have they been wrong. Talk to a doctor. Could be medical. some people have problems with thyroid. Check it out.
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Hanael Originally Answered: How true is it that during a weight loss program, u will gain weight first before losing weight?
Don't look at it as weight gain when you are building muscle, a negative thought like that will sabotage your diet/exercise routine. This is why it is important not to have the numbers on the scale be the basis as to how well you are doing on a diet. With exercise and muscle gain, the scale will rise but inches should be lost at the same time. For example: I was on a low carb diet for 2.5 weeks and only lost 7 pounds (I was suppose to lose 14 or more) but what I notice was that I only lost 7 pounds but I lost about 2 dress sizes which would have been 20 pounds on the scale. (I lost a lot of inches and weight through jogging daily but the scale increased due to muscle gain in my legs and else where) Best of luck. P.S. Also look for weight gain during PMS.

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