I need help on how to lose water weight?

I need help on how to lose water weight? Topic: I need help on how to lose water weight?
June 25, 2019 / By Brianna
Question: My mom recently bought a Weight Watchers scale. I set it up and measured my body. BMI- 25.1 Water weight- 51.2% Bone-7.1% Fat-29% I'm aiming to be around 125-130 by July, I'm 155 now. Whats the most effective way to lose water weight and fat in five months? I'm not gonna rush it.
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Alexis Alexis | 3 days ago
20 pounds in 5 months is definitely possible. The most effective way to lose water weight is to (obviously) sweat a lot. Jog for 45 minutes at a time. Even if you do not want to gain muscle, I would recommend using light weights as you do not want to lose too much muscle mass as you lose weight. Jump-roping, swimming, drinking less water, running... basically any cardiovascular activity. Just make sure you pace yourself so you don't chug down water after an exercise. The human body is made up of approximately 60% of water. Don't worry too much about water weight unless you are in competitive sports. I would worry more about that 29% body fat. To lose fat, keep to a strict diet, drink plenty of water, and do lots of cardio/ light weights. Best of luck.
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Alexis Originally Answered: Has anyone been on the depo shot and taken Diurex Water Pills to lose the water weight?
I haven't but if you do take water pills remember that they wash a lot of the good things out of you. Potassium and other electrolytes are essential and water pills flush them out at a faster rate than we usually put them in through our diet. Make sure it's under a Dr's supervision and ask about this so they can tell you how to change your diet or to take supplements that you might need. Good luck Miss Mary

Tylar Tylar
Oh dear. First of all, scales are not accurate for measuring body composition (fat, water, etc.). They can be helpful for tracking changes in these items, but not for giving accurate numbers in the first place. So, for example, the 29% fat figure it gave you may not be at all accurate. But if you lose some weight and in a month it says 25% fat, then you can safely assume you lost about 4% body fat. You cannot safely assume that the 25% figure is correct, though. Second, 51% water is, if anything, a tad bit too little. Third, you don't want to lose water, you want to lose fat. Fourth, if you have a BMI of 25.1 you don't need to lose more than five pounds, though twenty pounds may be OK depending on your height, current weight, age, and gender. Fifth, if you ever are actually overloaded with water (and there's nothing to suggest you are right now), you can reduce your intake of sodium and drink lots of water and a little tea or coffee.
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Rickie Rickie
If you are maintaining fluids, you can be puzzling over methods to lose water weight speedily in order that your garments are compatible quite simply. For the ordinary character, water includes approximately 70 percentage of our whole frame weight. Muscle tissue involves approximately seventy five percentage water even as frame fats holds round 50 percentage water. If a clinical situation has been dominated out and you're watching for a risk-free normal option to lose water weight speedy, there are normal meals and herbs which present diuretic homes. However, although those "therapies" to water weight reap are normal, warning and moderation need to nonetheless be used. Natural Diuretic Aids * Apple cider vinegar (keeps potassium stages) * Celery * Celery seed * Cranberry juice * Dandelion * Green tea * Dandelion leaf tea (additionally is helping in cleansing and urinary tract infections) * Fennel * Juniper berries * Nettle * Parsley
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Merlyn Merlyn
Honey, first you need to stop your focus on the figures you just stated. You need a program that will help you boost your metabolism so you cab lose the weight. I found a 80 year old body science diet. It works using certain food combinations that ups your metabolism and helps you lose weight fast. It will transform your body. Take a look. http://www.burnthefat-loseweight.com
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Jophiel Jophiel
What? Your water weight is supposed to be at least 50%. What you want to do is reduce body fat (not water weight).
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Jophiel Originally Answered: If i drink a ton of water, and take a water pill, how much weight will i lose in a week?
I think it would be better to eat food with roughage (fiber), like beans, cabbage, and flax seeds (soaked). Why is that once I took water pills, and developed terrible pains in my joints. Therefore, I would not recommend that.

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