Why do parents continue to blame vaccines for autism?

Why do parents continue to blame vaccines for autism? Topic: Why do parents continue to blame vaccines for autism?
June 16, 2019 / By Brenna
Question: This is very dangerous and I read that stats show many children with autism have not been vaccinated. So why do parents continue this outrage? Is it hard to admit genetics, or behavior, food, environment while the baby was in utero to blame? Is is because its just simply easier to state that vaccinations are to blame? What if a parent refuses to vaccinate their child because of these statements, and their child dies of measles, etc? Then what? Could they sue Jenny McCarthy? Plus, there isn't any mercury in vaccinations. There is still a trace of in in the influenza vaccination. In addition-children begin showing signs of autism between 12-24 months-whether or not they have been vaccinated. Because of the timing, people are quick to state that vaccinations are the cause of autism. Also, children are getting diagnosed much more often than ever. Sadly, a child who had autism in the past might have been known as a "problem child" -to state it nicely. I don't care if parents chose not to vaccinate their child; however, if the child does become extremely ill or even dies from a disease which could have been prevented by being vaccinated, I believe that is boderline child abuse.
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Alexia Alexia | 1 day ago
I think many parents jumped the bandwagon saying vaccines caused autism, a simple thing to put the blame on, as a parent who would not want to know what caused this in their child, I would, but I don't blame vaccines, never even considered it, I think for many it was the easiest/most convienant thing to blame it on. I have 3 sons, youngest with autism, all 3 off them have received all of their vaccinations, but yet the 2 oldest don't have autism. You never heard too much about it until Jenny McCarthy opened her big mouth. If it did cause autism then why in the federal courts (US) did they make an official ruling that vaccinations do not cause autism, to me they could not have made that ruling if there was any reasonable doubt that it did. Vaccinations were created to prevent an epidemic of diseases, if people continue not to vaccinate their children, it's just a matter of time before these diseases become an epidemic again. I think most of these parents who choose not to vaccinate will indeed vaccinate their child from a disease if their child is in immediate danger of catching that disease especially taking into consideration what these diseases can do to their child which is much worse than having autism. I'm going to go off your question here a bit (sorry) because I have a huge problem with Jenny McCarthy. Personally I think Jenny McCarthy is a joke, what type of medical/science degree does she have - none & autism speaks, the organization she is a spokesperson for, you'll find many on the spectrum are offended by this organization, that they do not truly represent those who have autism. She states that her son has "recovered" from autism, something else very misleading. You cannot heal, cure, recover, or reverse autism in anyone. She uses the gfcf diet, de-toxing and supplements for her son which is simply treatments and nothing more, if her son was "recovered" from autism, why would she need to continue to use these forms of treatments, why would you continue to treat someone for something if they no longer have it, that makes no sense and if it was true, then why hasn't it cured all people from autism, I say cured because recovered is a synonym for cured & healed. That's almost like saying someone with diabetes who takes insulin and changes their diet to control their blood sugar level no longer has diabetes. Those treatments make the characteristics/behaviors of autism less noticeable in some cases, if she stopped these treatments the autism is still there and the characteristics/behavior would again become more profound. Another question very similiar to yours, a lady stated that her daughter was recovered from autism, but yet she knows when her daughter changes her diet and does not follow protocols because she regresses, why does she regress, because the autism is still there, if she was recovered then she would have nothing to regress from. Not every treatment works the same in those with autism, each treatment has to be done on a trial basis to see what works best for that individual and no matter what that treatment is and how much it helps the individual, the autism is and always will still be there.
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Alexia Originally Answered: do vaccines cause autism?
You bet they do. They cause severe immune dysfunction. The immune system can no longer detox the body. Those symptoms add up to a disorder called "autism". I've spent the the last 2 years of my life recovering my child from this NIGHTMARE. Check to see what mercury and aluminium can do to a baby. http://www.vaccinationnews.com/dailynews... Did you know your ped makes 50-70% of his income off vaxes? Imagine selling product that you don't have to test for safety(they don't test them) you don't have to advertise for, you have NO liability (just TRY and sue Big Pharma), and you have a guaranteed market (the govt. is the biggest customer, and all the U.S's peds) for? Can you spell "goldmine"? Why ELSE would the schedule include 36 vaccines, up from 11 in 1989? THINK people!

Tybalt Tybalt
The better question would be, where is the comprehensive study on 2 groups of children. One vaccinated, the other not. (And I'm not talking about the research on the Amish. While interesting, Amish children are living very different lives than non Amish children) This isn't a new issue and yet such a study does not exist. A real study, in black and white, based on 2 groups of children and the autism rates with both. It makes me question if anyone is really seeking to put this issue to rest. It's not a new issue, this has been going on for years. I vaccinated my children but delayed them until they were a little older. I also spaced them out so that they were never getting more than 2 shots at a time. I did this because of the information that was coming to light (my oldest is 14) and my concerns. I followed my intuition and some doc's I encountered along the way looked at me like I was a nut case! The quote about Dr Weil is 100% correct. Many of these diseases were already on the decline. It just takes a little research to check a fact. In the end, the big question is who really has control over a child. A parent or the state? Are children being vaccinated more for their safety or for the profit of pharmaceutical companies? Can we trust these companies 100% when in recent cases it seems that the bottom line is actually what's more important over someones health? I vaccinated but if I had a baby today, I'm not sure I would until some of these questions were answered. I've also decided not to have our daughters vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. The side-effects are frightening. Here's just a little info "US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received reports of 10 deaths associated with Gardasil since September 2007, and 140 “serious” reports of adverse reactions, including 27 “life threatening” cases, 10 spontaneous abortions, and 6 cases of the debilitating Guillain-Barre Syndrome since January 2008." And yet, Merck wants this vaccine mandated in States. Proof exists that they fast tracked this vaccine (thank you lobbyists) to beat out a competitors vaccine and in essence, has made American girls guinea pigs. Froggy, I think that giving a child Guardasil and having an adverse reaction would also be child abuse. We need answers and us parents are at the forefront when it comes to any of these vaccines. The fighting on this board is an example of what we DON'T need to seek answers. No matter where you stand, we need to stand together and demand the answers, in black and white, from a source that we actually trust!!
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Rickey Rickey
It is just how our society works.... if people dont understand how something happens or what causes something they have to find a scape goat to blame it on. It's very sad that parents are putting their children at risks for deadly illnesses by not getting them vaccinated because they want to believe what I would call an "old-wives tale". People can talk til they are blue in the face, if autism was due to vaccines, then why is it still considered a "rare" disorder. Wouldn't all children in turn end up with it? I vaccinated my daughter when she was born and i'll do the same with my son when he gets here in a few months.
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Merle Merle
Nobody is to blame for autism. Your statements make it seem like autism is the worst thing ever that could happen to a child! Yes it is hard to deal with, your child is not "Normal" but its not the end of the world. My nephew is autistic and is one of the most loving, intelligent, enthusiastic and beautiful children that I have ever met!!!!! Just for the record my nephew was NOT vaccinated. I have and will vaccinate all my children though. I understand where you are coming from but your words where a little harsh. Parents of autistic children need to know what causes it and they deserve to know!
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Jonty Jonty
Parents blame vaccines for autism because Jenny McCarthy and Oprah told them so. Absolutely ridiculous! My children will not be playing with kids whose parents do not vaccinate them, I won't expose my kids to that. My public health nurse said the level of vaccinations in my area used to be 98% and now it's down to 75%. WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE THINKING??? My friend's child was just diagnosed with the mumps 1 week before he was to have his 2nd shot for it. Why? Because ignorant people aren't vaccinating! I cannot believe the logic!
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Jonty Originally Answered: Are parents to blame for fattening up their children?
My sister blames my parents for making her fat when she was younger. Things she conveniently forgets: -they told her to take less. She kept going for 2-3-4-5 helpings. Yes, they could have served her a portion and then not give her more, but that wasn't their way. When someone is eating a large pizza on their own and they're 15 they're quite capable of realizing they are having too much (and my parents were always telling her.) -my mom asked us to go walking with her early in the morning and in the evening. -my mom took us to nutrition classes starting in early teens. -they bought her a bike. -they bought her exercise equipment. -they tried to force her to walk home from school. -they signed her up for sports when she asked. SHE chose not to do PE. SHE chose to eat 3-4 rolls with ham and cheese on them when we got home from school. SHE chose to not exercise. I don't think my parents knew how to deal with it. Granted, they could have cooked less. They weren't perfect, as I'm overweight and was as a teen and I know some of it is the behaviors they gave us. But unless the parent is only buying unhealthy things and forcing the kid to eat them and not educating them about nutrition and serving sizes and such, then as the child grows older it does start to transfer onto the child. My daughter is 3 and is a very healthy weight (as is my son at 1 if that's possible) and like I said, I'm not a good weight. So why is that? Here's something to consider as well. Remember I said my parents started trying from a very early age with us? Well, one of my sisters was anorexic when I was a kid. We had very unhealthy examples around us, and people encouraging diets from a very early age. There's evidence that parents who try to get their kids to diet often have their kids get overweight.

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