How to read a girls' body language?

How to read a girls' body language? Topic: How to read a girls' body language?
July 16, 2019 / By Brandy
Question: I'm meeting up with friends tomorrow and I really like one if the girls who's going to be there? I'm going to try to be more confident with the people there than what I usually am (I'm very shy and quiet). I think she's shy as well, so it could be harder to know if she likes me. While I'm there, how could I know if she likes me.
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Aleesha Aleesha | 2 days ago
Body language can be subtle or exaggerated, but some signs a girl is fond of you include: - Eye contact - Touching your shoulder, arm, etc. - Smiling a lot - Toes are pointing at you - Dilated pupils - Increased frequency in blinking - Leaning closer to you - Touching/fixing her hair - Playing with objects - Mirroring your movements (Are your elbows on the table? Is she doing it too?) Sometimes shy girls end up waiting for you to make the move. Maybe if you told her how you felt, or at least mentioned that you had feelings for her, she'd open up to you more.
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Troy Troy
Leaning forward while talking with you shows interest. Feet pointed towards you shows trust (this is not always the case) fiddling with her hair(positive sign that she's into you) If she's shy and you're shy, maybe try and get you two alone for a little bit and show her you can be funny and goofy and stuff. Compliment her and see how she reacts. When you see her say something like "you look great". It's guaranteed that every girl tries hard to look good before going out, appreciate this. Only compliment her though, not anyone else. Trust me. Next off, try and sit next to her, talk to her. ask her what she likes to do and see if you guys can talk without awkward silences and just have that natural "click". If you feel brave enough and know her well enough so that it's not creepy, just ask her if you could talk to her for a sec and pull her away from the group. Let her know you think she's great and would love to take her out some time but you understand if she doesn't want to. See what happens, it could save you a LOT of time and potential waste of time. Goodluck man!
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Reubhen Reubhen
Well, if she's shy I don't think she will give you all the obvious signs. Try paying attention to how she reacts when you compliment her or say something to her. I personally get very red in the face and look away! Some girls tend to be extra loud when the person they like is around. Like she laughs very hard or make big movements with their hands. Good luck!
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Melbourne Melbourne
Sounds to me like you may be reaching out to see if there could be a possible relationship. The hard part will be over-reaching and being shot down over expectations & being wrong. Just take it slow. When alone with her for a moment, ask her if she would be interested in having coffee or a burger. If she makes an excuse why she can't, then you'll know.
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