June 16, 2019 / By Brandie
Question: recently in a way to obtain nice abs ive been drinking stuff like muscle milk and doing special kinds of sit ups and crunches .....is there anything else i can do to speed up the process??? and do im not trying to be sum stupid juicehead
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Aleen Aleen | 1 day ago
How to Do Sharp Abdominal Workouts Building sharp abdominals is not an easy task at all. Before you can start learning how to get sharp abdominals, you must first know the lies, myths and rumors about it. - You don’t need any expensive workout equipments promoted in various ads to get six-pack abs. - You don’t require thousands or even hundreds of crunches a day. Crunches are a very general exercise, and you can’t get six-pack abs with that. Excessive floor crunches will shorten your abdominal wall, pull your head forward and emphasize poor posture. - You don’t need to have starvation diets. It starves the muscle when you should be feeding the muscle instead. Your metabolism shuts down out of survival and causes your body to store fat. Your body needs energy from somewhere, so it will use your muscle for it! - You don’t need to have fat-burning pills. The entire concept of taking pills to burn fat is misleading because diet pills only treat the symptoms and not the root cause. It doesn’t help in removing main causes like poor nutrition, crazy lifestyle and improper training, Your abdominals are a muscle group so it requires the same formula and attention as they are not different from other muscle groups. But it is treated like a special body part it is believed that you required a different set of rules and a completely different formula for training. You must train your abs with intensity and overload. Here are some practical tips which will help in your program. - Give it priority By Sequence: If you want to give priority the abdominal muscles in your exercise program, then just do it. It is said not to train your abdominals first because you’ll weaken your core muscles for the rest of your workout. But it is a foolish thing. You should always train abdominals first in a workout if they need the highest attention. - Give Priority by Frequency How often you train your abdominals is based what you needs. If your goal is to make your abs more muscular and dense, then a combination of higher load and less frequency would be ideal for you. Read the rest on: http://dietingdetails.com/how-to-do-sharp-abdominal-workouts/#more-719 hope this helps...
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Aleen Originally Answered: Is it possible for me to become physically fit and sporty with my situation?
First of all there is no way a person can master a sport! They can be the best in the world and still be upset with their performance..... You say emotional problems... Sports and exercise help improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Exercise is for YOU!!!! Since you've made the best step you can make already you don't have very much to do (most have a huge problem getting over the fact that change is imminent). Lets start with the basics-- The human body is like a continually working orchestra only the instruments being MUSCLES! When you train those muscles you build strength. But to build strength you have to have energy..... In order to have energy you have to have a balanced diet. Not meaning a weightloss diet but more of a routine to stick with the basics. Stay away from high fats and starches. I'll let you do some research on that topic... In order to see results you have to do the best you can do... That means 110%!!! Results dont come fast but when they do show, all of that hardwork through sweat and tears is welllllll worth it!!!! Hope all goes well!! Im cheering you on!

Triston Triston
I had a similar hysteria. One reason for this became using fact as quickly as I worked out at nighttime i became utilising the muscle groups and working them out. The belly muscle groups are only like muscle groups on your palms. in case you artwork them out you get greater beneficial after awhile and so a similar theory is for the abs. in case you artwork out your abs you spot result then and there using fact there tight and flexing.
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Reuben Reuben
start running or swimming alot. or any cardio really, in conjunction with alot of crunches. getting a six pack is not like getting biceps or pecks, its alot less about building ab muscle and alot more about burning the fat around the muscle and making it more toned.
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Mel Mel
if you raelly wanna look like that you will need to up your steroid intake...as well as a low food diet
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Mel Originally Answered: Can I get custody of my daughter in this situation?
You can certainly file for custody. Whether you would be granted custody or not remains to be seen. They would take all of the negative allegations you have against the mother of your child, and the negative allegations she will present against you, and weigh them. More than likely, a guardian ad litem would be appointed for your daughter and the guardian ad litem would present the judge with what she (or he) sees as the best option for the child. The judge will then rule. Other factors include disrupting the child's life (would it involve a move that would alienate her from siblings, and/or other family members and friends that she is close with?, etc.), who has the most stable home and financial means to care for the child, etc. At this point, the mother's boyfriend would play little role in the custody battle because he is imprisoned, and therefore not in the picture. It would have been a more relevent factor if you filed for custody while he was in the picture, and frankly they would probably want to know why you did not do so then if you thought he was a danger to your daughter. Only convictions would matter, as well- if the charges were dropped, then he has not been proven guilty and the allegations can not be held against him in a court of law. The sex with a minor potentially COULD be a weapon in this case, depending on the circumstances. How old was he at the time? How old was the girl in question? But, more than likely it could not be held against him because, again, he was never convicted. You can request to be notified and involved with your daughter's medical care and education, whether you file for custody or not. Youc ertainly have that right. Her learning disabilities and hearing troubles can not be used against the mother unless youc an prove that it is a result of abuse and/or neglect. The allegations of improper clothing could, perhaps, be used if there is some sort of proof (this being years ago, that could be difficult and without proof it is just hearsay). Her weight could potentially be considered medical neglect and/or abuse, DEPENDING on the circumstances.

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