My dog keeps looking at her bum and shaking her head?

My dog keeps looking at her bum and shaking her head? Topic: My dog keeps looking at her bum and shaking her head?
July 17, 2019 / By Braidy
Question: She started spinning whilst sitting trying to get her tail or check behind her this morning and did it just now but shook her head too. She's a year old pomeranian (if that helps, could it be because of her fur?), spayed, healthy diet etc etc. We had a few ants in the living room coming in from outside yesterday, could it be a bite? I checked her fur but couldn't find anything. Her ears or bum don't smell bad and she was fine untill we came downstairs. I can assure you she likes her bum very much and that is why I'm so concerned
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Albina Albina | 8 days ago
Okay, this is kinda gross, but all dogs have scent glands (called anal sacs) where they secrete oils. Its possible her gland might be impacted. Not a big deal - a vet tech can drain it. Usually there's a fishy smell, but not until it reaches a point where its leaking. Some ways to tell - the smell, the dog will scoot her butt along the floor, the dog will keep sniffing like they smell something foul, or the dog will obsessively lick at their butt. That doesn't explain the head shaking, but it could be she's reacting to what she smells. Remember, dogs have much better smell than we do. Another possibility is simply she had a bug on her & now she's just freaked out.
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I'm curious why you would guess diabetes from head shaking? (really is it a symptom??) Anyway I would guess something wrong with the ears, have you checked inside them (but don't poke anything down the canal like a q-tip) Could also be she feels dizzy.

Trey Trey
She obviously isnt happy with what she sees. The old 'does my bum look big in this' thing. Put her on a doggy diet.
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Rehoboam Rehoboam
my dog likes to be scratched on her lower back/bum area. She even puts it awkwardly in front of me or pretty much anyone. maybe shes just looking to be scratched because it feels good, not necessarily due to flees.
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Meade Meade
Hmmm...it doesn't sound too alarming. I would monitor her and if her behavior doesn't change then speak to your vet.
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