How should I gain weight?

How should I gain weight? Topic: How should I gain weight?
July 16, 2019 / By Bonny
Question: I have already posted a question similar to this, and everybody seemed to get the idea that I wanted to look like Paris Hilton or whatever. I said that I was vegetarian and I don't eat cheese or drink milk. How should I get more protein? Being 20 to 30 pounds underweight, I would love to gain 15 to 20. Being this skinny is horrible. People who are curvy get mad at me when I am to naive to understand that you wear an extra t shirt to cover yourself up, I have no boobs and little butt, and it is really hard to find pants that fit. In truth, I am not completely comfortable with myself. I am not saying this because I hate myself, in fact I love myself, I would just like to gain some weight. My arms are really thin, and you can almost see my ribs. I don't want to be unhealthy, but the fact that I don't eat meat, tofu, eggs, cheese, milk, or anything with protein for that matter is a problem. How should I gain weight Healthily? thank you. I weigh 95 pounds, 5 and a half feet tall, and am 15
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Alberta Alberta | 6 days ago
Focus on the proteins! Soy protein drinks are the best and now a days they actually taste good. GNC has a low carb/ sugar one that will do the trick. The key is to Drink at least 2-3 shakes a day and exercise so that you are fueling the body and actually building muscle. Most body builders snack all day on protien snakcs, it is the only way to keep the weight and muscle on. Protien bars are good to and I think the are vegan friendly too at GNC. Well at least some are. Egg beaters are an egg substitute and they are a good source of protien. Also start taking a daily multi-vitamin to help give your body the nutrients you may be lacking due to your diet and being a vegan.
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Alberta Originally Answered: How do i gain weight or gain more chest muscles without buying weights or things that cost a lot?
Well the fastest way takes time. First of all when you say gain weight you mean as in gain wait in muscle and not fat. So there are some easy thing to start it off. 1. Eat while still maintaining a good diet and working out. Simple eat healthy. 2. Eat more calories than you burn when working out. This way you gain muscles. I will suggest a "lil" workout plan that i use to do. Make sure you eat a good 20 mins before or more First day you work out say Monday(m). ON m do as many pushups as you can in a min. Then rest the number of pushups in seconds. like if you did 5 push ups count 5 seconds and start again the same thing. do that 3 time. so one min the rest accordingly one min of push ups then rest then again. Now on the same day (m) do the situps.. this is a bit different now.. Take your time in situps do them nice and slow as many as you can do then rest. rest for thirty second then again.. repeat 3 times. Don't forget to stretch. You don't want to get stiff and walk around like a robot now. This will shock your body body and make it want to make more muscles. Now come the routine you might wanna try to follow. Every other day work out. Since you started monday go again Tuesday so that you impact your body to get ready. there after rest everyother day. Monday(m) Tuesday(t) Wednesday(w) Thursday(r) Friday(f) Saturday(sat) Sunday(sun) So: m,w,f, work out you abs and chest Do situps nice and slow abs are ment for slow longer uses than fast jerking movements Do 3 sets, first set a good twenty or as many as you can do, and do the same number in the next to sets. be sure to hold the last one you do for a few seconds. same thing for push ups 3 sets and do a number that u can repeat in the others after u get a bit better increase the number NO RESTING. When you do the situps your ab rest will be your pushup time and your push up time is your ab rest ON T,R, Sat, Sun, You may rest or do cardio i sugest doing some cardio maybe running or jogging or squats anything.. this way u gain more muscle weight. when pushups become easy try doing them while having your feet on your bed and doing a pushup then( thats an inclined pushup) you may wanna do more things such as leg lifts, crunches, hanging situps(hold on to like a bar and your feet are up and you bring your knees in to ur chest) well i hoped i helped.. if you have any question message me ore email me by going to my profile. Best of luck

Trevelyan Trevelyan
Gain muscle. Work out. Run, lift weights, all of that good stuff. Muscle weight more then fat, so that's a perfect way to gain weight without fat. (:
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Reginald Reginald
I was about to tell you eggs (I'm semi) because they're my main source of protein. You could find vegan protein sources like lentils, spirulina, and various kind of beans (soy, kidney, pinto), etc. to balance out your diet. A good source of plant-based protein is Frances Moore Lappe's Diet for a Small Planet. You don't have to follow all her environmental lessons, but the food list of choices is pretty long. Find a good dietitian or trainer that can teach you mass-building exercises to add muscle to your frame. These should include squats (thighs and butt), bench presses (for chest), bicep curls, deadlifts (hamstring and butt) and shoulder presses, and a minimum of aerobic exercise for warm-up. These are the 'basic' exercises that involve several muscles together and add mass. Even advanced bodybuilders still use them during their mass-gaining phase. Bodybuilding books also advise to include starchy carbs like rice and potatoes, because along with water, they add glycogen into the muscles, helping plump them up from the inside. For bodybuilding links, I hope Andreas Cahling still has a site up somewhere--he's my favorite vegetarian bodybuilder from years ago. Yahoo search for this guy. A non-veggie bodybuilder who used to sell books on this is Frank Zane, who's also kind of veggie-friendly. See if you can Yahoo-search for him as well. He should have good advice.
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Mckenzie Mckenzie
First off, for your height, you're not 30 lbs underweight. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Try protien shakes or nuts for good protein sources. It's important at your age to eat a balanced diet. Good Luck!!
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John John
So, you are Vegan? There are some great websites to help you find a way to gain weight. I just don't know them, sorry. I know corn and carrots are high in sugar, and that might help you gain a bit. Some nuts are high in protein and that mighht help as well. Are you taking a good multi-vitamin? Talk to your Dr. or pharmacist to see what they suggest.
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John Originally Answered: i would like to gain weight how can i gain muscle mass fairly quickly with foods?
You can't gain muscle with foods. And gaining weight and gaining muscle are two different things. In order to gain lean muscle you need to stress your muscles in a particular way to promote tearing and rebuilding. This is called Hypertrophy. Your calories depend on your age and weight. Look up BMR, base metabolic rate, to find out how many calories you burn a day. Make sure you get at least 500 more than this since you are expending a lot during your vigorous routines. As for your schedule, remember that muscle growth occurs when you are resting, mostly while sleeping. You tear your muscles in the gym, and when they repair, they repair with extra fibers to be stronger. So, gaining even a couple of pounds of muscles may take more than a month. The best way to stimulate this will be to work out each muscle group 1-2 times a week and not work out the same muscle within 48 hours. Lifting is the least important factor though. Recovery is the most important, then your diet (at least 40% protein), then your routine. Look into Hypertrophy routines to get speicific examples of how to build mass above strength and endurance.

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