Weight loss Question! ^^?

Weight loss Question! ^^? Topic: Weight loss Question! ^^?
July 17, 2019 / By Blythe
Question: When you are about average weight, beautiful curvy hips, curvy toned legs, but fatty around the inner thighs, tummy & butt Can you still exercise without losing your curves? I'm not skinny, i'm veryy Voluptuous...but chunky Dx soo if i lose weight, would i still look good or would i turn into a twig? i eat right everyday. so dont answer about food/diets. thank you.
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Aiyana Aiyana | 10 days ago
Excercise does not equal SKINNY! The one thing that everyone must understand is that everyone must exercise (skinny,fat,short,tall,etc.) to be healthy. The only way you would lose your curves is if you excercised and didn't eat right (very little). The right combination is cardio and strength training. This will ensure only enhancement of your curves not depletion of them. Good luck!
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Aiyana Originally Answered: weight loss question?
Puking will erode the enamel off your teeth and rip your throat in time, so no, that's not a good way to lose weight. Just change your eating lifestyle and eat like this: You should eat some protein with every meal! Beans are a great substitute for meat and can be put in soup or salad or tacos. Eat fresh salmon...it's better. About 10 almonds a day is good or about 5 walnuts, no other nuts. Peanut or almond butter is good to use as a dip for apple slices. Eat brown rice, veggies and baked fish for dinner. Oatmeal for breakfast with fruit in it. Drink fruit smoothies during the day for a snack. Try to eat protein at every meal...for breakfast with the oatmeal, eat a scrambled egg white or a hard boiled egg. Eat a salad or chicken/turkey sandwich on whole wheat for lunch. Use olive oil and vinegar dressing...no saucy dressings. Drink water only. Never eat white or processed foods. Try baked sweet potatoes...mmm... Eat spinach salads, not plain lettuce and add all the veggies you want to it. Try red wine vinegar...a few splashes and a little drizzle of olive oil. If you want a crunchy snack, cut up a cucumber and put in lite Italian dressing or better yet, half cold water and half white vinegar. I mix mine with some cherry tomatoes too... A good smoothie needs a good blender, so make sure you have one, cut up 1 banana, some blueberries (about 10-15) and strawberries (about 5), a cup or so of skim milk, a sprinkle of flax seed (buy a container of it and keep in fridge), a scoop of vanilla protein powder and blend it up, add a bit of crushed ice and you've got a good smoothie. You can add any kind of fruit...I cut up peaches sometimes too or frozen cherries. Try reverse crunches, where you lift your legs up and out. Go to SELF.com for good tips...I love their workouts. Walk or run a lot and use a stability ball for crunches.

Tranter Tranter
Homeopathic Treatment to Loose Excessive Fat and Weight :- The most secure and definite fireplace technique to unfastened weight and immoderate fats is PHYTOLACCA BERRY Q(Mother Tincture) 20 drops three times an afternoon in a sip of hot water part hour earlier than or after foods. With this relief you unfastened the tendency to accumulate up immoderate fats so that you keep slender even after you're cured and also you give up taking it. Helps you to stick slender ! Starts displaying outcome in 30 to forty five days of constant use. It will therapy flabby or sagging tummy and make your dermis seem more energizing and tighter and it has no aspect results and no headaches whatever ! Avoid taking Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat at the same time taking homeopathic medication. You can get homeopathic medications from Major Herbal Shops and Homeopathic Stores and they're rather low-priced. Take Care and God Bless !
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Reece Reece
I would think the best way to keep your curcyness would be too do 2 sets of 30 lunges a day and make sure you do 2 sets or 30 siups. and try bycicling.. (you can do this by laying on the ground aswell
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Maverick Maverick
do a crap load of abs and squat just becare full dont over do it u might hurt ur self and exercise wont make u be a twig it will shape u up even beter then how u already look. good luck
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Maverick Originally Answered: Question about weight loss?
That's perfectly normal! You always start losing more weight and then gradually decrease to about 2 pounds a week. Now I'm really not trying to push my lifestyle onto you but I'm going to tell you what worked for me. Becoming a vegetarian and then vegan – and that’s without adding more exercise. I weighed the same (235) about 8 months ago but I now weight 153 (and before anyone calls me fat, I'm 5'10 so that's perfectly fine for my height). I cut out all meat at first and then all animal products like 3 months later. I think one of the big factors (besides eliminating foods) was that I had to do A LOT of research to ensure I was getting enough protein/vitamins so I learned a lot about what my body needs and what foods/how much I should be eating. I know it’s really frustrating but I wish you the best of luck :)

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