Is there a way to make money without college?

Is there a way to make money without college? Topic: Is there a way to make money without college?
June 25, 2019 / By Blessing
Question: I keep hearing about those graduating and they have massive debt and end up at mcdonalds. I don't want to end up like that. I don't have many useful skills either thanks to the wonderful education system that doesn't teach any skills or survival skills? Where is the money?
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Airlea Airlea | 5 days ago
There's a 1000 different things you can learn for free or very close to it, online, if you are willing to do the research. I'm not even talking about online colleges, I know nothing about those. But whenever I want to learn how to do something, I get on sites like google, wikipedia, youtube, etc., and look for demonstration videos or step-by-step guides. You can learn how to cook, do all sorts of handyman work, play music, do computer programming, calculus, economics, the list goes on and on. One of the best things you can do for yourself, seriously, is look as good as you can. It sounds dumb but it's totally true. Fat slobs with poor grooming and hygiene will get passed over time and again, regardless of their education, for the guy that looks like he's got his game together, even if he's just got average smarts. Get your diet and fitness sorted out. Get your grooming in line. You don't have to conform your thoughts or ideas, you just have to look like a winner, and it'll take you a lot further than a fancy degree will, in many cases. This approach works great for sales type jobs like stockbroker, where 90% of it is charming the customer. You don't necessarily need degrees for jobs like stockbroker or real estate agent, they have their own licensing exams you have to pass instead.
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Airlea Originally Answered: Losing weight in college (with a meal plan/no money)?
For weight loss dieting is often more effective than exercise. Reducing your intake of sugar and animal fats can help. Sugar loaded foods include sweets, desserts, cakes, cookies and biscuits as well as candy, ice cream, pizzas and a lot of other junk foods. Fat loaded foods include red meat and poultry as well as a lot of junk foods. More fruit and vegetables (but not chips, potatoes and sweet potatoes) and less red meat and poultry can help to boost your metabolism and that can help for weight loss. Drinking plenty of water in between meals can also help to boost your metabolism and that can also help for weight loss. You can also boost your metabolism with lemon juice and organic apple cider vinegar but both of them need to be diluted with a lot of water. A vegetarian or vegan diet can often help for weight loss but most people are probably not interested in vegetarian diets that include lacto vegetarian diets that include dairy products and ovo vegetarian diets that include eggs. Pescetarian diets include sea foods and they can also help for weight loss. Fish includes unsaturated fats as well as saturated fats. A vegan diet excludes all food that comes from an animal and that includes dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry and sea food and that can also help for weight loss. In general very few vegetarians or vegans are overweight. Some vegetarians who are overweight consume too much sugar. Red meat and poultry as well as junk foods are foods that you are probably better off without if you want to lose weight. They can be replaced with 50gm of nuts (about 350 calories) per day. The healthy food pyramid recommends something like 70% carbohydrates (including fruit and vegetables), 20% protein and 10% fats so most of your calories should come from carbohydrates such as grains, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Good cereals and mueslis are those that have a total sugars content below 15%. Eggs and dairy products are good proteins and fats and all vegetable fats are good unsaturated fats with the exception of coconut oil and palm oil wich are saturated fats.

Trace Trace
Why not consider starting a “Green Friendly” business that can be done using a bicycle with a few tools. My sister did this while going to college and found it paid far better than what she would have made with her degree. Here is an article that was written about it. Due to the limit on the number of characters you can put into these answer boxes, and of course copyright issues, I cannot simply copy it into here. Source(s): http://mylegaljournal.net/GreenJobInBadEconomy -------------------- Other Options http://financiallyfit.yahoo.com/finance/article-113433-10890-4-true-stories-finding-ways-to-make-extra-cash?ywaad=ad0035&nc http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/power-your-future/10-today-hottest-jobs-184644468.html -------------------- http://watis4u.com/Unemployable ♂♀
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Rearden Rearden
No. You are screwed - - because you have no imagination. (and I get heavy-handed at this time of night.) Carpenter? Plumber? Heavy equipment operator? military? - - and then use that skill in the real world. Car salesman, car mechanic, singer, actor, comedian, impersonator, professional gambler,,,,
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Matthias Matthias
invent something, also connections are everything and can get you almost anywhere in life, a lot of the very richest people never went to college
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Matthias Originally Answered: How to make more money as a dietitian?
When I went on a Dr. assisted weight-loss program, the nurse gave me the business card of a specialty chef who made all of my compliant (and tasty!) meals for me. I paid him to count the calories, buy the food, prepare it, portion it out, to make it tasty, cook it up, and he also delivered. He did very well for himself!!! And his service was DEFINITELY demanded! He did weight-watchers, vegan, HCG diet meals, diabetic meals, etc., and I even hired him to be the chef for one of my dinner parties. He didn't have any extra overhead except for the food purchases because he works his business out of his home. He could also control when he felt like working and when he wanted to take vacation (he'd just let his customers know). You could go hit up all the Botox Docs, General Practitioners, Diet Doctors, and ask them if you could help their patients. It really worked for him. Good luck! You have a demandable profession!

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