Do you guys think i'm model material? (with pics)?

Do you guys think i'm model material? (with pics)? Topic: Do you guys think i'm model material? (with pics)?
June 16, 2019 / By Blanid
Question: I am 14 years old and i really want to start modeling. I really have no idea, where to start. So i'm just going to do more research on it. I am NOT fishing for compliments, i need an honest opinion. I don't want to get disappointed, so i need an honest opinion or the harsh truth. :'D I'm 5'9, i have a small pot belly (lol..) 1 http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee174/00chiii/23828_1388464235770_1357002653_2945.jpg 2 http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee174/00chiii/whitemantime014.jpg <-- i'm wearing contacts there. 3 http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee174/00chiii/whitemantime010.jpg 4 http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee174/00chiii/000000002.jpg I have more.. but i think this will do.
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Airla Airla | 4 days ago
Yes, going to some reputable modelling agencies, at the very least, apply for catalogue modelling. You are 5’9” and have a cute petite sized face, that is likeable, instead of a longer than average face. Yes, you might get disappointed, if you just miss out on a particular job, but you shouldn’t be disappointed in your looks or in yourself. You don’t need to go on a diet, if you do decide you want to change your diet, there are a lot of models who do, the main aim should be to be healthy and not to lose weight. A lot of unsupervised diets can do more harm than good. Seeing a dietician, will help you to come up with a healthy diet, that is suitable for you. From time to time, make sure you remember that your worth is about who you are on the inside and not only has very little, but zero, to do with how you look. People around you might not be able see the real you, but you can. Good luck with getting the best from your life and take care : )
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Airla Originally Answered: Model material??
Okay, here's my honest opinion. I don't see you as a model. You're a pretty girl but pretty girls don't become models.

Topher Topher
Are you looking for Runaway Modeling or Catalog? If Catalog many teen stores like Jcpenneys have modeling agencies where you can go interview, or others have contests.\ Also lose the piercings and tatoos, you can't model with that crap on your body. You have to be elegant, not some biker.
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Reagan Reagan
You're pretty BUT I don't think: - you have the right facial features (i.e. high cheekbones) - you have the right facial structure and shape You look a bit too average. Sorry. And you're too young. Most models, even for like Hollister and stuff, require you to be at least 18 years old (I know because I have a friend who models).
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Matthew Matthew
Looking at your pics, you have beautiful eyes and lips. You have many qualities to be a model. I think you should
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Joah Joah
modeling is very competitive these days...models gym like crazy and eat special food and have perfect tans and skins like wax dolls and weigh very little and social with other models. I dont think u would fit into that world.
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Joah Originally Answered: Could i be a model? (pics) <3?
What made you ask this question, may I ask? Have you been approached by an agency? That said, it completely depends what kind of modeling you want to go into - I could see you doing perhaps clothes shoots for catalogues or mail order clothes companies - they're always on the look out for average, "wholesome" looking girls, and it's quite well paid. Even extra work for videos can be £200 for a day's work. Catwalk or fashion modeling however, I'd honestly doubt it - for that type of work, you need strong, well defined unique facial features and a certain body type. Your body looks very healthy and average for a 15 year old - as you say, not particularly thin, but you have a good look for things like sports wear or surfing style companies - especially with your colouring. As the previous answers say, if you are serious about modeling you need professional photos, and an agent. But beware; there are many modeling companies out there who are out to make money rather than help you. I've been approached by several, but it's worth you standing your ground and waiting for a company that's willing to take you on on your own terms. Good luck!

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