Healthy packed lunch options?

Healthy packed lunch options? Topic: Healthy packed lunch options?
June 16, 2019 / By Blanch
Question: School starts soon and I rarely buy school lunches because they are unhealthy and usually don't taste good... Peanutbutter sandwich , a veggie, and crackers get old.. Are there any healthy lunch ideas that will last in my locker for a couple hours?
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Ainsley Ainsley | 2 days ago
Most sandwiches should last a while, maybe honey, jam generally lasts long as well.. oh wait of your american i think you call it jelly. You could try ryvita products theyre healthy, and you could put 2 of the traditional crispbreads together with a little cream cheese and cucumber in the middle. Try to mix and match find several things you would eat, and swap and change. So a few types of sandwiches, or maybe a wrap or fresh salad, maybe even a pasta salad. Then a snack type thing, crisps (chips if your american), ricecrackers, you can get some really nice flavours, ryvita etc. Then a piece of fruit, there are hundreds of types of fruit out there, find something unusual, they are always good! Then have a treat a yogurt, ice cold out the fridge so it keeps, a brownie, etc, something with sugar that will help you throughout the rest of the school day! I hope this helps! xxx
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Ainsley Originally Answered: Healthy school packed lunch ideas?
Personally, half a PB and jelly and a balsamic salad are always my go-to's if I'm feeling less creative, but pita pockets stuffed with salad or soba noodles with light dressings and edemame are always great too. Hummus wraps are good ideas, or even the frozen indian wraps that amy's sell would be good. I love japanese sweet anko paste, so a toasted slice of ezekial cinnamon bread and a tablespoon of anko is a good 100 calorie side snack too. google soba recipes, or even zucchini pasta salads. Get a bento box, theyre amazing for on the go lunch school packing!
Ainsley Originally Answered: Healthy school packed lunch ideas?
Wild Planet tuna (in a can) is pretty good and low in mercury... I might also suggest baby carrots and dressing. I just came back and saw that you like Annie's, they have microwavable macaroni if you can bring a glass bowl. You don't want to heat anything up in plastic.

Toney Toney
FRUIT! Apples, a baggie of grapes or cherries, some lowfat yogurt, or a few almonds for a snack. For lunch, why dont you heat up leftovers from the night before? Soup and salads are good ideas Tuna sandwich, turkey sandwich, ham sandwich.... choose lowfat dressing like light mayo or mustard and fill it up with fresh veggies - skip the cheese.
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Rayner Rayner
cut back up vegetables are continually a stable thought. cut back up some green and crimson bell peppers and take some hummus. you additionally can cut back up cucumbers, peppers and different vegetables and take a pita pocket to college. carry greek yogurt to precise it off. scrumptious! Celery and peanut butter is usually a stable thought as properly. try the decreased sugar peanut butter or maybe almond butter.
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Rayner Originally Answered: What are healthy options to choose for lunch?
Salads can be delicious it depends what you put in it. I need to include carbs and protein in my lunch or I end up hungry shortly afterwards. I take salad for work most days and my co-workers tends to look at my lunch enviously while they eat meat pies and other junk. My favourites two favourites would be: -thai chicken - wombok/chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and chicken (you can put in some rice noodles in you want some carbs), red onion, dressed with fish sauce, lime, garlic and chilli -tuna salad - sml tin tuna, capsicum, cucumber, red onion, green beans (fresh not frozen) cooked potato diced, boiled egg, black olives dressed with fat free dressing. I cannot stand salads with lettuce.... I also like cous cous cooked in chicken stock with coriander lime juice and almonds added served cold with some green salad and cooked chicken - this is good when I have a long day at work as all this fills me up. I like to use lots of colourful veggies in my salads, then they look bright and colourful and I don't feel like I am missing out. Good luck finding your perfect lunch!!

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