Feeling Fat And Skinny?

Feeling Fat And Skinny? Topic: Feeling Fat And Skinny?
July 16, 2019 / By Blair
Question: I've lost 82LBS this last year and I feel so very stuck in my fat suite. When I used to weight 214LBS ('m 5'2") everybody would lie to me and say I wasn't fat to try to make me feel better. So now I look at myself in the mirror and see a huge person that hasn't changed one bit. I think the other part is i'm not toned, so I still look blubbery under my clothes but really skinny with clothes on. I sometimes I feel like I look like hot **** and other times I feel like all eyes are on my fat thighs and arms. I need massive plastic surgery to get loose skin removed and of course that will cost thousands, so in the mean time what do I do? I feel so fat and gross, I have a image in my mind of hard abs like brittney spears back in her good days. Any help is appreciated.
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Aimie Aimie | 1 day ago
first, i'd like to congratulate you on a major life achievement and such a huge weight loss! while changing the physical takes work, so does change your attitude and mindset. you were determined to lose the weight, but you have to be just as committed to acknowledging that you're worth every good feeling, compliment, new pair of shoes, new wardrobe that you receive whether from others or yourself. work on your self esteem and enjoy the new life you've been given! try to focus on the changes you've made and what you see and do like instead of what makes you feel uncomfortable or upset. you know you're a work in progress, so appreciate that you've come this far. stay positive, meditate, exercise regularly, eat healthy and eventually the inside will feel just as good and show the hard work you've put in and match the outside. stop comparing yourself to celebs and take some of that pressure off to be perfect. notice you said britney spears "back in her good days". her good days were only about 3 short years ago and she's only 25. celebs are notorious for taking drastic measures (drugs, diet pills, over exercising, cosmetic surgery) to lose too much weight and too fast. the women in particular have been following the bone thin trend and some suffer from anorexia/bulimia/eating and/or body dysmorphic disorder. while it's nice and good to have goals, it's also good to be realistic and try to maintain a healthy body image and mind as well as a healthy body. if you need some extra support or counseling, there are internet communities/support groups that can help you along with others that are going through exactly the same thing. also find some good self-help books, magazines or articles. remember that your body, your mind and your life is all a work in progress. it didn't happen overnight, so don't expect overnight results. good luck to you!
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Aimie Originally Answered: Why don't some people understand that a lot of skinny girls are naturally skinny?
most of the women and a lot of the men WISH they had your situation my dad was always on the think size and my mom was just the opposite but I inherited the fat genes from my mother my dad could eat like a horse and never gain weight but mom was always dieting..go figure just be glad you are blessed with the body you got people are going to talk no matter what you do or say Good luck to you if someone calls me skinny I know they are just making fun of me but with you? its a compliment? methinks

Tone Tone
Some spas do treatments to help tone u up like, my mums freind went to one and had a seaweed rap to detox but it had n electric current running thru to help circulation which helps to tone! you can have a 1hour and 45 min session for about £180 (in the uk ) and u cn have special treatment weeks where you get a package with other things to help you tone, but still excersice as that will help your fitness as well as your body :) Hope this helps :) xxxx
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Raynard Raynard
energize plain tasting proteins such as eggs or chicken with metabolism boosting chili pepper sauce
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Matt Matt
researchers found that dieters who ate eggs in the morning were less hungry than those who ate carb heavy meals
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Matt Originally Answered: This is a question for all the skinny people??? But not the skinny people that's skinny cause their lucky.?
Wow, "skinny cause their lucky" people? Women who are naturally thin complain that they have no curves. Men who are naturally thin complain that they look like weaklings. And you sit here and think they're LUCKY? That's kinda sick, my friend. How about a healthy body? Why not ask about that? That's an easy answer for you. I think food is a fuel. Even if it tastes super nasty, I consume it knowing what nutrients are in there. I enjoy food and know how to cook, but sometimes I throw a lot of mismatched ingredients into my post-workout shakes and I just have to plug my nose and down the hatch it goes. I eat 5-6 times a day, and each meal is comprised of lean protein and natural carbohydrates. I tell people that the best thing to do is cram as many nutrients as you can into your food. Some people have lettuce and some cucumbers and call that a salad. I have either spinach and/or mixed baby greens and/or mixed herbs + tomatoes + cabbage + cucumber + squash + mushrooms + nuts + dried fruit, and sometimes I'll even throw a potato or vegan chili in the mix for the hell of it. I have no feelings towards food. It is just fuel. I eat because I have to fuel my machine. I need the nutrition to function, to build muscle, to wake up and have energy throughout the day. I need food. My body is a machine and works like a machine. It requires fuel, and when I do something to it, it will react. I know the codes that I must punch in to lose weight, to gain muscle, to do both. I also know the codes that I must punch in to gain weight, to lose muscle, to be miserable, to have energy, to be fatigued. I see my muscles grow and love the feeling of being stronger. Life is so much easier when you can just DO something. When you can walk up a flight of stairs and not get winded, or run to your car and not even be breathing heavy a little bit; when you can carry all the groceries into the house in just one trip, or carry someone who's sick into a warm bed; when you need no help to push your stalled vehicle uphill and out of traffic, when you can help others do the same; when you look into the mirror and see all that you've worked for and you feel great physically and mentally, and you flex and you know you're on the path to your goal...there is no feeling like that. None. That's why studies show that people who add weight training into their routine not only stick with it longer, but also feel better about themselves.

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