Any vegans around?

Any vegans around? Topic: Any vegans around?
July 16, 2019 / By Bithiah
Question: I wanna slowly make the transition of being a vegetarian to being a vegan. Is there any must know factors. I know it's a lot diff. then being a vegetarian. Are there any foods to avoid that I might miss or simply not realize I cannot eat? Thanks!!
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Aimey Aimey | 10 days ago
Here is a list of stuff to avoid: http://library.thinkquest.org/C004833/avoid_en.shtml Another list http://caringconsumer.com/resources_ingredients.asp The obvious stuff is basically the things that you shouldn't have eaten as a vegetarian,like stuff with gelatin,lard,etc But some things are harder to remember like vitamin d-3,vitamin a(retinol),things like that. Vegan cosmetics and shoes,etc are easy to find,you can always order them. This is basically a guide of what to eat/include daily: Eat a variety of "whole foods," with plenty of beans, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid unhealthy foods like trans fats, which are usually listed as partially hydrogenated oils. Deep-fried foods often contain trans fats. Choose margarines that use nonhydrogenated oil, like Earth Balance or Smart Balance. Although a diet consisting of Coke and French fries is technically vegan, you can't be healthy if you eat nothing but junk food. Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is produced by bacteria, and some experts believe that vegetarians used to get plenty of this vitamin from bacteria in drinking water. Since drinking water is now treated with chemicals that kill the bacteria, it's important to make sure that you get enough vitamin B12 from fortified foods (like most brands of soy or rice milks, some breakfast cereals, and many brands of nutritional yeast,also eggs and mik) on a daily basis or by taking a sublingual B12 tablet of 10 mcg per day Iron-beans, dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach),whole grain breads, Also eat something with vitamin c when you eat something with iron, it increases absorption Calcium-dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, soymilk) Protein-Isn't really hard to get, just eat a variety of foods, good sources are beans, brown rice, nuts, whole grain breads, soy foods Omega-3 fatty acids-flax seeds/oil,walnuts,canola oil Zinc-pumpkin seeds (best source), beans and lentils, yeast, nuts, seeds and whole grain cereals Selenium-Brazil nuts are a particularly good source of selenium, so try to eat a couple every day. Eating a small bag of mixed unsalted nuts can be a convenient way to get your daily selenium intake, but make sure it contains Brazils. Bread and eggs also provide some selenium. Vitamin D- Vitamin D, often called the sunshine vitamin, is another common deficiency in those not drinking vitamin D fortified milk. Synthetic vitamin D is added to both cow’s milk and most brands of soy milk today. Vitamins A (beta carotene),C, K, E and Folate-variety of fruits and veggies Iodine-Iodine is a trace mineral that's important for healthy thyroid function. Table salt is the most common and reliable source of iodine in Americans' diets. (However, sodium in processed foods usually does not contain iodine.) If you don't consume table salt, you can get iodine from a multivitamin or from kelp tablets.
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Aimey Originally Answered: Questions for Vegans - I've met many vegans who have a dog. How do you feed them?
Vegans who own dogs have three choices when it comes to feeding them; - feed them "vegan" dog food, which isn't really natural for them, but like humans, they can survive without meat - feed them meat scraps from dumpsters; not a common technique, but one regular contributor to this section promotes it - feed them regular dog food, which contains meat by products from the "factory" farms vegans claim not to support; most vegans appear to choose this option regardless It is my understanding that cats cannot maintain proper health without a meat diet. Considering that vegans claim not to kill or use animals, the entire concept of pet ownership seems pretty un-vegan to me, even without considering the animals diet. But, it has been my observation that vegans are not really opposed to killing or using animals if it serves their purposes- they only seem to oppose it when it serves the non-vegetarians purposes.

Tommy Tommy
Basically you can adopt vegetarian recipes to vega ones by looking at the animal products and replacing them with ones made with soya and vegetarian products. Mayonaise has eggs and milk but you can get a soya mayo. Butter can be replaced with a margarine that tastes like butter. There is an egg replacement made from soya beans. Soya milk is quite good and can replace milk and then there is soya creams and cocanut creams which replace milk and cream products. Cheese is something you may miss but there are soya cheeses on the market - not as tasty but ok. There are sorbets and soya ice cream and fruit ices that are really good alternative to ice cream. Make a lsit of all the foods you like and try to change them to a non animal product. Also read up on the internet about vegan recipes. Good luck
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Raymund Raymund
no meat of any any kind no seafood no dairy so how do you eat right soy tofo superfood salad organic fruit email me
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Mathias Mathias
vegiterians just dont eat meat. vegans dont eat anything that comes from animals period. (egg cheese etc.)
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Mathias Originally Answered: What do vegans eat?& Which one is better vegetarians or vegans? ?
vegans eat anything except meat and dairy products,no cheese,milk etc.. vegetarians just dont eat meat.i myself am vegetarian.i love cheese(: some people say vegetarians can eat fish,but if you eat fish you are not a vegetarian.fish is meat,a dead animal..duh! PLEASE do not let those idoits fool you vegetarianism is a very healthy diet and you dont get sick or anything.ive been one for 7 years and im 14..im perfectly fine!! vegetarianism is a wonderful and natural way to eat and no harm comes with it.....plus it saves poor animals lives!! plus you lost weight,and trust me you will have alot more energy (: so its your choice which you prefer. (:

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