Do you think I eat unhealthy?

Do you think I eat unhealthy? Topic: Do you think I eat unhealthy?
July 16, 2019 / By Bithia
Question: I eat otmeal or farina or a granola bar with a smoothie for breakfast. For lunch I eat a salad with grill chicken. And for dinner I usually eat a tuna or turkey sandwich. It's too hot to eat or cook in the summer really lol. And I only drink water an diet coke. People say I should eat more and that I'm not getting the right amount of vitamins or minerals but I usually take multivitamins and minerals. I also do have a snack like yogurt or a cookie. I drink iced coffee. In the winter I do eat more, but in the summer I'm usually not even hungry. Allan in the smoothie I put fruit.
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Ailsie Ailsie | 9 days ago
The oatmeal or a granola bar are grains that simply do not do well in our bodies. It would be better to start with protein in the morning and some fruit. The salad at lunch is good, but it depends on whether the salad has many true vegetables in it. Diet Coke is simply not healthy. The chemicals inside are not ones that humans should be taking in. I would suggest you cut out the multivitamins and substitute in Omega-3 (for women.) It is much more valuable and most vitamins have horrible absorption rates. Yogurt is sort of useless, too. The pasteurization kills the good bacteria and most yogurts are loaded up with fructose corn syrup. The cookie is okay as a snack, but at least make sure it is made with real sugar (1/2 glucose and 1/2 fructose), not fructose corn syrup (100% fructose and very difficult to digest.) Coffee is fine. Actually one cup is pretty good for you to have. Smoothies with fruit are more sugar. Here is what I normally recommend as a healthy diet of foods: 1) Fish (salmon), eggs or some grass-fed beef. Don't be shy about eating meats. Just ensure that the beef is grass-fed (no antibiotics or hormones.) If they are grain fed, then you are not getting the same amount of valuable nutrients. 2) A salad consisting of a mix of kale, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, olives, dried tomatoes, avocados, plus, kidney or pinto beans, walnuts, dried raspberries, and add in olive oil (lots) and lemon juice. 3) Fruits: apples, blueberries, pears are all fruits that are not too high in sugar content. Have some hard cheese with is, preferably Swiss. Absolutely stay away from any grains (cereals, pastas, breads.) This is where the extra weight on Americans comes from (in addition to sugar snacks.) Try to stay away from the soft drinks and stick with water. (Contrary to what a poster stated, you never want to cook using olive oil. It is a very healthy oil, but it does not have the ability to stand much heat. It breaks down and forms a cooked oil that is bad for you. A better substitute for cooking would be coconut oil. That oil tolerates heat very well.)
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Ailsie Originally Answered: " I eat unhealthy because I enjoy unhealthy food " * BEST ANSWER POINTS?
i hear the same thing here around work, but what does you only live once mean when it comes to eatign unhealthy. Ok well the majority of those who eat unhealthy foods tend to be obese. My common response to this mentality, as i am a bodybuilding so therefore i eat incredibly clean, is that how can eating unhealthy justify the "you only live once" saying. Being obese does nothing for you except allow you to eat food that may taste better but at the end of the say you're still full with what to gain? Is sex better when you're fat? NO.. can you play sports with your kids when you're fat? NOT LIKELY.. can you go relax on a beach and feel good about how you look? PROBABLY NOT.. are you a bad influence for your kids? YES.. will you die earlier? YES.. can you take a nice jog with your dog or cycle the moutnains in italy? hell no.. do you get tired walking upstairs to your bed? YES... Seriously in my opinion eating unhealthy does nothing for you except feed your temporary apetite with no benefit whatsoever. Those people in my opinion are simply too weak and ignorant to know what it truly means to live life and live life to its fullest because we do in fact only live once, so why make this short time on earth any shorter and less enjoyable. Food is jut a means of fuel, in fact you wil feel much healthier with a healthier diet instead of being malnourished on crappy nutrient lacking foods... The most successful people in the world are most likely fit and are active in running, cycling, weight training, or even just eat healthy, cooincidence? you tell me! Most lawyers, doctors, successful business men, athletes, etc. People with a brain are generally healthy... look at the obese occupations, tradesmen (not the company owner), bus drivers, janitors, office clerks, etc. somethign about higher positions and healthy awareness... hmmmm.

Tommie Tommie
Breakfast - It's fine what you are eating but it might be high in sugar. Watch that. Lunch - Salad with grilled chicken is great for lunch. Good choice and chicken has a lot of protein. Try it with tuna just so you don't get bored of eating the same. Dinner - Turkey sandwich is great too. I would recommend wheat toast insted of white bread. Less carbs that way and more fiber. Water is fine but stay away from soda even if it is diet. Yoghurt is fine but stay away from cookies. TIP: Eat a lot of protein, less carbs and keep exercising.
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Raymond Raymond
I don't even know what a granola bar is. All this exotic American snacks...;) Anyways, doesn't sound a lot too me. No wonder u stay really slim Coffee is not really necessary since it is not really healthy and addictive Yeah eat some more veggies and fruit, and maybe some fish and meat too sometimes
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Mathew Mathew
You need also a glass of tequila for breakfast, two beers for lunch and a bottle of wine for dinner lol No, seriously, I think you should eat more fruits, more milky products (cheese, yogurt,etc), and more carbonhydrats food (rice, pasta, potatoes,etc). And drink a lot of fruits juice also. And don't you drink coffee or tea? You should take a coffee in th morning and some tea in the evening. Anyway, ask your doctor about your diet the next time you see him/her.
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Jimmy Jimmy
You need more protein. Maybe some low fat cottage cheese inbetween meals. And you need more vegetables. You can add them in with dinner or eat some raw vegetables as a snack. Your diet is very healthy though.
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Goodwin Goodwin
you eat more healthy then i do lol as long as you make sure you have fats and calories and stuff like that in good proportions then you will be fine =]
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Duane Duane
You don't eat balanced enough, and you lack in essential foodgroups/ nutrients. You're meals are also alittle out- of wak, didn't you know breakfast was the most important meal and should be large and very balanced? And that lunch is typically a sandwhich and dinner is balanced with a protein, startch ~ wholewheat and vegetables cooked in a healthy fat such as olive oil. Aswell as consuming acouple light snacks to keep you satisfyed and your metabolism intact. Try this: Breakfast: 2Pkg's instant oatmeal or 3/4 cup cooked oats (or cup of wholegrain/ fiber cereal) with 250mL 1-2% milk with a serving of added fruit (~3/4 cup berries, 1/4 cup dried fruits, 1/2 cup canned fruits or applesauce, 250mL fruit juice or medium fruit- banana/ apple/ etc ..) Optional TSP spice~ cinnamain/ nutmeg/ brown sugar, jam, honey, margerine, etc .. Lunch: PB&J Sandwhich on wholewheat startch (breads- toast, bagel, english muffins- crumpets, waffles, pita, wrap or bun) with 2TBSP natural nut butter and TBSP organic- no added sugar jam/ fruit preserve with a sliced fruit inside sandwhich (sliced banana, sliced apple, sliced 3/4 cup strawberry or 1/4 cup sprinkled raisins- craisins ~ dried fruits inside) Consume with a serving of dairy ~ 250mL 1-2% milk, 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese or 1/2 cup plain greek yoghurt. Or .. Tuna/ turkey sandwhich on wholewheat breads- toast, bagel, wrap, pita or bun wth white albacore can of tuna canned in waters with TBSP olive oil mayonaise and chopped vegetables/ salasa inside optional sliced of cheese ~ 1/3 cup shredded cheese or instead of tuna have 3-4 slices lean lunch meat (turkey/ chicken/ ham or roast beef) with a slice of cheese ~ 1/3 cup shredded, optional sliced vegetables and TBSP light sauce- dressing (margerine/ mustards/ bbq- hot sauce/ hummus/ etc ..) Consume with a greek plain yoghurt, 1-2oz cheese, 1% cottage cheese or serving of milk. Dinner: 3-5oz Lean red meat/ lean pork/ chicken- turkey or fish with 3/4 cup brown- long grain rice/ couscous/ quinoa or medium yam/ potato with a side salad and TBSP light dressing- vinagrette or 3/4 cup cooked vegetables in TBSP olive oil- margerine. Or .. Salad with 3-5oz lean chicken breast grilled with either: 1-2oz cheese, 1/3 cup shredded cheese, 1/4 cup light feta- goat cheese or 1/2 cup lowfat ricotta- cottage cheese. Add additional vegetables/ fruits and wholewheat pita wedges with 2TBSP hummus. Choose a vingrette based sauce with olive oil or light dressing. Choose snacks such as yoghurts/ cottage cheeses or wholegrain crackers with cheeses/ hummus/ sliced lunch meats/ canned white tunas/ nut butters, fresh fruits/ fruits- vegetables with hummus or nut butters/ light dips- dressings, wholegrain- fiber cereals or oat's, granola bars, etc .. Hope i'v helped, goodluck!
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Duane Originally Answered: Is this unhealthy?
absolutely too short, i've seen it done and it's not pretty the skin doesn't keep up with the dissappearance of fat so it can lose the elasticity. also if you like your curves, be warned that they will go quickly. stretch that weight loss over a year or even 7-9 months is a little more realistic. I also exercise a lot and have lost 40 lbs in the last 14 months. It took that long for me because during periods of more rigorous exercise I had problems like losing a cup and half from my bra size (couldn't really spare it). So i learned to slow it down. I'm happy with my weight now and actually don't find that I need to excercise as much, I just do more yoga stuff. Before, my work out regiment was just hitting the gym 3-5 days a week for 1-2 hours. And eating healthy too.

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