What features do you have 2 have 2 be a (Model)? !!!!!!!!!!!!?

What features do you have 2 have 2 be a (Model)? !!!!!!!!!!!!? Topic: What features do you have 2 have 2 be a (Model)? !!!!!!!!!!!!?
June 16, 2019 / By Bindy
Question: What height. Any colour skin, hair ? What kind of noce,eyes, shape face what size in trousers do you have to be ? & anything els you can think of.
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Ailse Ailse | 8 days ago
anyone can be a model, all you have to do is find a talent agency, and have them want to represent you. there are tons of different things models model, and advertise, and people of all sizes need to relate to them. you are probably picturing a supermodel such as giselle, but truth is the fat women on the before- and- after weight loss commercials, are ALL models. none of them lost weight. point is, literally anyone can be a model if you can get representation, and are prepared for rejection. The most popular models in the world have been rejected more times than they have gotten jobs.
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Ailse Originally Answered: Dyslexic features and asperger's syndrome?
The optometrist is just that an optometrist, he is NOT pediatrician who is trained in childhood disorders both physical and cognitive. Very few optometrists are specifically trained in dyslexia, if they are the need to be accredited as such. They will know there are many aspects of dyslexia, that can affect a persons ability to read, write, spell etc, called dyscalculia (maths), dysgraphia (writing) and dyslexia (reading). Its a misnomer that just because someone can read or write they are not dyslexic, many dyslexics will have a strength, in one area, and most will have found some strategies to cope. Comorbidity of chronic conditions; Asperger's syndrome, Autism, ADHD/ADD can most certainly be a coexist with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. My daughter and I are both dyslexic, we were diagnosed at the same time. I initially took her to an optometrist to rule out visual problems, before taking her on to her pediatrician, the optometrist told me my daughter was not dyslexic. I nearly did not follow up with the pediatrician because of the optometrist report. However the school had also raised concerns, and organized for my daughter to be tested by an Education Psychologist (E.P), she was diagnosed as having ADHD, ODD and Dyslexia, (she is borderline Asperger's). Which was confirmed by her pediatrician. We also saw a Irlens dyslexia clinician, who also confirmed her being dyslexic. We used behavioural management and diet to help with the ADHD & ODD, with the dyslexia my daughter found the use of tinted lenses from Irlens helped with reading and writing etc. Please follow the recommendations of your son's pediatrician, since he/she is more qualified than a optometrist. Supporting a person with Asperger's syndrome should involve multidisciplinary team of experts, to ensure your son has the best possible outcomes. And vision therapy may help, but i would also tread very carefully.

Tommi Tommi
It's not about specific features it's about the "right" look. A model needs to be photogenic and carry herself well. Models are usually 5'8 or taller but many agencies don't have a problem if you're close. Also remember there modeling jobs for every body type and height. Take yourself and some good snapshots to a REAL modeling agency, not somewhere that you have to pay to get pictures. Good luck and just be yourself!
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Ray Ray
these days there isn't a single "look". The "It Girl" is normally thin and pretty, but lately the industry has been shunning and even banning the models who are TOO thin. I've read magazines that are the high end of fashion with models ranging from very thin, to curvy. So to answer....just look healthy and take care of yourself, and you can be a model!
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Matania Matania
it really dpnds of what type of model you want to be. if you want to be a victoria secret model .. or frederick's .. you have to have boobs and a great body. if you want to be a comestic model you need a cute face ... lips or eyes ... and if you want to be a fashion model you have to be i think 5'9 WITHOUT shoes and really skinny i have a friend that she was 112 pounds and she told me .. she needs to lost at least 5 pounds. is not exactly that you have to become an anorexic .. most of the ppl that's like that is because their body is already like that if your complexion is no like a skinny person you'll find your self doing really terrible diets almost dying of hungry. i'm not trying to scare you ..but unfortunately the reality is that ..our society had change and know what a model just to be is no more.
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Jimmie Jimmie
above 5'9'', preferably taller any colour skin or hair, but they must be in perfect condition an attractive, symetrical face. usually quite wide set eyes. probably a 0 or 2 american, 6 or 8 uk
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Gomer Gomer
around 5'9. nice or decent body, and a different look that you would see every day! and it doesnt matter about ur eye color, or ur shape of face. everyone has a different look! :) and a great personality!
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Driskoll Driskoll
to become a model,you have to develop your personality which includes way of talking,charming face,soft and silky hair,stylish cloth,smiling face,confidence.
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Driskoll Originally Answered: Anyone here a model that can give another upcoming model some advice?
I have been modeling for 4 years now and I always go to the gym twice a day. In the morning I run for 30 to 45 minutes. Then eat a healthy breakfast like some eggs so you can build muscle wherever the little bit of fat is. Eggs, Fruit, Milk, and wheat toast are good. then eat a healthy snack before lunch and for lunch have a sandwich. I like tuna salad and it is good for you, with some fat free yogurt and carrots. Then have another healthy snack before dinner. Then dinner, eat fish or meat as the main dish with fruit and vegetables. Water and milk are the best. Then about an hour or two after dinner go to the gym again and run and do some light weight arm curls and leg curls and sit ups. At first you will feel sore but eventually you will be more energized and the fat will go away. if there is fat somewhere in particular like love handles, work those harder than arms and legs because you want to lose the fat but not get too muscular. Sorry it was long but I have been in your shoes

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