Diaper Rash question?

Diaper Rash question? Topic: Diaper Rash question?
June 16, 2019 / By Biddy
Question: My sons testicals are fire hydren red. It dosn't seem to bother him but looks very painful. He is 7 months. Any suggestions that have worked for you. My son is changed every 3 hours or less
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Ailie Ailie | 5 days ago
Good diaper hygiene will prevent or clear up many simple cases of diaper rash. Diapers should be checked very frequently and changed as soon as they are wet or soiled. Good air circulation is also important for healthy skin. Babies should have some time without wearing a diaper, and a waterproof pad can be used to protect the bed or other surface. Rubber pants, or other occlusive fabrics, should not be used over the diaper area. Some cloth-like disposable diapers promote better air circulation than plastic-type diapers. It may be necessary for mothers to experiment with diaper types to see if the baby’s skin reacts better to cloth or disposable ones. If disposable diapers are used, the baby’s skin may react differently to various brands. If the baby is wearing cloth diapers, they should be washed in a mild detergent and double rinsed. The diaper area should be cleaned with something mild, even plain water. Some wipes contain alcohol or chemicals that can be irritating for some babies. Plain water may be the best cleansing substance when there is a rash. Using warm water in a spray bottle (or giving a quick bath) and then lightly patting the skin dry can produce less skin trauma than using wipes. In the event of suspected yeast, a tablespoon of cider vinegar can be added to a cup of warm water and used as a cleansing solution. This is dilute enough that it should not burn, but acidifies the skin pH enough to hamper the yeast growth. Barrier ointments can be valuable to treat rashes. Those that contain zinc oxide are especially effective. These creams and ointments protect already irritated skin from the additional insult of urine and stool, particularly if the baby has diarrhea. Cornstarch powder may be used on rashes that are moist, such as impetigo. What the baby eats can make a difference in stool frequency and acidity. Typically, breast-fed babies will have fewer problems with rashes. When adding a new food to the diet, the baby should be observed closely to see whether rashes are produced around the baby’s mouth or anus. If this occurs, the new food should be discontinued. Babies who are taking antibiotics are more likely to get rashes due to yeast. To help bring the good bacterial counts back to normal, Lactobacillus bifidus can be added to the diet. It is available in powder form from most health food stores. Some herbal preparations can be useful for diaper rash. Calendula reduces inflammation, tightens tissues, and disinfects. It has been recommended for seborrheic dermatitis as well as for general inflammation of the skin. The ointment should be applied at each diaper change. Chickweed ointment can also be soothing for irritated skin and may be applied once or twice daily.
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Ailie Originally Answered: Breastfeeding and Diaper Rash?
Have you considered the diapers or the wipes? Most likely culprit. Try a diaper without chlorine and sensitive wipes. Edit: There is no functional difference between Pampers and Huggies - both are laden with chlorine and other unhealthy chemicals. To see any difference you would need to get something that is chlorine free and has fewer chemicals, like Earth's Best or Nurtured by Nature. If the rash is just between the cheeks, then it may be a yeast rash and you can try a bit of lotrimin on it. Apply twice a day, and if it is a yeasty rash, you will see a difference in a day or two. If the rash persists you might let the pediatrician see it.

Tolbert Tolbert
Desitin must be scrubbed off to remove from the skin and it doesn't cover open wounds. For first rash response, give a quick sits bath between every change and dry carefully. Then apply a thin layer of Neosporin. Change the diaper and cleanse the area at least every two hours (even if it hasn't been messed in) because sweat is also a problem. I insisted on Caldescene medicated powder for my babies. Its wierd, water proof stuff that just never gets wet. My children would have wet diapers but the powder and their skin would be as dry as when I had just changed them. Messy poopies didn't get through either. It just falls away like magic. Mild soap and water removes it easily. I also would never use baby wipes, but there may have been improvements ever since my girls and nephews were young. I always washed them with Johnson's baby soap and a soft cloth. These are inexpensive methods. Do not use cornstarch it supports the growth of bacteria. If the problem becomes persistant try an antifungual creme such as for jock itch or athletes foot, before seeing a doctor because that's what their likely to try next.
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Rashawn Rashawn
If its a really bad diaper rash you should make an appointment with his doctor.They can give you a prescription for Nyastatin cream that works really well. My doctor also suggested using butt paste if the diaper rash isn't too bad. Hope he feels better soon.
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Mason Mason
This Site Might Help You. RE: Diaper Rash question? My sons testicals are fire hydren red. It dosn't seem to bother him but looks very painful. He is 7 months. Any suggestions that have worked for you.
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Mason Originally Answered: Is this a normal diaper rash?
He may be reacting to something you are eating, but it's very rare to be allergic completely to mom's breastmilk. Or, it may be a yeast infection. Take him to the doctor to rule out the infection. They can give you special cream for that. If it's not an infection, start the elimination diet (eating the most non allergenic items in each food group). For both of my children, when I ate anything dairy it caused issues. So, start by eliminating Dairy. It's a big culprit. Good luck!

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