Is a diet of only meat good for you?

Is a diet of only meat good for you? Topic: Is a diet of only meat good for you?
June 25, 2019 / By Bibi
Question: All I basically eat is meat is this good for me? I coudlnt stand to only eat vegetables I just love meat were made to be omnivores to eat both meat and greens so I choose to just eat meat all of the time mostly cause Im a carnivore bring on the steak and chicken The non meats I eat, Spaghetti, Potatoes and Corn and Apples, Fruits Pineapples, Oranges Meats I eat are steak, pork, ribs, chicken, turkey, deer I love cow and pork I eat more meat than vegetables cause meat is easier for me to digest I have bad burning fecal when I eat greens
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Ailey Ailey | 4 days ago
omnivores do eat both meat AND vegetables. if you claim to be an omnivore, you need the vegetables too. however, the ratio of meat:vegetables REALLY does matter. the amount of meat should be smaller than the amount of vegetables you consume. mainly meat diets set you up for heart disease and colon cancer. and btw, another characteristic of the human race is that most people only look for solutions after something really terrible has happened.
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Ailey Originally Answered: Meat, bad or good?
What makes any person "bad" or "good" can be relative to social-cultural views, religious views, family values, etc...so I am not sure if anyone can tell you if it makes you a bad person or not. My definition of a bad person is someone who does some thing that takes away the rights of another being or harms/abuses another being- well- generally this is one definition anyways. In that sense, taking the life of an animal because it has the right to live, breathe, nurse its young, eat, etc. is wrong WHEN there is a healthy alternative. To say you can't is just an excuse. If you think becoming vegetarian or vegan is easy for anyone or even most people, you're wrong. Like most people, doing the right thing isn't always easier and when it is something that is not 'popular' it can be harder. If you feel eating meat makes you a bad person, stop using excuses and use it as motivation to eat a cruelty-free diet. Every time I considered going back to meat I would think about how little my sacrifice was compared to the life of something. I would remind myself of the terrible videos I have seen or what I have read. It all reminded me that I made the right decision. If you want to do it and have some regrets about eating meat- I say GO FOR IT. Just try it and try hard. There are a lot of substitutes. Wal-Mart, Publix, Target, and many other grocery chains carry vegetarian items. Here are some links to alternative products: http://www.peta.org/accidentallyVegan/ http://vegetarian.about.com/ http://www.vegcooking.com/guide-favs.asp If you go vegan, Ener-G Egg Replacer and Smart Balance Light Butter are two things I've learned are amazing!!!!! Hope this helps!

Todd Todd
Sure, you would get your protein and iron. But you'd lack other essential vitamins. Early Arctic explorers though that they would survive by eating only meat, because Eskimos do it. However, most or all of them died--some from eating canned meat contaminated with lead solder, some from eating poisonous parts of animals such as the polar bear liver which has toxic levels of Vitamin A, but mostly from malnutrition because the Innuit, like other northern carnivores, ate the entire animal including parts I'd rather not think about--some of the digestive organs AND their contents. So try to eat meat & vegetables and plenty of water an some fruit. Best wishes/Miranda
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Rashaun Rashaun
Never! You will need all the varied nutrients in vegetables to help you along in your life and not just protein from meat. An only meat diet will also give terrible 'pooing' problems(i.e. hard stools and constipation) ,because of the lack of fibre in your diet. Fibre is found in fruit btw.
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Marvyn Marvyn
no it is not healthy. you would not get the vitamins and minerals that you would get from your vegetables and fruits. mix up you diet and try to get some of everything....weather you like them or not.
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Marvyn Originally Answered: Should I continue to put my dog on an all meat diet?
You should not be trying to make your own dog food, unless you consult with a pet nutritionist first. Just giving your dog meat is not proper. Dogs have evolved into eating many different nurtients, and not only eating meat. The best food companies have done the research to determine what makes a healthy pet. Your dog probably is rejecting the dog food, waiting for something else. Stay strong. Pick out one great food, and one good treat. Put about 1/4 cup down in the morning and leave it there no longer than 30 minutes. Pick it up. Then, at dinner time, do the same thing. She will eat, but it may take a couple of days. Be strong! It is your job to decide what to feed her, and it's her job to eat it. I hope you will reconsider just feeding meat.

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